Front Load Washing Machine Versus a Top Load Washing Machine

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Front Load Washing Machine Versus a Top Load Washing Machine

I’ve had both in my time, and I definitely have a preference for one over the other.

But which is better? A lot of people are very passionate about one or the other. But what is good for you may not necessarily be good for someone else, it depends on your situation.

Here are the pros and cons of both!

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Considerations in choosing a Top Loader or a Front Loader

Taking practicality into account – there are a few vital questions you should ask of yourself before deciding.

They are:

  • Are you on town water or tank water?
  • Are you washing items like greasy work uniforms on a regular basis?
  • Are you passionate about the environmental factors and want to save water and energy?
  • Do you have limited space in your laundry?

Front Load Washing Machine Versus a Top Load Washing Machine | Stay at Home Mum

Front Loading Washing Machine


  • Now come with larger drums, so you can buy a 10kg front loading now.
  • No agitator, so it is gentler on your clothing and towels.
  • Front loaders are usually more energy efficient.
  • Front Loaders rarely have ‘balance’ issues.
  • As they don’t have an agitator, you can usually fit in larger items like blankets, quilts and doonas.
  • They look nicer than Top Loaders.
  • Front Loaders are usually quieter than Top Loaders
  • Typically uses less water.
  • You have to use special ‘low suds’ detergent.
  • You can stack a dryer up on top with a special mat – so they don’t take up a lot of room.

Front Load Washing Machine Versus a Top Load Washing Machine | Stay at Home Mum


  • Can often have loads of mould problems in the seals of the doors.
  • Takes AGES for a cycle to run. Sometimes up to three hours. The very long hours of waiting waiting waiting. (In saying that some models do have an express cycle that washes in 15 – 20 mins, but not all of them do!)
  • You can’t just ‘pop open’ the machine to put in a random sock you found after you have already hit the go button.
  • I don’t think they clean as well as top loaders do.
  • Personally – front loaders seem to break down all the bloody time!!!!!

Top Loading Washing Machine


  • They are FAST!!!! Some have a 20 minute cycle.
  • Easy to add that lost sock in mid-wash.
  • Top Loaders are usually cheaper to repair.
  • Top Loaders tend to last a lot longer than Front Loaders
  • Top Loading machines are usually cheaper to buy than Front Loaders.
  • You can soak items in a top loader.
  • No special detergents required.
  • There a wider range of top loaders available now – although this is changing.
  • No need to clean seals.

Front Load Washing Machine Versus a Top Load Washing Machine | Stay at Home Mum


  • They use an agitator, which can be rough on delicate items.
  • They take up a lot more room.
  • You can’t load a dryer above them (unless it is really high).
  • They use a lot more water.

So what do I personally have and recommend?

I’ve had a few front loaders and seriously I HATE them. Yes they are good on water. Yes they look nice, saves a lot of space and all the things that are mentioned above.

But I’m the proud owner of a top loader – and I don’t see me changing my mind anytime soon.  It is reliable, I can add washing when I forget (damn those little socks) – and they can take a lot more washing than the front loaders do.

I personally own (and bought with my own money – not a freebie) a Fisher & Paykel 10kg WashSmart Top Load Washer. I bought it from Betta Electrical for $998.00.  

I freaking love it.  It just goes and goes and goes……

Fisher & Paykel 10KG WashSmart Top Load Washer

What type of washing machine do you use?

Front Load Washing Machine Versus a Top Load Washing Machine | Stay at Home Mum

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