5 Ways To Avoid A DIY Nightmare

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  • 5 Ways To Avoid A DIY Nightmare

When you are updating and upgrading the look of your property, it is easy for things to get a bit out of control.

One small project can often make your house look better, or it can make the other flaws really stand out. For example, painting the skirting on your baseboards may make them shine and glisten but it can also make the wall paint look old and tarnished. This is often when your DIY dream can become a bit of a nightmare!

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Painting the walls, changing the carpeting, switching the cupboards in the kitchen and changing the hinges on the doors are some of the DIY projects that you may be happy to take on. However, even these little projects, which may seem like weekend jobs, can turn into a major headache if you don’t have the correct tools and the time to do it. Here are some tips on how to get that DIY job done.

1. Fix the Old Project Before Starting Another One

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One of the biggest concerns when you are doing DIY maintenance is that when you start a project you find that you cannot even start until another project is fixed. Let’s say you want to paint the tin roof, but once you go up there you realise that you need to get rid of all the rust and sand it down completely. This can happen all the time, especially when you are fixing up an older home. You may rip up the tacky old carpets to find out that there is a mould infestation. All of a sudden, your DIY weekend job has turned into a DIY month job and double the original costs.

2. Estimate Your Job

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Before you can even begin on the original project, you will need to work on the other problem. This is when it can be a good idea to ask for help. Most contractors will provide you with a free estimate on your job as well as a time frame. Then compare how much their price will be to what you will spend if you do it yourself. You may find it is actually not worth the trouble!

3. Don’t Do Everything At Once

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Another problem that can arise when it comes to DIY maintenance is that it takes a lot longer and is a lot harder than you think. The best way to avoid this from happening is to dedicate a lot longer for the job than planned. Have one weekend reserved for buying the materials rather than trying to do it all the same weekend. It may take you all Saturday and three different stops to gather everything you need and by the time you start the job, the weekend could be half over.

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4. Ask For Help

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Another way to ensure that your DIY jobs gets done is to get help from your friends and family. Invite everyone over to help but have a plan in place. Instead of spending the morning organising groups and deciding who gets what done, have this all planned. That way, when your friends arrive, they can start work immediately and have the job done on time.

5. Plan Ahead

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The first thing you need to do when faced with what to do when DIY maintenance gets out of control, is plan ahead properly. Ask for help if you need it and always prepare for bumps along the way.

Do you have other tips on how to get the DIY job done?


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