10 Ways To Reuse A Nappy Caddy

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10 Ways To Reuse A Nappy Caddy

As mums we all need to make our hectic lives a little less complicated by getting ourselves organised. Easier said than done, right?

How often do we find that when we need something it’s the other side of the house? And when you have a wriggly child on the change mat, the last thing you need is for the nappies and wipes to be out of arm’s reach. I find the best way to make nappy changing less stressful for everyone is by keeping all the nappies, wipes, creams, and sacks in a nappy caddy.

I got the nappy caddy because I thought the design was not only ridiculously cute but it is also perfect for storing everything I need for bub’s nappy changes. I keep a supply of nappies in one of the top compartments and my wipes box in the other.

I make sure I fill up the nappies every day so I don’t get stuck without any when he needs a change. There is a large drawer underneath which is where I keep the nappy cream, moisturisers, cotton wool, and nappy sacks.

The nappy caddy is a light and portable change station, which is made of easy-to-clean PU leather inside and out. There is a removable divider in the top section to keep items apart and organised. It also comes with a handy wipe clean change mat.

When my husband changes a nappy he knows that everything is right there in the caddy and doesn’t need to shout across the house: “Where’s the wipes?”

The great thing about the nappy caddy is there are so many ways I can use it long after my youngest has been toilet-trained.

Here are 10 ways to reuse your nappy caddy when you live in a nappy-free household:

Arts and crafts box 

The caddy is perfect for storing all those itty-bitty craft supplies. You can store the paints, pens, pencils, glue, and crayons in the top compartments and craft paper, card, stickers, etc., in the bottom drawers.

Kitchen play

Play food and cooking utensils can get out of control unless you find a storage solution for all the little pieces. It is great for storing and organising your child’s kitchen accessories and also they can use the caddy in their kitchen role play.


If you have small children, then you are bound to have a vast amount of teeny tiny figurines littering your house. The caddy is great for keeping them all the same place so your kid can get to them easily.


The caddy is perfect for storing puzzle pieces. If you find you have a million puzzle boxes taking over your house, then take the pieces out and place them into small bags e.g., sandwich bags and then cut the picture off the front of the box. Store the bagged puzzles in the caddy along with the puzzle pictures. If you want to be super-organised then label the bags so you know what goes with what.


Every parent who has introduced Lego into their household will know the constant problems with storing all those millions of bricks. With the caddy, you can keep the Lego bricks together in one place and teach your child to pack it away (so you don’t have to!).

Bathroom Organiser

Keeping the bathroom tidy is made easy and stylish by employing your nappy caddy for the job. Make up, hair accessories, brushes and tissues can be kept off the counter tops in the nappy caddy.


The caddy is perfect for organising all your recipes and keeping them all in one place. If you have cutouts from magazines, print outs from the internet, or handwritten notes then you can store all these in the drawers. Then you can stack your favourite recipe books and magazines in the top compartments, so you can easily pull them out.

Spices and dried herbs 

The caddy is perfect for storing in your pantry and keeping all your pots and jars, like spices and herbs, in one place. You could even label the top of the pots to make it super easy to pull out what you need.

Household organiser 

You could keep all your bills, pens, and notepads together in the caddy. With the different compartments you can separate out bills to be paid and those you have already actioned. Store your pens, pencils, calculator, spare batteries, etc. in the drawers underneath.

Sewing/ textiles box

If you have are slowly collecting sewing and textile accessories but have nowhere to keep them all, then the caddy can be a brilliant sewing box alternative. All your small needles and thread can go in the drawers, then the wool and fabrics can be stored in the top sections.

A Nappy Caddy can be used for so many things even after your done with nappies.

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