30 Essential Items You Should Be Storing In Your Medicine CabinetYou'll never know when emergencies strike!

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If I had to list everything that I currently have in my medicine cupboard, it would be far more than 30.

Every family will be different, but there are some items every family should have ready – just in case!

You’ll never know when emergencies strike, so it’s better to be ready than sorry.

Here are some essential items that you should be storing in your medicine cupboards right now.

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We have listed here some over-the-counter medicines you can buy in case you or your child gets sick with minor illnesses such as cough, colds, headaches, fever, diarrhoea, indigestion and allergies. You can also store your prescription medicines but make sure you have the prescription inside your medicine cabinet as well for further information about these medicines. You might also want to include deworming medications, especially if you have kids, which you can administer when necessary.

1. Cough Medicines

2. Decongestants

3. Mylanta – liquid and tablets

4. Antihistamine tablets

5. Pain relief medications

6. Fever medicines

7. Anti-diarrhoea tablets

8. Prescription Medicines

9. Deworming Medication


Other Medications:

Here are other medications such as lotions, ointments, and creams which you can apply to minor wounds, scrapes and bruises. Eye drops for allergies are also a must-have in your medicine cabinet if allergies run in your family. Other oils or lotions to protect your skin from the sun and mosquitoes or from being dry also should have a place inside your medicine cabinet. And if you want to relieve muscle pain through topical creams, muscle creams will be a great help.

10. Calamine lotion

11. Antibacterial ointment

12. Hydrocortisone Cream

13. Antifungal creams

14. Eye Drops for Allergies

15. Insect Repellent

16. Sunscreen

17. Petroleum Jelly

18. Muscle Creams

Common First Aid Mistakes

First Aid Tools:

Of course, these are must-haves that we should insist you store in your medicine cabinet because these are the important first aid tools you need in case something untoward but minor incidents happen to your family.

19. Bandages

20. Sterile Gauze

21. Medical/Adhesive Tape

22. Antiseptic for cleaning a wound

23. Cotton Balls/Swabs

24. Alcohol

25. Small Pair of Scissors

26. Tweezers

27. Ice and Heat Packs

25 Essential Items for Your Medicine Cabinet at Home

Other Tools:

You should also store these other tools to measure accurately you or your child’s fever or any medicine. It’s important not to overdose on medicines so you need to give the right amount of medicine specific to your child’s age. And most importantly, you should have an emergency information card that contains all emergency contact numbers — 000, police, hospital, or any community numbers you can rely on when emergency strikes. You can also include your number or the numbers of any person whom you can run to when something happens at home.

28. Thermometer

29. Calibrated Measuring Cup/Spoon

30. Emergency Information Card

These are just some essential items that you should have in your medicine cabinet. You may have more in your own home which is much better so you can provide temporary treatment to any emergency or illness your family, at some point, may experience before seeking professional medical attention.

You can also print a checklist that we have prepared for you below so it’s easier for you to know what you do or do not have yet in your medicine cabinet at home.

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