32 Over-The-Top First Birthday CakesBecause my baby can't have anything less!

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Have you ever wondered why first birthdays are special?

A child’s first birthday does not only celebrate the miracle of his birth but also mark a major milestone in your life as a parent.

Basically, to say that a child’s first birthday is a big deal is an understatement. And what first birthday is complete without a beautiful cake? Whether over-the-top first birthday cakes are your jam or if you just want a first birthday cake that is unique and memorable and fits your child’s personality, your search starts and ends here.

Here are some First Birthday Cake For Girls and Boys:

1. Cars Inspired Fondant Cake

Beep beep! What boy doesn’t love cars? This delightful fondant cake effortlessly lights up any party.

Over-The-Top First Birthday Cakes | Stay At Home Mum
via cakecentral.com


2. Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake

Made by the very talented Jessie from Jessie & Co, this gorgeous cake is perfect for any one year old’s birthday party!

Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake | Stay at Home Mum

Rustic-themed naked cakes are probably the hippest cakes today! This woodland-themed naked cake looks simple but really charming.

3. Cake Bunting

Over-The-Top First Birthday Cakes | Stay At Home Mum
via writelikenooneswatching.com

Got a simple cake for the party? Bunting banners may just do the trick. Cake buntings give festive vibes for your child’s party.

4. Alphabet Cake

Over-The-Top First Birthday Cakes | Stay At Home Mum
via momooze.com

Teaching our kids the alphabet is always the first one on our list. Now how appropriate is this for a baby’s birthday?

5. Unicorn Cake

Mean it or not, being a mermaid princess was something every girl has dreamt of. This cake does not only give a party that sweet girly vibe, it also basically fulfils your daughter’s dream before she even realises it lol!

Made by the amazing Jessie & Co

Unicorn Cake | Stay at Home Mum

6. Girly Polka Dotted Fondant Cake

If you’re planning to have a colourful party with a touch of sweetness, this cake undeniably fits perfectly!

Stay At Home Mum
via projectnursery.com


7. Floral Cake

Stay At Home Mum
via pinterest

Planning a garden party? You absolutely must have this cake. The edible flowers added to it boosts the charm factor!

8. Hearts Cake

Stay At Home Mum
via momooze.com

What’s not to love when your cake is literally full of hearts? This one’s just the right cake especially for those who are celebrating on February, don’t you think?

9. Farm Cake

Stay At Home Mum
via momooze.com

Farm cakes are a hit for both old and young. With its cute details, this cake is but perfect for farm themed parties. This also reminds everyone of the famous nursery song Old Mcdonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O!!

10. Alice in Wonderland Cake

Stay At Home Mum
via bakingsmarter.com

You might be tempted to add the sign “Eat Me” to this cake, but trust me, it’s highly unnecessary. With its intricate details, everybody would be reaching out to have a slice!

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