50+ Easy Ideas for Book Week Costumes 2021

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50+ Easy Ideas for Book Week Costumes 2021

We put together more than 50 ideas for Book Week costumes. Dressing up in their favourite characters, heroes and villains is so much fun!

The 2021 Theme for Bookweek is: 

“Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds”

Book Week 2021 is held the week of August 21 – 27th.

Book Week 2021 is a great opportunity for parents and kids to brainstorm up all sorts of types of costumes, here are some really fantastic character ideas for many different books.  We have girls costumes, boys costumes, and unisex costumes!  We will add more as we see them!

We have unisex costumes, boys and girls costumes – and everything in between!

Book Week

Old World Costume Ideas for 2021

1. The Deluxe Dragon Costume

Adorable Deluxe Dragon Costume is totally ‘Out of this World’.  It is available in sizes Medium and Large, this Deluxe Kids Dragon Costume comes with detachable wings, a mask and a tail. Terrorise a village or steal away a princess – perfect for Bookweek!

Grab it here>

The Deluxe Dragon Costume | Stay at Home Mum

2. Toga Costume

Basic Toga Kids Costume

3. Mozart Classical Composer

Mozart Classical Composer Kids Costume

4. Beethoven Classical Composer Costume

Beethoven Classical Composer Kids Costume

5. Fire Breathing Dragon 

Fire Breathing Dragon Toddler Costume

6. Knights of Old Armour Costume

Knight Armour Kids Cape and Hood

7. Triceratops Dinosaur Costume

Triceratops Dinosaur Kids Costume

8. Roman Gladiator Costume

Roman Gladiator Boys Costume

9. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Costume

Dark Robin Hood Boys Costume

10. Valiant Knight Costume

Valiant Knight Boys Costume

11. First Fleet Officer Costume

First Fleet Officer Boys Costume

12. Captain Cook Costume

Captain Cook Boys Costume

13. Early Pioneer Costume

Pioneer Boys Costume

14. Renaissance Kid

Renaissance Boys Costume

15. Convict Costume (Unisex)

Convict Kids Costume

16. Early Australian Girls Costume

Early Australian Girls Costume

17. Picnic at Hanging Rock Costume

Pioneer Girl Kids Costume

18. Victorian Girls Costume

Victorian Girls Costume

19. Frontier Settler Girls Costume

Frontier Settler Girls Costume

20. Renegade Cowboy Costume

Rawhide Renegade Boys Costume

21. Victorian Settler Costume

Victorian Settler Boys Costume

22. Colonial Settler Boys Costume

Colonial Settler Boys Costume

23. Renaissance Queen

Renaissance Century Queen Girls Costume

24. Woodland Maiden Costume

Woodland Maiden Girls Costume

25. Girls Viking Costume

Valorous Viking Girls Costume

Other World Costume Ideas for 2021

1. Out of This World Alien Costume

2. Be an Astronaut (This Costume INFLATES!)

Astronaut Inflatable Kids Costume

3. Nasa Jumpsuit (Unisex)

Nasa Jumpsuit Kids Costume

4. Cosmic Alien Costume (Unisex)

Cosmic Alien Kids Costume

5. Astronaut with Inflatable Backpack (Unisex)

Astronaut with Inflatable Backpack Boys Costume

6. Inflatable Astronaut Costume (Unisex)

Astronaut Inflatable Kids Costume

7. Silver Alien Costume for Girls

Silver Alien Girls Costume

8. Men in Black Costumes (Unisex)

Men in Black Kids Costume Kit

9. Princess Leia Costume

Princess Leia Classic Girls Costume

10.  Star Wars Episode 9 Rey

Star Wars Episode 9 Rey Classic Girls Costume

11. Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Costume

Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Deluxe Girls Costume

12. Buzz Lightyear Toy Story Costume

Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Value Girls Costume

13. Retro Robot (Unisex)

Retro Robot Toddler Boys Costume

14. Star Wars Jedi Knight Costume

Star Wars Jedi Knight Boys Accessory Kit

15. Baby Yoda Costume (Unisex)

Star Wars Baby Yoda The Child Boys Costume

16. Disney Toy Story Alien Costume (Unisex)

Disney Toy Story Alien Kids Costume

17. Stormtrooper Costume (Unisex)

Star Wars Stormtrooper Boys Costume

18. Doctor Who Tardis Dress

Doctor Who Tardis Dress Womens Costume

19. Captain Cutie Girls Pirate Costume

Captain Cutie Toddler Girls Costume

20. Rebel Pirate Girls Costume

Rebel Pirate Girls Costume

21. Pirate Mate Boys Costume

Pirate Matey Boys Costume

22. Doug the Dinosaur

Doug the Dinosaur Kids Toddler Costume

23. Inflatable Velociraptor Costume (Unisex)

Jurassic World 2 Velociraptor Blue Inflatable Kids Costume

24. Cave Girl Costume

Cave Girl Cutie Girls Costume

25. Victorian School Girl Costume

26. Tudor Princess Costume

27. Founding Father Costume






New World Costume Ideas for 2021

1. The Gruffalo Jumpsuit with Hood

Be ‘Other-Worldly’ in the most adorable monster in this Gruffalo Jumpsuit, inspired by the book ‘The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.  Perfect for boys or girls – the roomy sizes mean you might even get two Bookweek years in!  Retails for $54.99

Grab it here>

The Gruffalo Jumpsuit with Hood | Stay at Home Mum

2. The Elusive Unicorn!

  • Available in sizes small, medium and large
  • Perfect for Little Girls
  • Other Worldly for Book Week
  • Retails for $33.99

What little girl won’t kill to have this gorgeous little unicorn costume – complete with wig and horn! It is out of this world!

Buy it here>The Elusive Unicorn! | Stay at Home Mum


3. Ride to School on a Unicorn

  • Available in sizes to suit up to a 6-year-old
  • Outer Worldly – Suitable for Book Week
  • To suit girls
  • Retails for $74.99

Another variation of the Unicorn theme, and totally ‘out of this world’ – let your little one ride their way to Bookweek stardom!

Grab it here>

Ride to School on a Unicorn | Stay at Home Mum


4. Where the Wild Things Are Costume

  • Unisex Costume
  • Available in sizes XS, Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large
  • Suits the Book Week Theme ‘Out of this World’
  • Retails for $54.99

Straight out of the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ this white full-length suit is perfect for boys or girls and has a plush brown tail attached to the back.  Perfect for Book Week – and you may get more than a year out of it!

Grab it here>

Where the Wild Things Are Costume | Stay At Home Mum


5. Tinkerbell is From Another World

  • Perfect for little girls for Book Week 2021
  • Available in sizes 4 – 6
  • Retails for $59.99

Everyone loves the story of Peter Pan, but it is Tinkerbell who really steals the show.  

Grab it here>

Tinkerbell is a Fairy | Stay At Home Mum

6. The Cheshire Cat

  • Suits the Theme ‘Other Worlds’ for Bookweek
  • Perfect for Little Girls
  • Comes in Sizes XXS through to L

Get your ‘Alice in Wonderland’ on with this adorable Chesire Cat Cozy Child Costume from  

Grab it here>

Cheshire Cat | Stay At Home Mum

7. Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit

  • Perfect for either boys or girls
  • Suitable for Book Week ‘Another World”
  • Retails for $58.95

I’m Late, I’m Late, for a very important date!  If your child loves Alice in Wonderland than this is the perfect costume for either boys or girls this Book Week 2021.

Grab it here>

Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit | Stay At Home Mum

8. Harry Potter Hedwig the Owl 

  • Suitable for ages 7 and under
  • Unisex costume
  • ‘Another World’ Book Week Theme

I still read the Harry Potter books – it’s so good to get lost in the world of magic! This costume would be perfect for under age 7.

Grab it here>

Harry Potter Hedwig the Owl Deluxe Kids Costume

9. Duluxe Tigger Costume

  • Unisex Costume
  • Best for ages up to 7 years
  • Retails for $137.95
  • ‘Other World’ Book Week

Winnie the Pooh is timeless, and good ole Tigger is so ADHD (that tiger needs Ritalin seriously!).  An adorable Book Week costume for the little ones!

Grab it here>

Tigger | Stay At Home Mum

10. Dumbo the Elephant

Grab it here>

Dumbo the Elephant | Stay At Home Mum11. Winnie the Pooh

Grab it here>

Winnie the Pooh | Stay At Home Mum

12. Eeyore

Grab it here>

Eeyore | Stay At Home Mum


13. Roald Dahl Veruca Salt Costume

Roald Dahl Deluxe Veruca Salt Kids Costume

14. Tin Man from Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz Tin Man Boys Costume

15. Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Boys Costume

16. Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe

Harry Potter Value Gryffindor Kids Robe

17. Peter Rabbit Costume

Peter Rabbit Kids Costume

18. Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit

The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins Boys Costume

19. Gandalf from Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings Gandalf Boys Costume


ASD Friendly Costume Ideas for Book Week

Nasa Jumpsuit (Unisex)

Nasa Jumpsuit Kids Costume



26679 | Stay at Home
81045 | Stay at Home


What did your child dress up as for book week last year?50+ Easy Ideas for Book Week Costumes | Stay At Home Mum

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