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100 Fundraising Ideas for Schools and ClubsFundraisers can be so much Fun!

From Crazy Hair Days to Cent Auction fundraisers, raising money can be so simple yet absolutely brilliant!

Even dollar donation fundraisers can go a long way when you have fun and engaging ideas!


Ideas on Items to Sell to Raise Money

Most school fundraising ideas are surrounded by the idea that the students sell ‘something’ (the parents buy it) – and you profit the difference.  There are so many ideas – here are just some (and where to go about it).

Cadbury Chocolate Boxes

Cadbury actually has their own fundraising section.  Check it out here!

Cookie Dough


Traditional Fundraising Ideas:

Crazy Hair Days

Crazy Hair Days are a perfect, easy and fun way to raise money. Asking the kids to come to school with their craziest hairdos and a dollar donation brings a fantastic day at school! All sorts of colours, themes and bits and bobs can be added into these events for extra fun!

Free Dress Days

Free Dress Days can bring such great engagement with the students and can be educational. Giving the free dress days a theme or a colour for awareness such as bringing a dollar donation to come dressed in pink for breast cancer. All sorts of ideas can stem from free dress days.

School Fete

Rides, homemade goodies and a fun day for the whole family! This takes extra organisation but definitely pays off as a cracker of a fundraiser for the school. Classes and grades can hold stalls to sell items or provide entertainment, the options are limitless. A great way for the whole community to get involved.


Car Wash

A great way for the kids to get involved and get active. Parents can get their cars washed for donations to the school, simple yet fantastic! Water, soap and cloth can be found easily when setting up a fun event like this, and everybody can get involved. This is a good fundraiser for students of older grades to become a part of.

Casino Night

Card games and fancy dress is a unique event for all to become involved! Fundraising per game which also uses maths! Educational and raises funds. All sorts of card games can be played and taught to the students. Some may even come up with their own games to play.

Talent Show

Singing, dancing and skits — you can’t get more entertaining! See all of the talents of the students or whole classes or grades, and get the whole school involved and urge families to come and watch their little ones. Selling tickets to the shows is a great way to raise funds for the school.

School Play

So many different production ideas can come from school plays. It’s all about getting families and the community involved in fun and engaging events. Any kind of play can be produced through singing, dancing, drama and performing arts. This will surely be a great show that everybody can enjoy. Tickets can be sold for the event or dollar donations at the door, whichever suits the school.

Fashion Show

Imagine the outfits that will come strutting from behind the curtains and getting kids to design outfits and model their creations. People of all ages can get involved in themes and colour creations. Students can even auction off their best masterpeices. So many ideas can come from an event like this.

Spelling Bee

A little bit of competition can be a perfect event to bring engagement for all ages. These can be held at the school, local areas, shopping malls, anywhere to get everyone involved. Each age level can have different difficulties, entry fees can come from the students to participate or parents can donate to watch the competition. Prizes can be won and participation awards too.

Adult Spelling Bee

This is an even greater idea. A way for all family members to have some fun! This is a great competition idea to raise money through entry frees, donations or tickets, in an educational way! Have the kids test the adults for a change! Everybody will love this event.

Amazing Race

A mini amazing race, locally or around the school campus, with dollar donations, is a great way to raise funds. Use maps and clues to help the kids navigate their ways around as quick as they can! This can be for all grades or it can be done in classes, groups or students on their own.

Scavenger Hunt

Another fun way to have the kids navigating their way around is a scavenger hunt. These are easy to organise and will bring the kids some fun! All sorts of things can be put on the list to be found around the course of the hunt. It can be mathematical or riddles, whichever way works best. Dollar donations can be given to participate.

Bingo Night

A game of bingo is always a hit for any family. So, organising a bingo night will surely get families involved and will be a fun event for the school.


Raffles are always an easy and simple way to raise funds for the school. With a chance of winning some small prizes, all kids love this. Small ticket charges and dollar donations can work great with raffles. Even multiple different prizes from hampers to toys, it’s all great!

Trivia Night

Trivia nights always have a great effect when fundraising. Families versus families or classes against classes, it’s a great, easy and competitive way to raise funds. All sorts of categories and difficulties can be given to the audience.

School Disco

Dancing, Dance offs, music and themed costumes never fail for dollar donation fundraisers. All sorts of ideas can stem from school discos, sausage sizzles and drinks can be sold to raise extra funds whilst the kids enjoy the disco!

Colour Run

Active involvement and for a good cause, a color run is a fantastic event to hold at the school! All students can have a blast at a fun event like this. The Color Run, also known as “The Happiest 5K on the Planet”, was founded by Utah native and event producer Travis Snyder in March 2011, in an effort to encourage professionals and novices to run together for fun and to promote healthiness and happiness.

Tiny Triathlon

Kids love to run, jump and swing! Tiny triathlons around school ovals, through playgrounds and jumping over sandpits is another great way to have dollar donation fundraiser. Lots of different obstacles can be constructed for the run. It’s a great way to get active, and the kids get to go outside.

Day Camp

Day camp at the school is super educational and a different kind of approach to raising funds. Organise a mini day camp for classes on the ovals to engage in all sorts of activities! Small tents and damper can be made. The kids can pay small fees to join the camp.

Go Kart Derby

Yes! Students and classes can make their own little go karts to enter in the school derby. Other schools and the community can get involved with a fun event like this. Everybody can join in to race and show “car” competitions with their Go Karts!

Movie Night

Movie night can be for all school ages. Kids love to watch funny movies, but any kind of movie, from box office to educational movies, can be shown. An easy and relaxing event for the family. Tickets and donations can be charged to come to the fun event.

Bake Sale

Baking lamingtons, cakes, slices and biccies and selling it is a fun way to raise funds. Get every class involved with baking goodies to sell at markets, malls, and fairs! Students can pick out recipes and do small work behind the stalls selling their goodies to other students or whoever.

Awareness Rubber Wristband

Selling awareness rubber wristbands can be a great way to raise funds and to advocate a cause at the same time. Students can purchase or sell small wristbands to raise awareness. Cancer awareness wristbands can be an example.

Self-Publish a Cookbook

A cookbook can bring the kids in to do cooking classes for all sorts of meals. They can take pictures and write down recipes then sell the cookbooks locally, to families or even other schools. Self-publishing a cookbook could go to local sorts with multiple copies to make great profit for the school.

Cent Auction

A Cent Auction can be a great way to raise funds. Students can auction off anything from homemade goodies to old toys they no longer want or even crafts made in class. You can auction off all fun little items to raise funds.



Engraved Bricks

Jellybean Counts

Silent Auction



Fundraising Websites to Check Out

What fundraising ideas do you have?

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