List of The Best Theme Parks In Australia

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List of The Best Theme Parks In Australia

When it comes to thrills, there are few places that offer more adrenaline pumping opportunities than a theme park. But many people mistakenly think that Australia is lacking in the theme park department.

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On the contrary, there are a heap of places in Australia you and your family can visit to get your heart pumping, and they aren’t just on the Gold Coast.

We’re going to give you a run down of the greatest Aussie theme parks, so you won’t have any excuses not to go!

1.  Warner Brothers Movie World

  • Location: Pacific Highway, Oxenford, Queensland (Gold Coast)
  • Great for all ages!
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Opened in 1991, Movie World is the biggest and best of the Gold Coast theme parks, and one of the most well-known, too. Movie World is your place to go for movie-themed thrills. In fact, it’s the only movie-themed theme park in Australia. The park has actual film studios located within that you can visit (the first Scooby Do film was made there). The park has five distinct sections, Main Street, Kids Fun Zone, the Wild West areqa, DC Comics Super-Villians and DC Comics Superhero hub.

The park has a range of roller-coasters from quite tame for the little ones – through to ‘I just vomited and might shit myself’.

Tips and Hints:

  • If you are a member of RAC or NRMA – buy your tickets through their website to get a discount!
  • Many people take their own lunches.  But if you check out the pizza restaurant – it is quite affordable compared to the burger joints at the park.
  • There is a ‘Virtual Queue’ system so that you don’t have to wait in line for some of the more popular attractions.

Best Hotels to Stay at Near Movie World:


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2.  Seaworld Resort and Water Park

  • Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
  • Best for: All Ages
  • Type of Park: Marine Mammal Park
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Unrelated to the U.S. chain of theme parks, Australia’s Sea World is also on the Gold Coast and opened in 1971. It lists itself as a marine mammal park, oceanarium and theme park, with 15 rides. At Seaworld you can see Polar Bears, dolphins, turtles, sting ray’s, a seal show, penguins (they stink) and topical fish. Seaworld isn’t far from the other large theme parks on the Gold Coast.

The park has a selection of rollercoasters, a monorail which is great to get around the park, particularly if you have tired lets.

Seaworld caters really well to the little kids, there are live Paw Patrol shows, a 3d film of Sponge Bob Square Pants and a dolphin show that focuses on conservation and rehabilitation efforts.

Best Bits:

  • The Oceanarium is incredible.
  • The only Polar Bear exhibit in Australia

Best Hotels to Stay at Near Seaworld:


17 Great Theme Parks In Australia | Stay At Home Mum

3.  Dreamworld

  • Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
  • Best for: All Ages

An impressive Gold Coast theme park, Dreamworld is Australia’s largest. Offering over 40 rides and attractions, including five roller coasters, there is more than enough to occupy visitors at this massive theme park.

The park is divided into various ‘Themed Lands’ such as Ocean Parade, Dreamwork’s Experience, Wiggles World, Town of Gold Rush, Rocky Hollow, Tiger Island and the Dreamworld Corroboree.  There are animal exhibits, live shows, food outlets and merchandise stores.

The theme park has had a dark history with four people killed on the Thunder River Rapids Ride in October 2016.  The ride is due to be dismantled and will not be re-opened.

Hints and Tips:

  • The food is wickedly expensive.  Take your own if you can!

Best Hotels to Stay Near Dream World:

17 Great Theme Parks In Australia | Stay At Home Mum


4.  White Water World

  • Location: Coomera, Gold Coast, Queensland
  • Best For: All Ages
  • Type of Park: Water (only open in the Summer months)

A sister park of Dreamworld, and located right next door, White Water World opened in 2006. It offered ten Australian beach culture themed attractions, and in total has one pool, 10 water slides and two children’s areas.

Best Hotels to Stay near White Water World:


17 Great Theme Parks In Australia | Stay At Home Mum


5.  Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast

  • Location: Gold Coast
  • Best for: Ages 5+

Yet another in the Gold Coast lineup, Wet’n’Wild is a water park, and one of seven operating globally by the same name. It opened in 2004 and has 4 pools and 17 slides, and 2 children’s areas, which remain open throughout the year.

Best Hotels to Stay near Wet N Wild:

17 Great Theme Parks In Australia | Stay At Home Mum


6.  Aussie World

  • Location: Sunshine Coast
  • For Ages: 8+

Privately owned, and medium sized, Aussie World is a family theme park located on the Sunshine Coast. Offering 30 rides, it is a massive contributor to the local tourism economy, and has been since it opened in 1989.

Best Hotels Near Aussie World:


17 Great Theme Parks In Australia | Stay At Home Mum

7.  Luna Park Sydney

  • Location: Milson’s Point, Sydney

Located on the scenic Milsons Point, on the north shore of Sydney Harbour, Luna Park has been a part of the Sydney’s history since 1935. Fatal accidents, issues with maintenance, and changing owners saw years of closure before Luna Park was redeveloped and opened again in 2004. The park offers 14 rides, including one roller coaster.

Best Hotels to Stay at Near Luna Park, Sydney:

  • Harbourside Serviced Apartments (McMahon’s Point) 4 star
  • Pier One Sydney Harbour (4 star)
  • Hotel Meriton North Sydney (3 star)
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8.  Raging Waters Sydney

  • Location: Prospect NSW

Opened in December of 2013, this is one of the newest theme parks in Australia. Another of the Wet’n’Wild chain in Australia (the first is on the Gold Coast), the park offers a massive 42 water slides, a children’s area, and three pools, including a massive wave pool, on the 62 acre site.

Best Hotels to Stay at near Wet N Wild Sydney:

  • Atura Blacktown (4 star)
  • Prospect Hotel Motel (3 star)
  • Travelodge Hotel Blacktown (4 star)

17 Great Theme Parks In Australia | Stay At Home Mum


9.  Magic Mountain

  • Location: 134 Sapphire Coast Drive,Merimbula (Queensland)
  • You have to book in advance
  • Get Tickets

Established in 1983 on the South Coast of New South Wales, Magic Mountain is an affordable tourist attraction that everyone can enjoy. With a range of rides, including a 900 metre stainless steel Toboggan, and a dinosaur themed ‘Triassic Park’, the park caters for all interests.

17 Great Theme Parks In Australia | Stay At Home Mum


10.  Scenic World

  • Location: Katoomba, NSW

Hidden away in New South Wales’ Blue Mountains, Scenic World in Katoomba is one of Australia’s most unique parks. Although it only offers four attractions, the Skyway, Walkway, Cableway and Railway, the surroundings are magnificent. A stunning natural experience with gorgeous panoramic vistas, Scenic World lives up to its name.

The Best Hotels Near Scenic World:

  • The 3 Explorers Motel (3 star)
  • 3 Sisters Motel and Cottage (3 star)
  • Echoes Boutique Hotel and Restaurant Blue Mountains (4 star)

17 Great Theme Parks In Australia | Stay At Home Mum


11. Jamberoo Action Park

Located on what was once a dairy farm in the Jamberoo Valley, the Jamberoo Action Park is a water park and theme park. With 12 rides, and a selection of children’s attractions, the park is a fun day out for everyone. Open in the summer season only.

Family Friendly Hotels near Jamberoo Action Park:

  • Jamberoo Resort (3 star hotel)
  • The Sebel Kiama Harbourside (4 star)
  • Terralong Terrace Apartments (4 star)
17 Great Theme Parks In Australia | Stay At Home Mum

12.  Manly Surf n Slide

Location: Manly, NSW (Sydney)

Manly Surf n Slide is a summer dream location for kids non-stop, fast and furious fun. And it’s a haven for parents safe, easy with a soon to open gourmet café on site. An outdoor playground like no other, the kids slide while you get your caffeine fix and catch up with friends. You can watch the kids from the spectator deck or join the slide-fest yourself.

Family Friendly Hotels in Manly:

  • The Sebel Sydney Manly Beach (4 star)
  • Manly Paradise Motel & Apartments (3 star)
  • Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific (4 star)

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13.  Adventure World

  • Location: Bibra Lake, Western Australia
  • Best Age For: All Ages

The largest amusement park in Western Australia, Adventure World is located 20 kilometres from the Perth CBD. Opening in 1982, it has grown to offer 36 different rides, including two roller coasters, 16 water rides, and a variety of children’s experiences. It is great for families, and closed during winter.

‘They made it just for fun!’

Best Hotels Near Adventure World:

  • Gallery Hotel (3 star)
  • Discovery Parks (Coogee Beach) (3 star)
  • The Esplanade Hotel (Fremantle) 4 star

17 Great Theme Parks In Australia | Stay At Home Mum


14.  Luna Park Melbourne

  • Location: St Kilda, Victoria

This historic amusement park opened in 1912 and has been in almost continuous operation since then. It was the first of five Luna Parks originally built in Australia, and is open all year around. Inside visitors will find 20 rides, including two roller coasters, and a range of other attractions.

Family Friendly Hotels near Luna Park Melbourne:

  • The Cosmopolitan Hotel (4 star)
  • Barkly Apartments (4 star)
  • Waratah 41 Acland (4 star)_


17 Great Theme Parks In Australia | Stay At Home Mum


15.  Gumbuya World

Location: 2705 Princes Highway, Tynong North, Victoria 3813

Originally a pheasant farm, Gumbaya World is situated on a massive 430 acre site. Part wildlife reserve, part amusement park, visitors will find lots to do inside. As well as 60 barbecue and picnic areas, there are a variety of animals on display plus a range of rides including a Toboggan, mini-golf, and paddle boats.

Family Friendly Hotels near Gumbaya World:

  • Longwarry Hotel (4 star)
  • Gypsy Creek Winery (4 star)
  • Tallawarra Homestead (5 star)
  • Garfield Hotel (3 star)

17 Great Theme Parks In Australia | Stay At Home Mum

16.  Adventure Park

  • Location: Geelong
  • Type of Theme Park: Water Park
  • Re-opens 1st November 2019

Adventure Park is the first and biggest water park in Victoria and currently boasts of 18 attractions both wet and dry. This park has numerous water slides for everyone to enjoy and just takes around an hour to get here from Melbourne and about 10 minutes from Geelong. The park is open from October through April.

Best Family Friendly Hotels near Adventure Park:

  • Faulty Towers, Wallington (3 stars)
  • Oakdene Vineyards, Restaurant and Cellar Door (3 star)
  • Big 4 Bellarine Holiday Park (4 star)

17 Great Theme Parks In Australia | Stay At Home Mum



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Which theme park have you gone too?

Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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