40 Things To Do on a No-Spend Weekend

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40 Things To Do on a No-Spend Weekend

I wonder if there are other parents looking for ideas on how to have a no spend weekend.

Most of us (me included!) are living lean. So now that the kids are on school holidays, it’s good to have some great and cheap ideas of things to do when you are broke!

Please note that no spend weekend might mean different for everyone, but this has worked for us since we can just make food at home and we already have gear we own already. Hopefully, some of the ideas you can adapt and it truly becomes a no spend weekend – or less spending one.

Either way I hope it becomes a fun weekend for the entire family!

Table of Contents

Out and About

1. Check out what free events are on in your local area.

2. Check out a local market.

3. Visit a free museum.

4. Go visiting relatives or friends.

5. Attend a free art class.

6. Join a book club.

7. Visit the local library.

40 Things to Do on a No-Spend Weekend | Stay At Home Mum

The Park

8. Visit a new park.

9. Feed the ducks.

10. Take the bikes and scooters for a ride.

11. Have a picnic.

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The Beach or River

12. Go swimming.

13. Go fishing.

14. Go for a long walk.

15. Go hiking in a National Park.

16. Go camping.

17. Collect shells.

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Outdoor at Home

18. Put a sprinkler under the trampoline.

19. Set up a tent in the backyard and go camping at home.

20. Take photographs of the insects and butterflies around the garden.

21. Organise a scavenger hunt.

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Things to Do Indoors

22. Play boardgames such as Monopoly, Game of Live or even Trivial Pursuit!

23. Read a book.

24. Play a new video game.

25. Listen to podcasts and learn something new.

26. Plan for a holiday 12 months away – research where you want to go!

27. Teach the kids a new card game.

28. Do some online shopping for ideas on what to buy for birthdays or Christmas – without buying anything (but take note so you can get a good deal when you do have money).

29. Do a large jigsaw puzzle as a family.

30. Make some Christmas cards for residents at your local nursing home.

Housework Items That Often Get Overlooked

31. Organise your linen cupboard.

32. Finish the ironing pile.

33. Re-arrange your bedroom.

34. Clean up a room and place all unwanted goods for sale.

35. Organise all your photographs.

36. Clean all your lights.

In the Kitchen

37. Clean out the fridge, freezer and pantry.

38. Take out all items past their use by dates.

39. Try a new recipe that you haven’t ever tried before.

40. Organise your pantry.

What other things do you have in mind for a no-spend weekend?

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