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Lego Board Game Printable - Stay at Home Mum

Lego Board Game Printable

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Lego Board Game Printable

It’s finally the school hols and the kids will definitely at some stage say those two words that get on our nerves….”I’m bored!”. 

Thank heavens I discovered this Lego Board Game printable that I could definitely make use while my kids are at home. Like our kids, Lego Board Game is also both a good thing and a bad thing. I especially hate it when I step on a Lego, but well I need them now that it is the school holidays.

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The Lego Board Game Printable is a novel idea that allows even non-Lego enthusiasts to play games with those who obviously have a pile of legos in their homes (aka Parents).

Kids and adults can join in on the fun, too!

So to play the game, all you need is 2 – 6 players and one or two dice. You also need a pile of “community Lego” for everyone to take and add pieces of Lego.

Each player rolls the die/dice and moves the correct number of spaces, then follows the instruction on the space they land.

If it says “Take 2 Legos” then that player must take 2 Lego pieces from the community pile of Lego.

If it says “Lose 1 Lego” then that player must put one piece into the community pile of Lego.

The game continues until the end, and the player with the most amount of Lego in their own personal pile at the end wins!

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Print away and take out those Legos and get the game going! 

Lego Board Game Printable Pinnable

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