Make These 8 Awesome Crafts From Puff Paint!

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Make These 8 Awesome Crafts From Puff Paint!

Puffy and Paint put together makes a great way to keep the kids occupied.

It’s one of the things my kids love to do, and I also enjoy doing it with them. It’s so easy to make puff paint, and so easy to make them into different crafts. Window clings, necklaces… if my daughter cried because I made a puffy paint bracelet for her sister, I can just whip one more for her! All the materials you need can be found at home. The creations you can make from puffy paint are limitless, but these 8 are our favourite!

1. Autumn Leaves Window Clings

This recipe for Autumn Leaves is super easy and useful. When the kids are done making these, put it on the window and decorate your home! Aside from autumn leaves, you can always make other designs like snowflakes, four leaf clovers, stars, flowers.. the sky is the limit!

Fall Leaf and Owl Puffy Paint Window Decorations DIY | Stay at Home

Here’s a helpful tutorial.

2. Donuts

How about making donuts that looks too real? It’s a great bedroom decoration for girls. If you’re a donut lover then you will have fun making these. Be creative and make different types of donuts! Sprinkled, glazed.. chocolate, strawberry, vanilla…such a yummy activity!

RecycledCDDoughnutCraftALittlePinchofPerfect6copy | Stay at Home

Here’s a step by step tutorial.

3. Alphabet Tactile Cards

This one’s a great activity for kids that are still learning the alphabet. When the puffy paint dries, let the kids trace the letters with their fingers for them to learn the strokes and shapes of each letter – in a more visual and fun way! You can also make shapes to teach them how to draw.

ABC Cards | Stay at Home

Here’s a helpful guide.

4. Friendship Bracelets

Make These 8 Awesome Crafts From Puff Paint! | Stay At Home Mum

This one is my daughter’s favourite. She keeps making them whenever she becomes friends with someone. And every week, she has a new friend!!!

Here’s a great tutorial.

5. Cupcakes

Make These 8 Awesome Crafts From Puff Paint! | Stay At Home Mum

Well, nomnomnom… Cupcakes are cupcakes.. They’re always pretty – edible or not!

Watch this tutorial!

6. Easter Eggs

Make These 8 Awesome Crafts From Puff Paint! | Stay At Home Mum

Since Easter’s fast approaching, this unique idea should be useful. Why don’t you dye the easter eggs with puff paint for a change?

This guide will make your DIY session easier!

7. Frankenstein’s Face

Stay At Home Mum

This makes an awesome Halloween activity. You don’t need to be really good at drawing. Just draw Frankenstein’s face and paint the rest of the details!

Check out this awesome guide!

8. Ice Cream

Of all the puffy paint art projects I made, I’d say this one is the most life-like. You can make ice cream puff paints of your choice! Mint Chocolate Chip? Vanilla with cherry on top? Strawberry with sprinkles? Gaaaah. Now I’m craving for one!

Check out the tutorial here!

Collage 4 puffy paint ice cream cones craft for kids 2 | Stay at Home

Anything with paint just gets the kids hyped up… is it the same with your kids, too? I don’t know what it is.. But their idea of a good time is a colourful afternoon. I like it because the kids are learning and having fun !

Have you tried any of these puffy paint art with your kids? Which one is their favourite?Make These 8 Awesome Crafts From Puff Paint! | Stay at Home Mum



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