The Ultimate Australia Day Platters

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The Ultimate Australia Day Platters

The Ultimate Australia Day Platters

On this platter I have gone all out Aussie!

All you really need to add is a VB beer and you’ll be full Aussie Bogan! In the style of course!

IMG 9968 e1610802105938 | Stay at Home

The trick with creating a really awesome platter is how you lay everything out on the board. Finding a board I love is the starting point for me and now that the good old lazy Susan is back in fashion I tend to find myself using them more and more.

Then think about different heights, colours, textures and throw a few small bowls in the mix.

Here’s what I have on my Aussie Aussie Day Platter! Our starting point is the cheese triangles. And by serving it all on a lazy Susan everyone can easily get to everything!

This platter was designed to please kids and adults alike!

IMG 9913 | Stay at Home
  • Coon Cheese cut into triangles and crisscrossed for interest
  • Australian flag toothpicks with a cube of cheddar cheese, a slice of kabana and ½ Sweet Solantro tomato
  • Quakes cucumbers, halved on an angle
  • Pickled onions, multiple places, multiple colours
  • Barbeque Shapes, multiple places
  • Jatz or Savoy Crackers, multiple places
  • Twisties
  • Cheddar Cheese cubes
  • Mini Dagwood Dogs
  • Cocktail Frankfurts
  • Heinz Tomato Sauce
  • Mild Twiggy Sticks
  • French Onion Dip
  • Smiths Crinkle Cut Chips
  • Mango, sliced into cubes
  • Strasburg, rolled and put on a toothpick to hold them
  • Curly Parsley to garnish and fill in any little holes
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Alex Liddy Sierra Round Acacia Lazy Susan Serving Board

lazy susan | Stay at Home

Alex Liddy Sauce Dish 8cm Set of 4 White

HIM 1026464 | Stay at Home
The Ultimate Australia Day Platters

Alex Liddy Slate & Co Oval Cheese Knife Acacia

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The Ultimate Australia Day Platters

Australia Day Souvlaki Platter

IMG 9923 | Stay at Home

Australia is well known for serving up some awesome Greek souvlaki thanks’ to all of those Greek immigrants who made Australia their home many moons ago, and thank goodness they came!

If you don’t have the ways or means to cook your own spit roast, do not fear! All of our deliciously awesome souvlaki shops (and kebab shops for that matter) will happily slice you up a takeaway container full of yiros so you only need to worry about the rest!

Serve it all on a huge lazy Suzan so everything is in easy reach.

I love adding extra flavour and texture to our sovs with tabouli and hummus, not traditional, but hey, the reason we love Australia so much is because of its blended cultures.

Greek Souvlaki Platter

IMG 9961 | Stay at Home
  • Chicken or Lamb Yiros or both!
  • Tzatziki
  • Mr Pita Pita Bread
  • Tabouli
  • Hommus
  • Spanish Onion, thinly sliced
  • Tomatoes, thinly sliced
  • Spring Onion, sliced on the angle for those who find Spanish onion too strong
  • Lettuce, shredded
  • Lemon Wedges

Recreate this platter!

Ambrosia Karira Bamboo Lazy Susan 51cm

lazy susan 1 | Stay at Home

Ambrosia Zest Round Dip Bowl 12cm Set of 2

dip | Stay at Home

 Fabulous Fruit Platter

IMG 9981 1 e1610803738143 | Stay at Home
IMG 9975 | Stay at Home

Anyone can throw some fruit on a board for a refreshing colourful snack, but if you put a little thought into how you prepare the fruit and the shapes and colours of it you can create a masterpiece of colour and texture. As they say, eat the rainbow!

  • Watermelon, cut into (fairly even) thin triangles
  • Red Apples, cut in half through the middle, then thinly sliced
  • Green Apples, as above
  • Oranges, cut into thin rounds, then sliced on one side to the centre so you can curl the slices for decoration
  • Mini Pears, cut in half
  • Rockmelon, some cut into wedges, some cut with a cookie cutter of choice
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • Strawberries, leave the greens on for added colour
  • Cherries, leave the stems on for added interest
  • Mini Cherry Ripe, sliced in half on an angle
  • Mini Crunchies, sliced in half on an angle.
IMG 9972 1 | Stay at Home

I throw in a few mini chocolates cut in half for a little added treat.  I also cut some of the melon with a cookie cutter, this one is just a basic round cutter but different shapes look great too.

For a fancier serving platter, we recommend this!

Alex Liddy Slate & Co Round Marble Serving Board with Handles 40cm

Alex Liddy Slate & Co Round Marble Serving Board | Stay At Home Mum


The Ultimate Australia Day Platters | Stay At Home Mum

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