100+ Unique Unisex Baby NamesThe strangest names that lean both ways

Unisex baby names or ‘Gender Non-Specific Names’ are names that can be given to either a baby boy or baby girl.

Another rising trend is a move away from specifically gendered names and into the world of unisex titles. We’ve decided to bring both of those trends together in this list and created a list of 100 unique unisex baby names!

This trend certainly makes things easier on the day of the birth!


Means ‘Son of Adam’.

Ainsley or Ainslee

Originating from a surname, Ainsley is a distinctly Scottish name without a gender bias.


If you’re a fan of Australia’s tropical coast, this name will suit your baby down to its sandy toes.


Alby is the name of a suburb in Stockholm, Sweden.  It means ‘Village of Alder Trees’ in Swedish.


Alex is the shortened form of ‘Alexander’ which means ‘Defender of Men’.

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Andy or Andie or Andee

Simple and delicious.  Andy is a wonderful name for both sexes.  Andy was last popular in 1964 but now that gender-neutral names are more popular – it is rising to the top of the baby name popularity list!

Famous Andy’s include:

  • Andie MacDowell
  • Andy Warhol
  • Andy Griffith


It might sound like a girl’s name, but no man personified the name Angel like our favourite man from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Archer means ‘Bowman’.  It has Anglo-saxon origin.


An English surname that may originate from the Celtic word for ‘high’.


A name of unknown meaning, this moniker has been wildly accepted in the world of celebrities and is making its way, very slowly, into the mainstream.

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Arren or Aryn

A slightly less masculine version of the traditional Aaron, this name is ideal for those who just want a toe out of the box.


This name is perfect for your happy baby boy or girl as Asher means happy or blessed.


Traditionally a boy’s name, that tide is now changing and there are an increasing number of Aspen girls now!  It is a gorgeous name that means ‘Quaking’ or ‘Trembling’.  It is also a fancy ski resort in Colorado.


Aubrey is a French name meaning ‘Elf Ruler’.  Perfect for the parents who love The Hobbit!


Month names have always been in and out of popularity, but August, in particular, has seen a surge of late, although it remains rare. August is derived from the first Roman Emperor, Augustus who defeated Cleopatra.

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A name that may have links to Augustine, but is today more associated with the city, Austin remains an unusual and rare name in Australia.


Avery is a name derived from the formal and traditional name ‘Alfred’.  It means ‘Ruling with Elf wisdom.”.


This name has been popular for a few decades now, but still stands the test of time.

Billy or Billie

Means ‘Resolute Protector’.  A really pretty name for either sex.

Blaine or Blane

Thought to mean ‘yellow’ in Gaelic, this is a name that would suit any golden-haired baby.


Coming from a Scottish surname meaning ‘field’, this might seem like a masculine name, but as we know from Gossip Girl, that is not the case.

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Blake is an Old English name meaning ‘Shining Bright’. Famous Blake’s include:

  • Blake Lively
  • Blake Sheldon


This mindful name harks back to the tree that Buddha sat under to gain enlightenment. Bodhi became popular when the original Point Break movie came out – it is a popular baby name in the United States.

Braidy or Brady

An unusual twist on Brady, this unisex name comes originally from an Irish surname.


More of a boys name in the past, another sturdy surname first name making the rounds in 2018.


Means ‘Burnt Land’ which is great for us here in Australia.

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Brett has always been a boys name in the past, but it makes for a really beautiful girls name too. It is a French name meaning ‘Breton’ or someone from Brittany in France.  Famous Brett’s include:

  • Brett Favre, football player
  • Brett Butler, Actress

Brodie or Brody

Another Irish surname, and a variant of Brody, this title was a place name that may have meant ‘ditch’.


An Old English surname, it means ‘Some who lives near water.’


A Scottish baby name meaning ‘Crooked or Bent Nose.’.  Can be shortened to ‘Cam’. Famous Cameron’s include:

  • Cameron Diaz, an American Actress who just welcomed her first child with husband Benji Madden
  • Cam Fowler, a Canadian born American professional ice hockey player.


Another surname based first name for both sexes.

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Carson or Carsen

Originally a Scottish surname of meaning unknown, this has been an accepted name for boys and girls for some time.


Of Irish origins, has been a popular Unisex Baby Name for decades.


Made famous by 60’s heartthrob David Cassidy, it is a really modern and trending name in 2018.


Not just from Friends, a solid name.


Let’s face it – we all know who we think of when we hear this name.  Oh Channing, how I love thee!

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Charlie or Charley

A traditional adaptation of the name ‘Charles’.  Charlie is commonly a shortened name for ‘Charlotte’ as well – so it is perfect for both.

Chase or Chaise

Thought to have been an original nickname for a huntsman, Chase is popular with boys but suits the ladies as well.

Cody or Codee

This name is short and sweet, with a few Irish links, and easily altered to Codie for a little more of a playful vibe.


A common Jewish surname thought to mean ‘priest’, this name also has links to the musician and may be a great name for a musically passionate couple’s baby.


Is an old Gaelic name meaning ‘Cauldron’.


Dakota is an American Indian name meaning ‘Thought to be a friend’.

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It might be a city in Texas, but it originates from a Scottish place name meaning ‘meadow dwelling’.


Depending on the pronunciation, this name can easily fit a boy or a girl (i.e. Dar-na for boys, Day-na for girls). It has a number of meanings, including ‘wise’ in Persian.


An English surname probably sourced from Derby, it’s thought to mean ‘deer town’ in Old Norse.

Darcy or Darcie

An unusual name for boys, we think that Darcy is just perfect for a girl as well!


A more unisex friendly version of the name Darren, the meanings and origins of this rare name are uncertain.

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An English version of an Irish name, Declan has been popular with boys in the past, but has been appearing as a girl’s name of late.


A good Country name for both boys and girls. Long live John Denver.


Both an English and Irish surname that may have links with the Latin word for ‘divine’.


Thought to originate from the region of England that has the same name, this locational moniker is timeless and unisex.


A simple name that means ‘candle’ in both Indonesian and Javanese.

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Let’s face it, the game isn’t as popular as it used to be, but the name still rocks!


Very modern but has been around for a long time!  Means ‘Manly One’.


A popular name made infamous by Bob Dylan, was a popular boys name for years, now more and more girls are taking the name too.


An English surname meaning ‘east town’, this has always been a popular boy’s name, but again, the celebrities are leading the charge, daughters first.


A Dutch variation that has links to a number of names that start with Eli, this is a unisex name with a simple nickname.

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An Old English name meaning ‘Alder Tree’.


A name seen in both England and Wales that may have been derived from Elijah, or a Welsh surname.


An American name meaning ‘Brave and powerful.”


Introduced to England by the Normans, this unisex name remains a rare, and therefore unusual choice for your child.


The name Evan has been a common boy’s name for some time, but there have been a number of famous female Evans, and that number grows.

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Means ‘Bean Grower’.  A traditional Italian name.

Finley or Finleigh or Finlee

Started out as a female version of Finn, but now perfect for all sexes.


A Roman name which is Latin for ‘Flower’.  This name is very popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


An Irish surname that was more popular among boys, there have been a number of parents turning the tables on this name.


This name is growing in popularity among the sons of weird-loving parents, but we think it works just as well as a girl’s name, particularly for a fiery redhead.

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I adore this name!  It is a version of ‘Francis or Frances’ – which is interchangeable as well!

Gray or Grey or Grae

There are a number of colour names out there, and although this one is often given to boys, it can easily suit a girl as well.


Hadley or Hadlee or Hadleigh

Coming from an English surname that means ‘heather field’, Hadley has been a unisex name from the onset.

Haris or Harris

Possibly originating from Greek as the modern version of Chares or Charis, this is an unusual name that doesn’t worry about gender.

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Named after the district in Manhatten.


From a location surname that may have meant ‘rock hill’, Harlow is a trendy unisex name for your little one.


Means ‘Harp Player’.  The Beckhams called their daughter Harper.


Let your child feel protected inside themselves with this moniker, that is sure to suit both girls and boys.


An English name meaning ‘Hedged Valley’.

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It might seem a little high and mighty, but this name gives your little one something to live up to.


Although this one has a little more of a masculine flair, there’s nothing stopping you challenging tradition by imparting this moniker on your daughter.

Indiana or Indi 

As Mr. Jones taught us, there are no limits to what a person can do when their name is Indiana. Plus, we love the nickname Indi!


As a colour, this one is deep and royal, so why can’t the same be said for your child?

Jalen or Jaylynn

An invented name that was made popular by a US basketball player, it’s one of a trend where the combination of two names (in the basketballer’s case James and Leonard) become mainstream.


Coming from the Sanskrit word which means ‘victory’, Jaya is an Indian name often given to both girls and boys.

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If you aren’t sure about the traditional James, but you like how it sounds, this name is an unusual twist on the old and boring.


If you’re a fan of the music, or you’re in love with the few names containing Z, then Jazz is a great way to give your kid a cool name to last a lifetime.


Possibly coming from a Norse surname, but also a US place name, Jersey is a genderless name that you won’t hear too often.

Jesse or Jessie

Oh Jesse your so fine, your so fine you blow my mind hey Jessie (clap clap calp), hey Jesse (clap clap clap).


A Hebrew baby name meaning ‘To Flow’


Short form of Jocelyn, which was once a masculine name, this title is also the nickname of imagination powerhouse Joss Whedon.

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Held by many ladies and gentlemen throughout the ages (including Jude Law), this name might take a little getting used to, but it’s definitely one you’ll love.


Jules is a Latin name for ‘New Beard’.


Means ‘Companion or friend’.


This name originates in Hawaii, where it means ‘sea’. Traditionally, it has been a boy’s name, but traditions are always changing, case in point!


Irish for ‘Brave’


A surname that was once an English place name, this unisex name has a classic, even posh feel to it.

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Another popular surname that has become a popular first name.


An Irish baby name meaning ‘Little Dark One’.


A very formal sounding name.


Simple, but with more than enough potential for a classic, Lane is a name that goes both ways.


I like name like this that can be shortened.  If little Leighton grows up to be a surfer, we can call him or her Leigh.  A lawyer – Leighton still sounds super respectible.


Another popular rock star’s surname turned into a wicked baby name.  Plus have you ever heard of Lennon and Maisy??


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Lincoln is an English name meaning ‘A Roman colony at the Pool’.


Linden is an alternative to the names Landon and Logan.  It means ‘A strong growing tree with deep roots’.


A Scottish name meaning ‘Hollow and empty’.


Even if you’ve never visited, you can choose the name London for your son or daughter and be confident of a timeless, unisex name.


A traditional Italian name.


This name comes from the Latin word for ‘light’ and it is stunning for boys and girls.

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Marley or Marlee

Honour the reggae legend himself by bestowing this name on your childoesn’t don’t matter who they are!


A variant on the surname Marlowe, which means ‘remnants of a lake’ this name is an unusual moniker for both genders.


This name, meaning ‘stoneworker’ has always been very popular with boys, but we’ve seen hints that it’s starting to be assigned to girls too.


Jessica Simpson started a trend in 2012 when she named her daughter Maxwell, and although this name is still rare, we sense a trend.


Merrick is a Welsh name meaning ‘Fame and Power’.


A great name that stands for solidarity and grace.

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An Old Testament name, Micah wasn’t really popular until the end of the 20th century, and even now, it’s only just been introduced to the ladies.


Misha has been a popular boy’s name in Russia, and a popular girl’s name elsewhere, so hedge your bets.


Marilyn still lives on with this gorgeous sounding name for both boys and girls!


State names are always a popular choice, even in Australia, and Montana is no exception.


Morgan is a Welsh and Old English name meaning ‘Unsettled water’.


Originating from an Irish surname, the movie Interstellar brought this name into the limelight for girls.

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There’s more to this name than the Matrix. A short and sweet title, it means both ‘gift’ in Tswana, and ‘new’ in Greek.


Nico is a shortened form of Nicholas and is Dutch in origin.

Noel or Noelle

A very Christmassy themed baby name.


Means ‘From the Old Oak Tree’.


If you aren’t wanting to gender this one adding anything on the end (i.e. Oceanus, Oceana, Oceane), this name is, literally, all natural.


Like the star formation, this name might have a male energy, but in reality, it’s a strong name with cosmic potential.


This name made the list not because it is something of a common boy’s name, but because it’s becoming quite an unusual girls name. Singer-songwriter Michelle Branch named her daughter Owen in 2005.

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An English occupational surname meaning ‘keeper of the park’, this name will suit a naturalist down to the dirt.


Originally a surname that may have derived from a town name, Paxton is a classy name for either gender.


Thought to mean ‘head’ or ‘top’ in Welsh, this unusual name was held by Gossip Girl actor Penn Badgley.


An old name coming back into fashion!


It’s a hassle to spell, but this name is soaked in meaning and history, perfect for a new birth.

Presley or Presleigh

Honour the king himself with this star-struck moniker, sure to give your kid an appreciation of the good things in life.


Originally an Irish surname, this name shot to popularity in several countries not so long ago, in both boys’ and girls’ lists.

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Not quite as odd as Rain, this name may actually be based on the French word for ‘queen’.


Originally a boy’s name, modern couples are beginning to realise how Raleigh can be a beautiful name for a baby girl as well.


A good one for the Game of Thrones fans that want something a little dark.


An Irish surname with a presidential reputation, this name has a perfect fit for your little one’s leadership dream.


A Welch baby name meaning ‘Ardent and Fiery’.


An English name meaning ‘Red Haired’.

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A recent baby name, it means ‘Coral’.


Possibly derived from the Latin word of ‘oarsman’, Remi is a French name that has seen popularity as a unisex name in English-speaking countries.


Means ‘kings’ in Spanish, but this lordly name is just as suited to a girl as it is a boy.


From the dashing character in Gone with the Wind.


Riley is Old English for ‘Wood Clearing’


This is a Spanish or Portuguese name that means ‘river’, but a version of the name also appears in Japan, with a variety of meanings.

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A nature-lover’s name, River has been seen on girls and boys all over the world, and it isn’t out of style yet.z


Batman’s sidekick and a stunning red-chested bird, this name has a lot going for it.


Popular in Ireland and Scotland, this name was originally a boy’s name, but the ladies have embraced it.


Meaning ‘light and bright’ in Persian, this is a gorgeous name that rolls of the tongue, regardless of the gender.


Originating from either an Irish surname, or from the Rowan tree, this name is very popular in Canada, but has yet to grow on Australian shores.

Roux (Prounounced Roo)

Roux is a French name meaning ‘Reddish Brown’.

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Ryan is an Irish name meaning ‘Little one from Royalty’.


Thought to be a variation on an English surname, this name is like a twist on the overdone Ryan.


This Russian name is quite common in the motherland among boys, but here in Australia, it suits girls as well.


This name has links to both the herb, and the wise person, and makes for a simple, unisex title.


Meaning ‘evening conversation’ in Arabic, this unusual name is easily given to either your son or daughter.


Sawyer was a very traditional surname but has become popular as a name for both boys and girls.  It means ‘Woodcutter’.

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Made famous in Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird,” it is derived from a French word that means ‘to listen’.

Shae or Shay

It might look like the butter, but this name is thought to mean admirable, and is a twist on the more common Shay.


Thought to mean ‘tranquil’ in Hebrew, this name might sound familiar as it’s the moniker of one of the Brangelina children.


Simple, gorgeous, and easily assigned to either gender, Skye is a great go-to name for nature-loving parents.


Thought to originate from the Dutch word for ‘scholar’, this name now has more links to a more relaxed version of Taylor.


Sloane is an Irish-Gaelic name meaning ‘From a tribe of warriors.’.

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This delightful bird name doesn’t pick between girls and boys, but flies free with both.

Stirling or Sterling

Traditionally a boys name, it means ‘From the City of Stirling’.  Made famous from the Adult cartoon ‘Archer’.


Like most of the odd, nature-related names, Storm has always been a unisex moniker. It might not suit all, but it’s definitely a favourite.


Very US oriented – another surname name turned into a first name name.  Say that fast three times!

Sydney or Sidney


An occupational name for a tanner or a person who tanned leather hides, this moniker is great for both boys and girls.


An English name meaning ‘Homestead.’

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A French name meaning ‘Tailor’ or ‘One who sews and cuts.’

True or Tru

Instilling honesty in your kids is hard, maybe it will be easier with this moniker?


If you want short and sweet, then Val is ideal. No need to lengthen it out to Valentine or Valerie, just stick with the first three letters.


You might be thinking of the scooter, but this name may actually come from a Latin base word meaning ‘evening’.


Derived from the Old English words “west” and “leah” meaning wood, clearing, meadow, the name is an amazing choice for your baby boy or girl.


Very Gender-Neutral.  Very 2018.


Winter has been a popular name since the 9th Century.  It means ‘The cold season’.

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An English word for the little songbird, this name is ideal for a music lover of any sex.


Originally stuck firmly in the last name category, Wyatt is seeing a resurgence in both genders.

Wynne or Wynn

Means ‘Fair’ or ‘White’


Means’ Tranquil’


Is a Hebrew name meaning ‘Mountain Goat’.  That doesn’t sound pretty, but the name sure does.


Zane is an Old English name meaning ‘God’s gracious gift.’


Meaning ‘bright and radiant’ in Hebrew, this name is short and sweet, just how you like it.

What unisex name do you want for your baby?

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