The Ultimate List of Best Baby Registries in Australia

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The Ultimate List of Best Baby Registries in Australia

The Ultimate List of the Best Baby Registries in Australia

Shopping for babies is so much fun and giving an expectant Mumma exactly what she wants for her new baby is good for her, and makes shopping easier for you! Here is the ultimate list of the best baby registries that mean a win-win.

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Best Baby Registries
Best Baby Registries

1. Amazon Baby Wishlist/Baby Registry

Amazon is a trusted source to purchase from, I’m sure that you and your family have purchased items for gifts, for you or the house from Amazon.

Take the complication out of creating a baby registry with Amazon and have it all seamlessly looked after.


  • Amazon gives you curated lists to help with ideas and inspiration
  • Completion Discount: You can get a 10% discount (15% for Prime members), on select remaining items from your Wishlist within 60 days of your due date (and at least 14 days after Wishlist creation)
  • Amazon Baby Registry keeps track on who bought what, so you can thank people and also know what else you need to purchase
  • There is a wide selection of products available so you will be able to get what you need
  • There is a 30-day return policy
  • You can even manage the thank you list
  • Your Amazon Baby Wishlist is easily shared with family and friends. Simply go to the menu, then click share and then choose share Wishlist. You cannot share a list if it is private.


  • To ensure a 2-day guaranteed delivery you need to be a Prime Amazon member. To be a prime member this is a cost of $59/year, or you can pay monthly at $6.99/month. You can test out prime by signing up for a 30-day trial.
Best Baby Registries
Best Baby Registries


Here’s an easy way for parents to get exactly the gifts they want and need! is a Universal Gift Registry that allows parents to create an online gift
list and once someone buys something from the list, it will be shown there so friends and family know which ones are still not bought. That solves the dilemma of receiving the same gift from 3 people!

What’s amazing about is that it’s “universal.” It allows users to add any item from any store in the world, whether the gift can be bought online or in-store. Everything can be added to one list. Awesome, right? It gets better. also lets you sync your Amazon Baby registry to your account along with other existing baby registries that you may have with other stores to merge them all into one list, making the perfect baby registry.

I could go on and on about how great it is, it is definitely worth trying out!

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Best Baby Registries

3. Baby HQ Baby Registry

Baby HQ allows you to set up your very own Baby Gift Registry easily and for FREE. This is great because Baby HQ have some amazing Baby products perfect for your new addition. Especially if you are saving up for big ticket items such as a Pram or Cot.

4. David Jones Gift Registry

David Jones has a gift registry for every occasion and celebrating a new baby is a great occasion.  Did you know that David Jones can even help you with presents for your little one’s first birthday as well?

If you are expecting a baby or know someone that does David Jones has a tailored service that will make organizing celebrations and gifts super easy.

The team at David Jones has compiled a great printable baby checklist, they have also organized a list of popular nursery items too.

If you are having a baby shower David Jones recommends that you organise your baby gift registry 4-6 weeks prior to your event.

How to Set Up Your Baby Gift Registry with David Jones

It is very simple to get started. If you are a David Jones member you can log in with your details and then set up your registry under your existing David Jones account. If you don’t have an account, you will need to register one to then start a gift registry.


  • You can set up the registry in-store or online
  • Family and Friends can shop in-store or online as well
  • David Jones has registry experts on hand to help you, family, and friends with everything to do with your baby registry.
  • If there are items left unpurchased you can save 10%-20% off these products. Talk about a great deal if you really want them.
  • David Jones Celebration Card You can add a celebration card to the baby registry list. This card is like a line of credit that each guest contributes to. You then can use the credit to purchase anything within the David Jones store. This would be perfect for larger purchases, but just make it clear to your family and friends that you are saving for something and wish to have a contribution rather than a gift.
  • Delivery of gifts can come all at once on a dedicated date or one by one. It is up to you.


  • Asking for money: If you decide to have a celebration card and gifts people might not like to have the double-dip. Some might appreciate this as this lets them know what you need and if they cannot contribute, they might get a little something for the baby, while others might think you are trying to just get money out of them.
  • Paying for gift wrapping: Gifts are wrapped with DJ’s signature wrapping but this is an extra fee to do so. Obviously, if you purchase large white goods or other huge products this will be listed that they cannot be gift wrapped for these larger items you can add a personalized message with your online purchase.
  • Out of stock item: Although this is from a bridal registry customer it is a negative review about not receiving not in-stock products. The family had purchased gifts and they never arrived, and the Melbourne David Jones said that they would send out gift cards to replace the value. It looks like the issue was resolved; however, it might be wise to ask what happens if a product is out of stock and see what the process is to fix this for your baby registry.
Best Baby Registries
Best Baby Registries

5. Baby Kingdom Baby Registry

Baby Kingdom has a huge selection of products to choose from and many forums have touted their shops to be the best that is out there for baby goods.

If an item is not available on your registry Baby Kingdom will offer you an alternate, place a special order to see if they can acquire the product you want or if all of the above fails to give you a refund for the product that was ordered.


  • Baby Kingdom price matches if you see a cheaper price elsewhere Baby Kingdom will match the price this is great when you are trying to get the best deal.
  • Any item that is purchased from the gift registry is automatically taken off the list.
  • Online Access: Your Baby Kingdom Baby Registry can all be done online, but the items will still be shipped whenever anyone makes a purchase.


  • Any item once it is purchased gets shipped, Baby Kingdom doesn’t hold onto packages to send in one bulk delivery.
  • Any gifts purchased at any Baby Kingdom store cannot be posted by Baby Kingdom and needs to be taken with the person who purchases the gifts with them.
  • Baby Kingdom has only three locations in New South Wales: Alexandria, Chullora, and Castle Hill.

6. The Gift Register

The Gift Register lets you create your own wishlist for any product anywhere and have people contribute to help you purchase the gifts.


  • Lets you control the gifts
  • Makes sure you really want them and there is no waste
  • Allows family to help towards big purchases


  • Some family and friends are against giving money
  • Giving to a money pot can make you feel that the money might not go for the intended purpose of the party.
Best Baby Registries
Best Baby Registries

7. The Gift Collective Baby Registry

Do you need something expensive that is out of reach for your new baby? Maybe it is a few things that have big dollar amounts?

Create a baby Wishlist with The Gift Collective and you then can ask friends and family to contribute to allow you to get the items you are lusting after.


  • You get gifts you actually want and need
  • Control the gifts you want to buy rather than be dictated to by what is in a store


  • People might not be okay with just giving you money
  • The family would like to give a more personal gift and therefore this might not be a great fit for some.
Getting started with The Gift Collective
Best Baby Registries

How to create your baby registry with The Gift Collective

  • Create your list for the event you are having, if it is for a new baby, pick Baby Shower
  • Create your account you can use Facebook to log in or sign up with an email
  • Once you create your account, you can now edit your account with the right date of your event, add pictures and pick out your gifts
  • Finish the list of gifts and all the edits you wish to help explain why you need them
  • Now share the Wishlist with friends and family to allow them to help contribute.
Best Baby Registries
Best Baby Registries
Sharing your gifts on The Gift Collective
Best Baby Registries

8. Urban Baby Baby Registry

Urban Baby has a tailored baby registry experience. You cannot register online they ask you to email them at [email protected]

The products that Urban Baby focuses on are cute and stylish, You can find fun decorated blankets, bedding, and unique gifts.


  • Tailored experience
  • Dealing with a real person and they get to know your wishes
  • People can order and purchase 24/a day at any time once your registry is set up


You cannot set up the baby registry online on your own, Urban Baby likes to have you guided through the process by a real person. While having someone guide you and help it would be nice to set up the account and start to create your Wishlist all from home before you need to speak to someone.

Celebrate your new baby and family with a baby shower
Best Baby Registries

9. Baby Bunting Baby Registry

Baby Bunting has everything that you need to set up your house for your new addition. Prams, cots, furniture, baby clothes, and so much more are available. Baby Bunting even has the promise to beat a competitor’s price by 5%.

Note: Not all products that are available in-store are available online  

Pros: I couldn’t find any good reviews, sorry Baby Bunting. However, when I was looking for items for my kids when babies I shopped online for teddies and we purchased some items for the kid’s nursery at the store. I found the products reasonably priced and the delivery for online products came quite quickly. Due to COVID-19 there are some restrictions in place for how many people can be in the store and delays with online deliveries, but they are offering free no-contact click and collect.

Cons: You can shop in store, however, once you fill out what products you are wanting to add to the registry you still need to go online to create you’re your baby Wishlist.

One person listed an online review and says don’t use Baby Bunting. The following are some reasons why Febaby1 wrote this negative review:

  • No list of who bought what gift is kept
  • The gifts don’t come all at once
  • When you pick a product to add to the online registry you get told, “In-store pick up only”
  • Febaby1 due to not knowing who bought what, and also the staggered delivery she is missing a whole bunch of items and there is no way to chase it up.

Other Baby Registries worth mentioning

One Fine Baby has a baby registry and they offer high-quality items for your new bundle of joy. This said they don’t give you an idea of what they have until you register.

Myer Due to COVID-19 they have shut their physical stores but still operate the online side of the business. They usually have a baby registry however online it only says you can search for existing customers and there is no way to sign up for a new baby wishlist. Hopefully, in future they will reopen this so that new customers can sign up for this service. It could well still be operating but you will need to call Myer to confirm.

Target Australia Target has a great checklist for babies and new mums but not a registry to purchase. Use this great list to tick off any items you need or haven’t thought would be useful until you saw them on this amazing list.

Our Verdict – Best Baby Registry:

The two outstanding baby registries are 1. Amazon and runner-up David Jones. If you wish to create a new baby wishlist we believe that you will be super happy with either of these organisations.

Congratulations on your pregnancy/new baby and we hope that this list helps you get organised for an extra person in your family.

Do you have a great baby registry that is not listed here? If it was amazeballs please let us know.

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