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It’s always exciting when the time comes to learn the gender of your new baby.

Some parents want to know straight away, some want to wait until the big day, and some want to throw a party and surprise everyone at the same time, parents included.

With the rise of the last trend comes the increase in Gender Reveal Parties. These are essentially what they sound like, celebrations during which you tell all of your family and friends the gender of the bun in your oven. You might think it’s as simple, and boring, as making an announcement, but there are so many things you can do with a gender reveal party. We’ve compiled some of the best ideas and party games right here, to help make your next pink/blue bash one to remember.

How To Prepare

The first think you’ll need to do for a gender reveal party is find out the gender of your baby. There are two methods for this.

Either you and your partner know the gender, and your party is to tell the rest of your friends and family, or nobody knows. If you want to be just as surprised as your guests, have the doctor write the gender of the baby down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope.

Just keep that envelope handy for later, you can either open it at the part or incorporate it into a party game.

The Party

Best Gender Reveal Party Games and Ideas | Stay At Home Mum
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There are so many different themes you could choose for a gender reveal party. The first choice for many is a Blue/Pink party.

Make sure that everything you provide at the party is in both shades of blue and pink. If you have pink lemonade, get blue as well. If you’ve got pink sprinkled doughnuts, provide blue sprinkles too. Have pink and blue favour bags, party hats, dinner plates. The whole nine yards.

Alternatively, choose another opposite theme like Bows & Beaus, Little Mister & Little Miss, Ties and Tutus, and decorate accordingly.

The Games

1. Choose Your Colour

One easy way to theme a Gender Reveal Party is by having your guests wear either pink or blue clothing. By choosing one colour or another, they’re putting in their vote for whether your little one will be a girl or a boy. Take this one step further by separating the two groups into teams and having them play against each other in Girls v. Boys party games. If you don’t want your guests to dress specifically for the occasion, you could provide little pins for them to clip on their clothes that show their choice as well.


2. Vote

It’s always fun to have a bit of a vote at the party, and when it comes to gender family and friends can get very passionate. Put a voting board up at the party and let your guests tally up their votes as to what they think the gender of your baby will be. To make it even more fun, don’t bring the board out until everyone has arrived, and allow them to choose a side while everyone else is watching. That will get the debate happening! Here’s also a more exciting twist if you have some cash to spend!

Best Gender Reveal Party Games and Ideas | Stay At Home Mum
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3. Old Wives Tales

You won’t believe how many old wives tales there are about figuring out the gender of your baby without medical intervention. Really, there’s a bunch. These might not be that accurate, but they do make for a fun gender reveal party game. Simply write all the old wives tales down on one board, and have your mum-to-be answer the questions as guests ask them. Then tally up the answers and see which gender is the winner!

The Reveal

Best Gender Reveal Party Games and Ideas | Stay At Home Mum
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4. Sweet Treats

A favourite way to reveal the gender of your baby is by using sweet treats. These treats can be anything from cookies to cakes and cupcakes, and they are coloured on the outside neutrally, and on the inside with the gender of your little one. You can get a close family member or friend to make the cakes, just give them the envelope with the baby’s gender inside, or you can pass it along to a bakery. More and more professional bakers are offering a range of gender reveal cakes these days, but you can also go to them with an idea and get them to put something together for you. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for this!

Best Gender Reveal Party Games and Ideas | Stay At Home Mum
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5. Balloon Box

Another fun and interactive way to reveal your baby’s gender at the party is using a balloon box. Both of these can be easily handmade, or purchased as a set online to be put together at home. If you aren’t sure what it is, a balloon box is a suspended box filled with balloons, streamers and confetti in a chosen colour. Mum and dad stand below it and pull the string, releasing the contents and announcing the gender of their new arrival. Yay!

Welcoming a baby is just exciting, isn’t it?

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