Dealing with Nappy Rash

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Dealing with Nappy Rash

Nappy rash happens in babies all too often, particularly between the ages of 9 months and 12 months when they are starting to move around more.  Nappy Rash is caused by a skin irritation and is quite red in colour and very tender to the touch.

Little babies’ skin is super sensitive and normally a little rash is because of urine having contact with the skin.

What Causes Nappy Rash?

Usually, the cause of Nappy Rash is the skin coming in contact with constant dampness from wet nappies.  Both cloth nappies and disposable are responsible – and no amount of changing them can usually fix the problem due to the sensitive nature of baby’s skin.

What Does it Look Like?

Nappy Rash is a red, inflamed rash that is usually concentrated in the genital and anal area.  If basic Nappy Rash isn’t treated promptly, it can develop into thrush or a bacterial infection which will require medical intervention.

The easiest option is prevention. Once you have managed to clear up the rash then apply a zinc based cream at every nappy change if necessary. A simple zinc based cream can be as little as $6 or $7 and will last as long as a week or more depending on how often you need to use it.

Great Nappy Rash Creams available from your local chemist include:

  • Sudocreme
  • Bepanthen
  • Curash
  • Kiwiherb Baby Balm

To clear up nappy rash you need to prevent further irritation so a barrier cream like zinc based creams are best used to prevent any further irritation.  Nappy Rash usually takes three to four days to clear up.

Calming Baths

Bathing bub in a warm bath that you have put a cloth bag of oats in will help soothe the sore skin. Simply put the raw rolled oats in a bag and tie it to the tap so that the water can run over it as it comes out of the tap.

Airing Out the Bottom

Another helpful treatment is to air out bubs bottom. To do this, after bath time, simply put bub on a change mat on the floor. Place a towel over the top to absorb any accidents. Let bub kick around like this for as long as they are comfortable. Then dry bubs bottom before applying more cream and putting on a nappy. Also using wipes can strip natural oils in bubs with sensitive skin, even sensitive wipes. It may be worth looking into different brands. While bub has a rash wipe their bottom as little as possible and use a wet cloth instead of wipes. Make sure you dry bubs bottom well before applying cream.


It Is Still There….

Now if bubs rash simply refuses to go ask your child health nurse to take a look as your bub may have a touch of thrush which is all too common. There are creams you can get to treat this as a simple zinc cream will not work.

When teething or on medications nappy rash can be worse so pay extra attention to bubs nappy changing routine to minimize problems.

Some little ones are super sensitive and have constant outbreaks even with the best of attentions paid to nappy changes some never have a rash at all. Don’t worry they will eventually be out of nappies and that will be the end of that.

How do you treat your baby’s nappy rash?


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