List of Aussie Sleep Consultants to Help Mums with Stubborn Bubs (Page 4)

Victorian Based Sleep Consultants


BabyBliss is Australia’s best known and most respected parenting support service. Established in 2004 by best-selling parenting author Jo Ryan, BabyBliss provides advice, support and assistance to parents to manage their children’s needs, from newborns to toddlers and beyond.

BabyBliss uses the gentle BabyBliss Settling Technique when dealing with all babies and toddlers. BabyBliss believes that confident parenting is essential in day to day family life and helps young babies and children feel secure and confident.

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Katie’s Babies – Sleep Solutions & Post Natal Support

Friendly, Melbourne Midwife and mum of 4, providing in-home postnatal support for Mums and Bubs. Katie also offers peace of mind with her professional and responsive Night Nanny service and calm & gentle Sleep Coaching packages for your little night owl.


Bellies and Beyond 

Rebecca has implemented an easy-to-follow and gentle approach for both parent and child.
Taught by sleep guru Kim West (author of Good Night, Sleep Tight) she believes she will have the sleep solutions you exhausted parents are looking for.

Drawing upon her training as an early childhood educator, infant massage therapist, pre- and post-natal doula and sleep consultant, she has a uniquely multidisciplinary approach to your issues and thus can help you and your family develop a personalized and holistic sleep plan that suits you and your child.

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bellies and beyond


Ksparentss is designed to fill void of not having a tribe/village to help parents raise their children. Kylie wanted to create an advice area for parents to find professional information that they may need on their parenting journey. Ksparentss can create individual sleep plans for families and their child’s needs and offers sleep support. Kylie is a fully qualified consultant and has worked with family in one capacity or another for over 10 years.
Ksparentss also offers teaching in infant/pediatrics massage as well as mental health support and case management.
Support is offered online, over the phone Skype and in home.



Cherish Your Sleep

Lisa is the founder of Cherish Your Sleep, a certified child sleep consultant and a mother to 3 young children.

She is a certified Maternity and child sleep consultant, has also successfully completed the Advanced Diploma and has also recently completed a Professional Intensive Course through Hand in Hand Parenting. With this knowledge, she uses a holistic approach to sleep, focusing on emotional wellbeing of families and ensuring the parent child connection in not only maintained, but enhanced.

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Infant and Child Consultancy

Colleen started Infant and Child Consultancy after recognising how common it is for families to experience problems with their children’s routine and sleep patterns. She has seen first-hand too many times the effect sleep deprivation can have on a family unit and believes these issues can be avoided with the right help and advice.

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Mandy Hose – She Knows

Mandy Hose is a sleep, settling and behavioural consultant for children up to five years of age.  Her expertise has helped thousands of families through seminars, consultations and posts; to learn the techniques they can apply to have happy and healthy lives – for the children and their parents! She is set apart from other consultants as she specialises in premature, multiple and special needs families.

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Mandy Hose She Knows - Early Parenting Consultant

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