12 Best Nappy Bags in Australia 2022

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12 Best Nappy Bags in Australia 2022

12 Best Nappy Bags in Australia 2022

A good nappy bag is invaluable to a new Mum. Because babies need a hell of a lot of stuff to take them out of the house – more than such as small person should conceivable need! Mum’s need a nappy bag that is both functional, practical and pretty.

Your nappy bag will become a substantial part of your daily routine, so it’s essential to choose a design that accommodates everything you need, fits with the rest of your baby gear, and makes you feel good while carrying it! (heck, sometimes I miss my girly bags!)

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Some Features to Consider in a Good Nappy Bag

Consider choosing a nappy bag that suits you and your lifestyle. We asked on our Parenting Forum’Ask Stay at Home Mum‘ and here’s what parents said!

“Make sure your nappy bag is easy to clean – because it is going to get dirty, have spilt milk or even a spilled nappy in there at some stage… you don’t want poo stains on your good nappy bag”

“All Nappy Bags need a waterproof area for bottles – or it’s going to leak everywhere!”

“A good Nappy Bag needs an external pocket for your phone – something that is really easy to get to!”

“I don’t want a nappy bag that looks like a nappy bag. I want it to be practical – and stylish! – I want to use it after my baby no longer needs it anymore. I don’t mind paying more for a bag that will last.”

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What to Look For in a Good Nappy Bag?

Your nappy bag should have enough room and be lightweight and portable. Perhaps a good-looking one would be more to your taste! Your bag should have enough room for a baby’s clothing, feeding supplies, diapers and other items.

Choosing a bag that’s too large might be cumbersome, so keep that in mind. A deep bag may store more, but it may be more difficult to locate certain items inside it. As a new mum, you don’t want to be sifting through your luggage looking for that odd, yet necessary, item.

Here are some points to consider:

Size of the Nappy Bag

Buying the largest diaper bag you can find may seem like a good idea, but in this situation, larger isn’t necessarily better. Take a look at these packing tutorials to get an idea of whether your diaper bag can accommodate all of your daily requirements without being too bulky. To be prepared for those last-minute extras, you may always carry a spare nappy clutch in your vehicle or pram basket.

Weight of the Nappy Bag

A good rule of thumb is to choose nappy bags that weigh less than 1kg so that you can be sure they are built of high-quality materials but will not make your bag too cumbersome to carry once it is fully loaded up.

Does the Nappy Bag have Pockets?

A nappy bag with many slots is ideal if you want to keep things organized and tidy. The style of pocket is also crucial – elasticized pockets are adaptable, whilst zipped pockets keep items safe – you want a mix of the two to make packing a snap.

What Should I Pack in My Nappy Bag?

For Feeding

  • A bib. To collect any spills or stray bits of mashed pumpkin that may occur.
  • Bottles and baby formula (if you are using it).  Prepare everything you’ll need if you’re bottle-feeding your child, including formula, sterile bottles, and boiling water in advance. Most cafés will be pleased to heat up your baby’s bottle for you, or you may get an insulated bottle to keep the heat in.
  • Muslin wrap or burp cloth. When you’re nursing, you’ll discover that this comes in useful rather often and provides excellent privacy.
  • Baby food and feeding utensils. Once your child has advanced to solid foods, have a batch of emergency baby food in your diaper bag, along with a spoon and a bowl.

For Changing Baby

  • Wet wipes for babies. Purchase travel packs of baby wipes, or place some from your home supply in a reusable snap-lock bag, rather than lugging about a large box of baby wipes.
  • Cream for diaper rash. Purchase a second pot or tube of formula to keep in your diaper bag. You won’t make the mistake of forgetting anything at home this way.
  • Change mat that is easily transportable. Some nappy bags come with a changing pad, but if yours doesn’t, you’ll want something that’s small, comfortable, and simple to keep clean.
  • Bags for disposing of sanitary nappies. When you’re out and about, dirty diapers, or anything else disgusting and mucky, this container is ideal.

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12 Best Nappy Bags in Australia 2022

What Mums Need in the Nappy Bag

  • Breast pads. Breastfeeding mums should bring disposable or reusable nursing pads in order to prevent breast milk leakage.
  • Drinks and refreshments. Carrying your baby and a nappy bag about is challenging at times, so make sure you pack a drink and some snacks for yourself in case your blood sugar levels begin to plummet during the journey.
  • Clothes. If your kid has gotten into anything nasty, you’ll probably want to change your clothing as well. A backup top and bra are always useful to have on hand.
  • Sunscreen and a hat are a must. Keep in mind that being sun-smart is just as vital.
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The Different Types of Nappy Bag Available

When choosing the right nappy bag for you – first you need to decide on a style. Here are the different styles on the market:

Tote Nappy Bags

Tote nappy bags are popular among mothers who have a lot of things to carry about. These bags are similar to the traditional nappy bag in that they are large or oversize bags that are worn over one shoulder.

Our Pick: The Luxe Dana Worker Tote from Alf the Label

Sure – it’s pricey – but the Luxe Dana Worker Tote will last far beyond the Nappy Bag stage. Perfect for the Back-to-Work Mum – it even has a removable envelope clutch so you can just grab and go when you don’t have baby with you!

Alf The Label - Luxe Dana Worker Tote

Pram Caddy Style Nappy Bag

The Pram Caddy Style Nappy Bag is pretty new on the scene, and I think they are a great idea because most Mum’s have a pram – and having a nappy bag that can just fit over the handlebars is frankly ingenious and so handy! Everything is just at your fingertips – and your hands are free!

Our Pick: The Faux Leather Pram Caddy from OiOi

If you are all about the pram, then this caddy-style nappy bag is just perfect – and it is affordable (under $100 bucks!).

Backpack Style Nappy Bag

When it comes to picking a baby bag, many mums, particularly those who are physically active, are reverting to backpacks. With the exception of the fact that they can be strapped on, baby bag backpacks have gone a long way in terms of design.

You may choose from a variety of stylish leather backpacks, as well as those made of high-quality waterproof-treated polyester and other materials. The sky is the limit!

Our Pick: The Georgi Eco Convertible Backpack from BabyMel

We love love love this nappy bag! It comes in four different colours and is extremely affordable (nappy bags are notoriously expensive!). Plus it is made from recycled materials, so it is environmentally friendly. The finish can be wiped down for those inevitable spills and it has outside pockets for phones and wallets.

List of the Best Nappy Bags in Australia for 2022

1. Colette Caramel Baby Bag Backpack

When it comes to getting the job done while still looking nice, this hefty nappy bag shows that you can do it all. With lots of capacity for all of your baby supplies, including various inner pockets and front storage – not to mention the cushioned change mat that helps parents keep their babies clean while changing diapers — the Caramel Baby Bag is effortless, fashionable, and fashioned from exquisite vegan leather.

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2. The Saturday Baby Bag from Prene

Huge and sleek, timeless yet practical, The Saturday Baby Bag is a huge 39cm x 42cm – it is made from Neoprene – so is easy to clean and is totally waterproof. It has adjustable pram hooks and also includes a zipped mini bag so you can just grab and go!

Other great features of The Saturday Bag include:

  • Has a matching changing mat – an essential for new Mums!
  • Twin top handles with an additional super long strap.

Plus did I mention it has 14 pockets! 14!

Prene - The Saturday Baby Bag
http .au p prene 2160 0090111 5 | Stay at Home
http .au p prene 2160 0090111 3 | Stay at Home
http .au p prene 2160 0090111 4 | Stay at Home

3. OiOi Faux Leather Nappy Backpack

  • Price: $199.95
  • Stockist: The Iconic

This amazing Nappy Bag comes in six different colours (black, dusty rose, taupe, tan, olive and stone blue). As far as nappy bags go – this is uber-affordable and OiOi has become a cult brand with nappy bags!

The OiOi Faux Leather Nappy Backpack has 8 pockets including three internal elasticised pockets (so shit don’t fall out) and outside pockets for phones and wallets. But by far my FAVOURITE feature of this bag is the metal feet – because Mum have to put nappy bags on the floor when changing – and floors are full of gross.

AND this bag will fit a 15″ laptop too – for Mum’s going back to work!

oioi faux 1 | Stay at Home
Faux Leather Nappy Backpack by OiOi Online THE ICONIC Australia | Stay at Home
http .au p oioi 7717 5328241 4 | Stay at Home

4. The Nappy Society Compact Nappy Bag Insert

Welcoming you to a world of small, attractive organizations and bidding farewell to big, unsightly baby bags are their Compact Baby Bag Inserts.

This nappy bag is a more compact version of their original Baby Bag Insert, which is one of their most popular products. Designed for small to medium-sized bags, you can now change your favourite designer bag into the sleek, versatile, and fashion-forward baby bag of your dreams!

The Compact Nappy Bag insert comes in two colours, black, and sand.

The Nappy Society | Original Baby Bag Insert | One Fine Baby Shop
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5. The Alyssa Nappy Bag from Storksak

If you are in the market to buy a luxury nappy bag, then you can’t go past the Alyssa Nappy Bag from Storksak. This luxury nappy bag has some awesome features such as:

  • Can be worn as a backpack with a fully padded back panel or as an elegant shoulder bag
  • Comes with a padded changing mat.
  • Has stroller clips with gold hardware
  • Also comes with a matching insulated ‘FAB’ bag.
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6. The Amber Nappy Bag from BabyMel

If you are looking for a more medium-sized nappy bag – this is a great option to consider. The Amber Tote from Babymel has the look and feel of a luxurious handbag – but it doubles as a fantastic nappy bag. The inside and outside are water-resistant, it has six internal and external pockets (we love pockets!), it contains a washable changing mat and an insulated bottle pocket.

Best of all – it is very reasonably priced for a nappy bag!

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7. The Storksak Eliza Nappy Bag

Made by luxury brand Storksak, the Eliza Nappy Bag is a timeless and versatile nappy bag perfect for everyday use with baby – and beyond! The bag is sleek and timeless – with concealed pockets and all the compartments to keep you organised.

The Eliza Nappy Bag contains a luxurious padded changing mat, pocket storage for nappies and includes an insulated food and bottle bag with stroller attachment.

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8. CIPU Light L Tote Nappy Bag

If you are looking for a traditional styled nappy bag, this is a win It has multi-level storage to keep all your baby needs organised and easily accessible. It has five internal pockets and five external pockets (again – we love pockets), a detachable shoulder strap, a large bottom compartment for soiled clothing, rings to attach the bag to your pram and is water resistant both inside and out.

But what we really love is that this bag is made from 100% recycled PET bottles!

http .au p cipu 5467 1635321 2 | Stay at Home
http .au p cipu 5475 1635321 5 | Stay at Home
http .au p cipu 5470 1635321 3 1 | Stay at Home

9. Luxe Dana Worker Tote from Alf the Label

This Designer Nappy Bag comes in two colours (black and mahogany) and is perfect for the ‘Back to Work Mumma Bear’ who wants a practical yet professional Nappy Bag that doesn’t scream ‘Nappy Bag’. The interior of the Luxe Dana Worker Tote has a zipped laptop sleeve (that will fit a 17″ laptop) and is made from luxurious pebbled top grain leather – noice!

If you want something a bit spesh – this is perfect!

http .au p alf the label 0329 5735561 1 | Stay at Home
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http .au p alf the label 0332 5735561 2 | Stay at Home
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10. The Bonnie Kit in Red

This Nappy Bag is just ADORABLE!!! Small and compact, but huge with features, The Bonnie Kit has zipped pockets, a pouch, hanging loops to attach to a pram, exterior pockets for your phone and wallet, elastic bands to handle baby wipes and a deep pocket for nappies.

Perfect for the Mum of a toddler where you don’t need to take your whole nursery with you! Plus it’s cute!

And if red isn’t your colour – it also comes in navy, dove grey, blush, tan, forest and black.

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11. OiOi Faux Leather Carry All

The OiOi is a cult brand in nappy bags and this is the king of them all! The Faux Leather Carry All will keep all your baby stuff organised and in one place. The bag can be worn both as a shoulder bag or in a cross-body style. It can also be attached the pram easily using the stroller clips.

Some great features of this nappy bag include:

  • Protective metal feet (to avoid all the ick on the floor of anywhere you go)
  • Detachable cross-body straps
  • Comes with a large padded microfibre change matt
  • Comes with an insulated bottle holder and clear zip purse

Comes in two colours – black (pictured) and tan.

http .au p oioi 4393 8714341 2 | Stay at Home
http .au p oioi 4395 8714341 3 | Stay at Home

12. St James Backpack Nappy Bag by Storksak

Practical and stylish – this luxe nappy bag has it all. It has everything you need – including changing mats, dividers, pockets and compartments that will keep your baby stuff uber organised.

It can be converted into a handbag, backpack or cross-body bag, has two outer-pockets for phones and wallets, insulated bottle compartments and detachable stroller clips.

The Mack Daddy of Nappy Bags!

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So, What’s Your Favourite Nappy Bag? Let Us Know!

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