How To Organise A High Tea Birthday Party

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How To Organise A High Tea Birthday Party

Here’s How To Organise A High Tea Birthday Party!

A tea party is one of the best types of parties for little girls.

It’s easy to do and girls love it maybe because it makes them feel like grown-ups!

Whatever the reason, it’s hard to go wrong with a high tea party for your daughter’s birthday this year. I recommend doing it once or even twice for your daughter’s birthdays! Of course, it’s not a tea party without the right ingredients, so here are some ideas to help you plan your next high tea party birthday party on a budget.

Invitations for a High Tea Birthday Party

Invitations do more than announce the time and date of the party they set the expectations high and get everybody excited about coming. You can design your own simple cards and print them out to save money. Use a light, fun colour scheme; pink is always a winner. Put a light flowery border around the invitation and use some clip art in a corner to make it look more festive. A tea cup, sun hat, or pink dress are all great picture ideas.  Don’t forget good old ‘doilies’ too – you can pick them up from the supermarket – pasted onto coloured paper they are an easy yet very pretty option that doesn’t cost a lot to do!

Write in the starting time, ending time, location, and date using an elegant font that goes along with the theme.

Decorations for a High Tea Birthday Party

Now it’s time to set the mood for your high tea party birthday party with some fun decorations! How far you want to go with this depends on your budget.

Start with a fancy lace tablecloth for the table along with a nice centrepiece. Set up an archway with lights or garlands to announce the entrance to the party so that all the little princesses can arrive in style. Don’t forget the music; some soft classical tunes will bring the whole party together.  If you have flowers growing in the garden, now’s the time to raid them and place them in mismatched vases around the room.  Think shabby-chic!

Snacks for a High Tea Birthday Party

No banquet is complete without the food. One of the most popular foods for a high tea party is small finger food sandwiches, but you can just as easily serve little cupcakes instead. The drinks can be sweetened iced tea or pink lemonade, served out of a teapot of course! If you’re worried about using your fine china, you can purchase a set of plastic teacups without spending a lot of money. Just make sure they look elegant.

It won’t feel like a tea party with regular plastic cups!

Games for a High Tea Birthday Party

As much fun as it is for girls to dress up and pretend play at a tea party, sometimes you need to spice it up with some regular fun games to allow everybody a chance to interact. There are a lot of different tea party themed games that would work great at a birthday party, like sugar cube relays, the tea bag toss, or hot teapot.

Birthday Cake for a High Tea Birthday Party

Since this is a birthday party you can’t forget the cake! If you enjoy baking you can make an elegant cake with pink and white frosting to end the party. Decorate it with some miniature teacups or a tiny teapot to fit in with the theme. If baking isn’t your forte, you can always purchase a cake or serve individual fancy cupcakes instead.

Party Favours for a High Tea Birthday Party

Before everybody leaves, send them home with some party favours so that they remember the party. It’s a great way to say thanks for coming, and everybody loves getting a small gift at the end of the day. Suggestions include some candy hearts, a pretty notebook and pen, cake pops or a fancy headband!

Outfits for a High Tea Birthday Party

Think Gatsby or  Victorian! Or if they’re throwing a tantrum, let them dress however they wan!t! Just choose any pastel-coloured outfit they’re good to go.

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How To Organise A High Tea Birthday Party

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