30+ Most ANNOYING Kids Songs and TV Shows of All Time

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Kids songs and TV shows can be so frustrating! They’re always happy and cheerful, even when something really bad happens. But there are some kids songs and TV shows that take things too far. They’re just plain annoying! If you’re like me, you’ll probably agree that the following songs and TV shows are the most irritating of all time.

Have you ever watched television with your kids and thought, “What the hell are they on about!?”

Yep, us too. Who actually sits and thinks up these TV shows? I am sure the brief must include “Has to be annoying to parents and guardians.” I understand it needs to be engaging for little ones, but they seriously need to give us poor parents a break.

We asked our Facebook readers what children’s show or song they found most annoying and these are the top results.

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The most annoying kids song

These songs are played over and over again at kids parties, discos, playgroups and preschools. While the kids love them – adults not so much.

Here are some of the most annoying kids songs of all time, that will have you begging for them to turn off the music!

1. Baby Shark

There’s no denying that “Baby Shark” is an annoying kids song. The repetitive lyrics and monotonous melody can quickly drive grownups up the wall. However, there’s also something strangely catchy about the song. Once you’ve heard it a few times, it’s hard to get the tune out of your head.

And let’s face it, even the most hardened adult can’t help but smile when they see a group of toddlers enthusiastically singing along to “Baby Shark.” Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that “Baby Shark” is here to stay.

2. The song that never ends

The Song That Never Ends, also known as the “Lamb Chop” song, is a children’s song that was first popularized in the early 1970s. The kids song has been described as “annoying,” “infectious,” and “catchy.” It is also notable for its infinite loop structure, which allows it to be sung indefinitely without ever repeating itself.

Despite its ubiquity, the song has been criticized for its repetitive nature and seemingly endless duration. However, its popularity remains strong, and it continues to be sung by children around the world.

3. Mummy/Daddy Finger

There’s something about the Mummy/Daddy Finger that just gets under your skin. Maybe it’s the repetition of the words over and over. Or maybe it’s the high-pitched, vaguely creepy singsong tone of the whole thing. Whatever the reason, Mummy/Finger is one of the most annoying kids songs out there.

Daddy Finger, Daddy Finger, where are you? Here I am, here I am. How do you do? It’s not just the lyrics that are grating – it’s also the way they’re delivered. And to top it all off, the kids song is catchy as hell. You’ll be singing it for days, whether you like it or not.

4. Let it Go

It’s been years since Frozen was released, and yet “Let it Go” continues to be a staple of children’s playlists – much to the annoyance of parents everywhere. There’s no denying that the kids song is catchy, but its constant repetition can quickly drive even the most patient adult up the wall.

And let’s not even get started on the amount of time it takes to remove those pesky earworms from our heads! While “Let it Go” may be popular with kids, it’s clear that many adults are ready to see this particular song go.

5. Mash potato

The youtube sensation known as the “Mash Potato Song” has been viewed over 73 million times. The kids song, which is about a minute and a half long, features a man singing in a high-pitched voice about mashed potatoes. While the song is clearly intended for children, many adults find it irritating and repetitive.

In fact, some have even dubbed it the “most annoying kids’ song ever.” Nevertheless, the song has become a viral sensation, with people from all over the world sharing it with their friends and family. Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the Mash Potato Song is one of the most popular kids’ songs on the internet.

6. The Wiggle

There’s something about kids songs that just gets under our skin, and the original Wiggles’ “Let’s Go Swimming” is no exception. The grating tune, the repetitive lyrics… it’s enough to drive any parent crazy. But why do we hate it so much?

Part of the problem is that kids songs are designed to be catchy, which means they’re often stuck in our heads for days on end. But there’s also the fact that they’re usually pretty simplistic and repetitive. And let’s be honest, most of us are just a little too mature for that kind of thing.

7. Small potato theme song

As anyone who has ever been within earshot of a small child knows, there are certain songs that become incessantly popular, to the point of becoming downright annoying. One such kids song is the “Small potato” theme song, which seems to be played on a constant loop in many nursery schools.

The repetitive lyrics and simple melody can quickly become grating, especially for parents who have to endure it day after day. However, it’s important to remember that these songs are geared toward children, who often find them irresistible. In the end, the “Small potato” theme song may be annoying, but it’s also a harmless bit of fun.

8. Crazy Frog

The Crazy Frog, also known as the Axolotl, is a popular internet meme that originated in 2003. The meme consists of a computer-generated animation of a green frog with blue lips and large eyes. The frog is often depicted doing various activities, such as dancing or singing.

The Crazy Frog became popular in 2005 when a ringtone version of the song “Axel F” was released. The ringtone was extremely successful, selling over 50 million copies worldwide. However, many people found the ringtone to be extremely annoying, and it quickly became one of the most hated internet memes.

9. Duck Song

The Duck Song is one of the most popular kids songs of recent years. It has been watched millions of times on YouTube and has spawned a wide range of parody videos. However, there is no denying that the song can be extremely annoying.

The repetitive chorus and sing-songy melody make it hard for adults to endure, let alone enjoy. Even young children can quickly get tired of hearing the same few lines over and over again. Nevertheless, the Duck Song has become a hit with kids all over the world, and is likely to continue to be popular for many years to come. Though it may try our patience, there is no denying that it is a catchy little tune.

10. Macarena

Ah, the 90s. A time of flannel shirts, Goo Goo Dolls, and unfortunately, the Macarena. This Spanish dance and kids song became a global phenomenon in 1996, thanks in part to its catchy (albeit repetitive) melody and easy-to-follow dance moves. 90s kids everywhere couldn’t get enough of the Macarena, and it quickly became one of the most popular adult and kids song of the decade.

You couldn’t escape the Macarena. It was played at weddings, birthday parties, and even public events. At this point, even people who loved the song were sick of hearing it everywhere they went. In retrospect, it’s no wonder the Macarena fell out of popularity in the early 2000s. Thank goodness we don’t have to hear that song every five minutes anymore!

11. Let’s Get Ridiculous

Redfoo’s “Let’s Get Ridiculous” is one of those songs that you can’t help but sing along to, no matter how annoying it is. And yet, for some reason, it’s become a popular kids song. Maybe it’s the infectious beat or the silly lyrics. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that kids love this song.

However, as an adult, it’s hard to understand why this song is so popular with kids. After all, it’s not exactly kid-friendly. The lyrics are nonsensical and there’s very little content that would appeal to young kids. And yet, they can’t get enough of it. Go figure.

12. Chicken Dance

The Chicken Dance is a popular party kids song (and adults) have been dancing to for decades. But why is it so popular? And why do we keep hearing it even though it’s so annoying?

So why do we keep hearing it at parties? Perhaps it’s because we don’t really know if it’s a joke or not. Is it supposed to be funny, or are we supposed to take it seriously? Either way, we can’t help but cringe every time someone starts playing the music.

13. Justine Clarke – Watermelon song

Justine Clarke’s Watermelon Song is a delightful children’s song that will have your little ones bouncing along with glee. However, it’s also an earworm of the highest order, and you’ll be lucky if you can get through the day without it stuck in your head.

The catchy melody and simple lyrics are sure to get stuck in your head after just a few listens, and the constant repetition will have you tearing your hair out before long. Just be prepared for it to haunt your dreams.

14. Gangnam style

It’s safe to say that “Gangnam Style” has taken the world by storm. The catchy tune and dance moves have captivated audiences of all ages, but there’s one group that seems to be particularly obsessed with the song: kids. It’s not even a kids song! It’s not uncommon to see little ones bouncing along to the beat in shopping malls, at birthday parties, and even in school classrooms.

Either way, it’s hard to deny that the popularity of “Gangnam Style” has reached a bit of a saturation point. At this point, even the most patient adults might be ready for a break from the not-so kids song.

Most annoying kids TV show

Whether it’s the whiney voice, the bizarre characters and story lines, or the rude attitude these shows seem to trigger parents to want to pull their hair out and poke out their eyes whenever the kids watch it.

Here are some of the most annoying kids TV shows as voted by you.

1. Cocomelon

About CoComelon – Cocomelon

2. Blippi

Blippi - Educational Videos for Kids

3. Iggle Piggle

Night garden | Stay at Home
Image via The Independent

4. Peppa Pig

Image via Bandai Namco

5. Paw Patrol

Image via IMDb

6.Yo Gabba Gabba

images 5 | Stay at Home
Image via

7. Ryan’s World

Image via Youtube

8. Bing

Image via TBI Vision

9. Dora the explorer

Image via IMDb

10. Curious George

image | Stay at Home
Image via Youtube

11. Annoying orange

images 1 1 | Stay at Home
Image via Youtube

12. In the Night Garden

9780241290958 | Stay at Home
Image via The Nile

13. Baby Jake

maxresdefault 1 1 | Stay at Home
Image via youtube

14. Pokemon

sample 61b2c18f69f07aa82a32fa6630a49a4d | Stay at Home
Image via Danbooru

15. Pingu

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Image via Prime Video

16. Jimmy Giggle

Giggle and Hoot 800x497 1 | Stay at Home
Image via Mumbrella

17. Caillou

| Stay at Home
Image via IMDb

18. Barney

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Image via Youtube

19. Frozen

Ja7TP76P | Stay at Home
Image via Youtube

20. Simpsons

| Stay at Home
Image via IMDb

21. Angela Anaconda

0a6d5ad2a092e1f62de4d5b17a78430c | Stay at Home
Image via TV Ropes

22. Dirt Girl

42ab2492782e55a899c7da10f4baf38f | Stay at Home
Image via Pinterest

We were surprised that even Play School, Fireman Sam and Banana’s in Pyjama’s got a mention for the most annoying kids shows.

What kids show or song annoys you the most?

The Most ANNOYING Kids Songs and TV Shows of All Time | Stay at Home Mum

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