The Nacho Parenting Style

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The Nacho Parenting Style

Nacho Parenting — Why Is It Gaining Popularity?

The primary essential idea of Nacho Parenting is that the youngsters of the parent who introduced them into the mixed relationship/situation are the children of their mother/father.

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Nacho Parenting — Why Is It Gaining Popularity? | Stay At Home Mum

To begin with, let me state the obvious.

This indicates that in a relationship between a parent and their new partner, the parent is the main caregiver for the children.

Your kid, your responsibility.

While the step-parent may like and adore the young ones, it is not his or her responsibility to step in and become the children’s mum or dad, particularly because the children really have a mother or father who just lives in some other house.

A post of Nachokids from Instagram has recently gained popularity and has actually made more people aware of what it truly is.

Read this post on their account: WHAT IS NACHO PARENTING?

So, What Truly Is Nacho Parenting?

Nachoing is effective because it allows the stepparent to back away and the biological parent to step forward. In exchange, the stepparent refrains from parenting and correcting the children— when the children ask you a question, you direct them to their biological parent. 

If kids don’t complete their schoolwork or chores, the biological parent should be the one to deal with it and be concerned about it, not you. Fundamentally, the things that cause you and your children to disagree are shifted back to the biological parent. The biological parent and stepkids will also benefit from this since they will start to appreciate the things that you choose to do for them. You are there to assist the biological parent if they want it and to provide him with support; you are not there to assume his parental obligations. 

 It is difficult to take a step back, but the overall influence on the family may be tremendous!

Is It Okay Not To Like Your Step-Kid Instantly?

Beyond everything, keep in mind that you and your stepkids may never be able to have a close friendship instantly. In fact, it’s very acceptable to do so. To have a healthy stepfamily, you don’t need to be in love with or even like your stepchildren; all you need to do is be understanding and competent enough stepparent.

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Principles Of Nachoing

  • Treat your stepchild as if he or she were a friend’s child.
  • Allow the biological parent to raise their own child in the manner that they see appropriate.
  • Refraining from having bad or harmful interactions with the stepchildren.
  • Act as a babysitter while the biological parent is not there.
  • When it comes to the stepkids, keep your comments to yourself unless they’re pure praise.
  • Maintain no contact with your significant other’s ex-partner.

Here Are Some Useful Nacho Kid Strategies For You

  • Part of nacho parenting is learning how to recognize and avoid “unhealthy” interactions while also understanding the underlying causes of such triggers.
  • Identifying the “stepparent” position that will fit effectively for you and your blended family is indispensable.
  • Recognizing that you are neither their mother in any legal or biological sense, nor did you become their mother by evaporation or a genie in a bottle. In nacho parenting, you must understand that they have a mother and a father; you have neither.
  • Seeking to increase perspective in the face of confusion.
  • Being an advocate for your significant other’s parenting responsibilities. It is their responsibility to parent. It is your responsibility to act as their partner.

Here Are Other Perspective From Reddit

This one is a post from Nacho Kids themselves on Reddit—

The stepkids didn’t date the stepparent and don’t have a bond with them, so the stepkids think “Who do you think you are busting up in here telling us what to do?” and easily kick into the perception of the stepparent being “evil”. The stepparent parenting the stepkids can lead to the bio parent thinking the stepparent is always “picking” on their kid or isn’t fair to their kid. Or the bio parent doesn’t back up the stepparent when they discipline the stepkids.

You then have the stepparent complaining to the bio parent about not being supported and/or the stepkids not doing as they are told, the stepkids are complaining to the bio parent about the stepparent, and the bio parent is stuck in the middle. They can’t win. They feel they have to choose between their significant other and their kids. It’s a vicious cycle.

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Another nacho parenting posted by u/LazarPhantom

About ten minutes later, I tried to find out what was going on. She said she felt attacked. I apologized, but I also said I felt a little attacked in assuming that my comment was somehow internalizing his behavior. I didn’t even finish my sentence before she said she didn’t want to talk about it.


So, What Are Your Insights About Nacho Parenting?

The Nacho Parenting Style Pinnable

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