The Four Types of Mum You See at School Pick Up

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The Four Types of Mum You See at School Pick Up

I love the meme going around that reads: ‘There’s always one mum at drop off losing her mind, and if everyone else looks ok, it’s probably you!’

Because, seriously, I can sooo relate!

But everyone knows you’re either a morning person, or not, so I prefer to rate my day by how it finishes up.

Usually, the morning’s rush will gradually ease, the day’s crazy can be turned around and the afternoon’s sugar-low-mood-swing can be”¦well”¦ swung!

I find how I roll through the day’s challenges decides what kind of personality I’m sporting by the time the school bell rings and I’ve noticed I’m not the only one with several different traits arvo available that’s for sure!

Here are The Four Types of Mum You See at School Pick Up

The Three-Kids-Under-Six Mummy

This brave nurturer has her hands full, or free, depending if everyone is awake and wriggly or the toddler is asleep in the pram and a squishy snuggled happily upon her chest in a stretchy wrap.

With such little, little people, both mornings and afternoons can be unpredictable for this caring soul and if everyone has had enough feeds and day naps then the afternoon chat at the pick-up gate can be delightful adult chat time for her.

But if her day has been like so many we’ve all had with teeny people, then all of our available arms are outstretched to hold, burp, or jiggle a baby while the others entertain a tyrannical teenager so she can catch her breath”¦until the bell rings of course”¦

The Super-Juggler-Working-Mum

Holy moly this uber-organised Mum is some kind of machine! This gal has the kid’s bags and lunches pretty much packed before they’re awake and then somehow manages to get herself to an amazingly presentable state to go to her demanding job and still manages to get to the gate crew on time in the afternoon!

super juggler working mum | Stay at Home Mum
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A bit tired, a bit over it and understandably a bit scared of the small person she’s about to pick up from school who gives no figs about her hard day, we all just want to give her a hydration drink and a massive high-five!

The Well-Groomed-But-Slightly-Melty-Mother

You know this Mum, in fact, we’ve all been this Mum at some time.

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The morning somehow presents itself as somewhat relaxed, so you take a little extra time to get ready and voila! Your make-up and outfit suggest that you magically appear to have attended the deportment and grooming course before the first bell! I’ve had a couple of these days and I’ll admit I quite liked it! This spot of amazingness is so rare in my home, that wiping it all that pretty face paint off during the day seems a waste, so I happily vacuum and fold washing in all my prettified glory!

By 3 pm in the afternoon sun, my eyeliner might show all the signs of heading south but I’ll milk that magic made-up day for all it’s got, so I totally understand where she’s coming from!

The Day-Done-Right-Mama

I’d say we all strive, aim and aspire to be this iconic model of parenting at least once per week! Iconic you ask? Isn’t that a bit extreme? Hell no!

This Mother is nothing short of a darn legend in the pick-up at the gate crew. You can tell she hasn’t let the kid’s play dough mess, the on-hold wait time for the phone company, or the shopping trolley with the bogey wheel wreck her day. No way my friend! Instead, this slick chick has swept those bits of playdough under the fridge (no one is looking under there), enlisted help from her hands-free phone device whilst changing a nappy full of poop, and slid on her Hush Puppies to stay comfy while she wrangled that wayward cart of groceries!

She’s got it sorted. And now she’s here, at the gate, retelling her funny but down-to-earth anecdote about her toddler’s nappy explosion, still wearing her smile and her comfy shoes.

I like her and would like to be her”¦maybe more than once a week actually!

Which Mum At School Pick Up Are You?

The Four Types of Mum You See at School Pick Up | Stay At Home Mum
The Four Types of Mum You See at School Pick Up

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