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Having a summer pregnancy is not an easy one.

Being pregnant is uncomfortable enough, but being pregnant during the heat of an Australian summer can be somewhat unbearable.

Here are some tips on keeping cool, staying hydrated and staying sane during those last few, heavy, long months.

1. Reduce your salt intake

Reducing your intake of salt is an ideal way of easing swelling as well as inflammation during the summer period. Therefore, rather than adding salt to your food, try to add more flavour with spices and herbs. However, you must not eliminate sodium intake completely since iodine is very important for the health of the baby.

7 Tips On How to Survive a Summer Pregnancy | Stay At Home Mum
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2. Go swimming as often as you can

Whether you’re at someone’s backyard, the local pool or at the beach, spending time at a body of water definitely is a must-do. Playing in cool water will reduce your body temperature and in the long run, end up regulating your internal thermostat. In case you normally experience sciatic pain associated with pregnancy, swimming will tremendously reduce it.

The weightlessness you will encounter will help in imputing a more optimal foetal position that can help in a less painful and shorter birth. The water will also definitely lift the weight of your pregnancy off your body, and thus bringing a glorious, temporary relief.

7 Tips On How to Survive a Summer Pregnancy | Stay At Home Mum
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3. Hydrating your body

Medical researches advice people to always drink at least eight ounces of water on a daily basis if they want to stay hydrated and healthy in general. Pregnant women should ensure they follow suit as it will help with easing digestion as well as battle joint pain and fatigue.

7 Tips On How to Survive a Summer Pregnancy | Stay At Home Mum
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4. Having enough rest

Sleeping for at least eight hours on a daily basis when pregnant is among the most important things you should do, especially when you’re feeling as though your energy is being drained by the summer heat. If you often encounter trouble sleeping (resulted by your basketball-sized baby), seek for the help of a medical professional so that you can be guided or advised appropriately.

7 Tips On How to Survive a Summer Pregnancy | Stay At Home Mum
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5. Wearing lightweight breathable clothing

If you’re a model enthusiast, matching your garments can be difficult most especially when you want to look stylish and stay cool at the same time. All in all, always opt for light-coloured clothing that’s made using breathable fabrics if you want to survive easily a summer pregnancy. Here are some of the recommended summer maternity clothes you should wear;

  • Cotton bras
  • Tank tops
  • Short, cotton skirts and dresses
  • Bikini
7 Tips On How to Survive a Summer Pregnancy | Stay At Home Mum
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6. Consuming refreshing snacks

Another enjoyable trick of beating the summer heat when pregnant is having an ample supply of snacks, which are cool and that will help your body stay hydrated. Smoothies, popsicles, frozen grapes as well as watermelon are some of the refreshing snacks that can prove helpful during summer pregnancy.

7 Tips On How to Survive a Summer Pregnancy | Stay At Home Mum
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7. Moisturise

The summer heat can take out moisture from the skin that was stretched due to weight gain, and that could be itchy. You can prevent itchiness by always using moisturising shower products and applying lotions and creams each time you take a shower.

7 Tips On How to Survive a Summer Pregnancy | Stay At Home Mum
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Lastly, if the said tricks on how to survive a summer pregnancy fail to be effective, seek for the help of a medical expert.

Other Tricks to Survive a Summer Pregnancy

During summer period, pregnant women require to be vigilant about skincare since their delicate skin is normally susceptible to sun damage. Generally, when you’re pregnant, melanin — a skin pigment responsible for the brownish patches on women’s cheeks, forehead, upper lip and upper chest — often respond to hormonal changes.
Preventing this from occurring will require you to keep your face as well as upper chest away from excessive sunlight and tanning lamps. You can also protect your skin by simply applying sunscreen several times daily and wearing hats, most especially the ones that come with wide brims which can properly cover the face and neck.

How do you deal with summer pregnancy?

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