20 Hilarious Baby Shower Games (Your Guests Will Actually Love Playing!)

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20 Hilarious Baby Shower Games (Your Guests Will Actually Love Playing!)

Baby Shower Games are what makes a your baby party super fun!  

And we have a list of the best Baby Shower Games that your guests will actually love (and will be giggling at for hours!).

One of the best parts about being pregnant is having a party and the baby shower games and prizes! There are hundreds upon hundreds of them out there, but we have collated a list of easy and fun baby games to play at your baby shower, so you don’t have to trawl the internet looking for them. These are voted by our staff as being the ‘funnest’ of the lot!

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13 Hilarious Baby Shower Games | Stay at Home Mum

1. Porn or Labor?

Download some of the widely available ‘Porn or Labour’ sheets (Etsy has the best ones) and give them to all members attending your baby shower, then you have to guess, is it porn – or is it a lady in labour.  Hilariously fun and a little bit naughty! There are other very similar games such as ‘Butt or Boob’, and ‘Beer Belly or Pregnancy Belly’.

Grab them from Etsy

2 IN 1 Porn or Labour & Baby Bump or Beer Belly Pack Porn or image 0

Grab the ‘Porn or Labour’ game from Etsy.

2. The Baby Poop Memory Game!

So to play this game, you will guess the 23 different types of baby poo every parent will come across. It’s more fun than educational and will definitely make you break into continuous laughter!

How to Play:

You grab 23 new disposable nappies then add the different ‘flavours’ to the nappy.  Each guest has to ‘sniff’ the nappy and guess what the substance is!  This game is great for video and picture opportunities!

Some ideas for different ‘flavours’ include:

  • Vegemite or Promite
  • Jam (strawberry, plum, raspberry)
  • Maple Syrup
  • Peanut butter
  • Canned soup
  • Cocolate
  • Coffee
  • Scrambled egg
  • Pureed broccoli

Click here for the free printable!

69358290 10158271309689587 2784517062813286400 o | Stay at Home

3. ‘My Water Has Broken’ Baby Shower Game

This is an old-time classic game to play at Baby Showers.  You will need some of those teeny tiny dolls, one per guest.  Freeze one teeny tiny doll in an ice-cube tray and freeze.  To play, give each guest a drink with one of the doll-filled ice cubes. The object of the game is for the guest to get the baby out of the ice cube – as fast as they can, in any way possible.

Once they have released the baby, they have to yell ‘MY WATER HAS BROKEN’.

This is a really fun ‘ice breaker’ haha! The bigger the ice cube – the more fun it is!

my water is broken game

4. The Clothes Peg Game or Don’t Call Me ‘Baby’ Game

This one is really fun! As each guest arrives at the party, give them two pegs, and tell them that they need to peg the peg anywhere on their clothing. Once everyone has arrived, you need to explain how the game works.

The aim is to be the person with the MOST pegs. You can take a peg off someone if they say a particular word (you can choose a word like “baby” or “cute” as your taboo word something that you know people are going to say a lot!) So, if someone says a taboo word, one peg only can be taken off that person.

The person who takes the peg then pegs it to their own clothes. At the end of the party, the guest with the most pegs on their clothes is the winner!

via pinterest

4. The ‘Guess the Bump’ Game

For this game, all you need are some wool. Guests have to estimate the circumference of the mum-to-be’s belly by taking a long piece of toilet roll paper. (If you have string, then you cut off a length of string that you estimate will fit around the mum’s pregnant belly). After each person has taken their length of paper from the roll, each person must wrap the toilet paper around the mum-to-be’s belly to measure it, and the winner is the person who is the most accurate!

image 0

Guess The Bump Cards from from An Ink in Twine

5. Guess the Pureed Baby Food Game

This one involves taste testing! Buy a few jars of baby food before the party and you will also need some plastic spoons. Cover the jar labels over with some dark paper so the ingredients can’t be seen. Each guest must then take turns tasting the baby food and writing down the ingredients they think are in the food. The person with the most correct answers at the end of the game wins!

guess the baby food

6. Baby Song Game

Guests need to write down as many songs as they can think of with the word “baby” in them. The guest with the most “baby” songs wins!


7. Who Know’s Mummy Best Game

See who really does know mum the best! Hand these out to guests on their arrival.  Tell them to fill them out during the party and at the end, collect them and see who really does ‘Know Mummy the Best!’.

who knows mommy best | Stay at Home

8. Spit the Dummy

Every guest is to be given a dummy. Everyone then lines up in a row and the winner is the person who can spit their dummy the farthest!


9. Name the Baby Products

Give each guest a pen and paper and ask them to list as many baby products as they can in 2 minutes. Award a prize to either the guest with the most products and also the most questionable product!

baby items a to z game multi color chevron | Stay at Home

10. Blindfold ‘Changing the Nappy’ Game

Grab a couple of dolls and some disposable nappies, and see who can change the nappy fastest whilst blindfolded! Get the video camera out for this one. Gold!

Image Via
Image Via

11. Baby ‘The Price is Right’ Guess the Cost Game

Keep all the receipts when you go shopping for your new baby (or just check out baby-related websites such as Baby Bunting) – and print out the following printable and hand a copy to everyone. The closest to the right amount without going over – is the winner!

baby the price is right

12. Pin the Sperm on the Egg

If you have played ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’, you will get the point… You can even get ‘personalised sperm’ with the face of the baby daddy on them!  Grab them from Etsy ->

Pin the Sperm on the Egg Game

13. Who is that baby? Game

Grab baby pictures of everyone at the party (if you can) or piccies of people you all know. Put them all up on the board, and let them guess who is who!!!!

who is that baby

14. Bobbing for Dummies Baby Shower Game

You will need a large tub and 10 – 20 dummies (that you will throw away later).  Just like bobbing for apples, instead, you will be bobbing for Dummies.

For a point of different, number each of the dummies, and have different prizes (from really bad to really good) and number the prizes!

15. Don’t Say ‘Baby’

As guests arrive at the baby shower, peg five pegs to the front of each guests clothing.  Each time a guest says the word ‘Baby’ someone must remove a peg from their clothing.

The person who still has the most pegs left by the end of the Baby Shower is the winner!

This is fun and a great way for guests to get chatting to each other!

16. The Best Piece of Advice

Have all of the guests at your baby shower write down the best or most obscure piece of parenting advice they received when they had kids.

Then fold up each piece of advice and place it in a bowl.

The Mum-to-be then reads out each bit of advice and must guess who gave it.  Not really a baby shower game but a great way to share parenting advice from other parents.

17. The Nappy Change Relay Race

Put your guests into teams of 5 – 6 people.  You will need one doll per team, one blanket, a tub of baby wipes and one disposable nappy per person.

The first person in the ‘Relay’ has to wipe the baby’s butt, place a nappy on the baby, wrap the baby in the blanket and pass the baby onto the next person, who has to underess, then re-dress the baby.

The first team that completes the relay race – wins!

Baby Shower Games

18. Balloon Baby Twister

Grab out a traditional game of Twister.  Then blow up a balloon and place it under the shirt of the players.  Give extra points if players can stuff more than one balloon under their shirt (especially the boys!).  Hilarity ensures.

What’s the best baby shower game you’ve ever played? Do you have some to add to our list?

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