Post Birth Vagina Popsicles To Soothe Your Lady BitsAll you need is a good quality condom!

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Before you totally freak out, ask any woman that has used these popsicles, and you will soon find that they are very common in most maternity hospitals.

** NOTE:  Do not insert the popsicles into your vagina!!! **

So before you give birth, buy yourself a packet of good quality condoms. Fill with water (not too much), tie off the ends, and pop in the freezer laying flat. When your lady bits are sore when you get home, place one of these in your undies for some soothing cold comfort.

Of course, you will be wearing maternity pads at the time, and these double as a way to catch the ice perspiration from the cold condom.

Image Via Hobo Mama

If the ice is too much for you to handle, consider adding a bit of alcohol to the water mix (No, not to drink!).

The alcohol won’t freeze, making the popsicle into a slushie. This can give even more relief!

Hooray for condoms!

Have you tried using these post birth vagina popsicles?

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