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It is said that if you think education is expensive, then try ignorance!

In Australia, some of the well-off have taken this to an even higher level of seriousness, enrolling their children in the most expensive learning institutions in a bid to mould holistic and all-round individuals out of them. This theory does seem to hold as most of these schools were once home to the most successful and renowned leaders, professionals and talents across the world.

The Australian Newspaper recently reported that Melbourne is the most expensive city in Australia to privately educate your child.  The average overall cost to educate a child in a private school in Victoria is $536,683, with Sydney and Hobard coming in close behind.

With learner-friendly curriculum and extra-curricular activities, each student that goes through these institutions comes out as a brilliant mind, ready to make the world a better place. Below is a comprehensive list of the 10 most expensive schools to attend in Australia.

Geelong Grammar School

Location: Geelong VIC

Cost per Year: $39,300.00


Having started in 1855, Geelong Grammar Schools prides itself as a pioneer of modern education providing an exceptional education over its many years of existence. The school is located in the magnificent Victoria state and lies on a vast 245-hectare land on the edge of the Cario Bay. There is also the Timbertop campus that exposes Grade 9 students to the remote location of the foothills of the Victorian Alps. Inspired by Kurt Hahn, the German educator, this educational adventure exposes the students at this level to intellectual, emotional and physical challenges for the development of confidence, the discovery of personal strengths and learning the value of co-operative endeavour.

This school’s four campuses are home to approximately 1,500 boys and girls from Early Learning to Year 12, with at least 800 boarders. It also has close to 180 teaching staff and at least 340 staff to ensure the smooth running of the school. For Years 7 to 10, students usually go through the Positive Education Program that helps build character, cultivate positivity and encourages them to find purpose in life and lead meaningful lives. There are also quite a number of scholarships offered to students at Geelong Grammar including academic, music, choral, sports and general excellence scholarships. International students can also be enrolled here.

As much as its fee is close to AU$39,300, the amount of knowledge and skill that comes out of this school is incredible.

Day Student Fee for a Year 12 Student:  $39,300.00 per annum

Location:  Corio VIC

Famous past students include:

  • Rupert Murdoch (Media Proprietor)
  • John Fairfax (Media Proprietor)
  • Kerry Packer (Publishing Tycoon)
  • Portia de Rossi (Actress and wife of Ellen Degeneres)
  • Missy Higgins, (singer, songwriter)
  • Alexander Downer (Politician)
  • Malcolm Fraser (former Prime Minister of Australia)
  • Sam Newman (former Geelong Footballer)

Sydney Church of England Girls Grammar School

Location: Darlinghurst, New South Wales

Cost Per Year: $38,032.00


SCEGGS is located in inner-Sydney and was founded in1895, SCEGGS Darlinghurst is one of the oldest schools in Australia’s history. It is a K-12 Anglican Girls’ school that enrols children in both its Primary level which is Kindergarten to Year 6, and Secondary level from Year 7 to 12. Located near Sydney’s city centre, SCEGGS Darlinghurst provides an excellent learning environment for students from this metropolitan area, as they are able to utilise the best educational resources within the city.

SCEGGS does have boarders but is predominately a day school.

Being an all girls’ school, SCEGGS Darlinghurst aims to educate its students with the confidence, competence and articulation that is essential for the success of any young woman in this environment that values individuality and diversity. It has an excellent academic record that makes it one of the most successful independent girls’ schools in Sydney and Australia at large.

As much as its school fees averages at approximately AU$38,032 per annum (figures correct as of October 2018).  There are numerous scholarships that can be applied for and won on the basis of competence and performance. There is also a trust fund that parents and other members of the SCEGGS community can join to help maintain the school’s independence.

Day Student Fee for a Year 12 Student: $38,032.00 per annum

Famous Ex Students Include:

  • Claudia Karvan (Australian Actress)
  • Dr Joan Freeman (Nuclear Physicist)
  • Margaret Whitlam (Champion Swimmer and wife of former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam)
  • Blanche d’Alpuget, Bob Hawke’s second wife
  • Pamela Stephenson, Comedian and wife of Billy Connolly

Ascham School

Location: Sydney NSW

Cost Per Year: $34,500.00

Ascham School in Sydney was founded in 1886 and cites that it will prepare a girl both academically and personally to ‘Meet the needs of the 21st Century’.  The school is non-denominational and offers both day school and boarding school for girls. The school caters for girls from Prep through to Year 12 and is the only school in Australia that uses ‘The Dalton Plan’ which is a unique plan that lets the student focus on their interests, and also allows the weaker students to get the extra support they need in the area they are falling down in.

The school boasts a state of the art theatre, an indoor heated pool, gymnasium, tennis courts and playing fields.  It also has three libraries.

Just to confirm a place at Ascham School will set you back a $6000 acceptance fee.

Location: Edgecliff, NSW

Size: 1200

Type: All Girls School

Day school fee for Year 12 Student $34,500.00 per annum

Boarding school fee for Year 12 Student $58,900.00 per annum

Famous students that attended Ascham School include:

  • Mia Freedman (Editor of Mamamia)
  • Poppy Montgomery (Actress)

Cranbrook School

Location: Sydney NSW

Cost per Year: $37,230.00

Cranbrook in Sydney’s East is one of THE most expensive schools in the whole of Australia.  Senior School Fees for an average year 12 student who is also boarding will cost $69,705 per year.  Non-boarding year 12 students will pay $37,230 per annum.

The school has a vast 100-year history and caters for boys from preschool through to year 12.

Day Student Fee for Year 12 Student:  $37,230.00 per annum.

Famous students that attended the prestigious school include:

  • Garry McDonald (the Actor that portrayed Norman Gunston in Mother & Son)
  • David Griffin – ex-Lord Mayor of Sydney
  • David Gyngell – CEO of Channel Nine
  • James Packer – Chairman of CPH Investments and Crown Limited
  • Kerry Packer – Former media tycoon.

The Scots College

Location: Sydney NSW

Cost Per Year: $33,098.00


Boasting of the famous professionals in the world such as Gerald Lawrie, Robert McDougall, Jim Boyce, Stewart Boyce, Stuart Pinkerton, Arnold Brown and John Berryman, The Scots College is definitely one of the best boys’ learning institutions around the world. Located in Sydney, this school is home to close to 1000 students mainly from Sydney, New South Wales. Committed to developing the culture of high expectation, each student that walks into this school is usually moulded into a confident, creative and accomplished young man, ready to improve the world around them. With personalised learning experiences, learning opportunities, student engagement and challenges at each stage, learner age and year level, every boy at Scots will definitely grow into an all-round individual.

At Scots, there is the cultivation of self-worth, optimism, great mindsets, dynamic thinking and self-confidence. Information technology and other modern facilities are incorporated within the learning, thus enhancing collaboration, flexibility and authenticity of learning. With various competitive sports and extra-curricular activities, Scots College ensures that no student is left behind and that no talent is wasted. Scholarships are also available based on competencies in academics, sports, music and other school activities.

This K-12 Presbyterian boys’ school offers admissions for a day, boarder and international students at a fee averaging AU$33,098. Through diverse learning opportunities, it is ensured that high moral values are upheld even as the child grows into an adult.

Day Student Fee for a Year 12 Student: $33,098.00 per annum.

Location: Bellevue Hill, NSW

Size:  1100 students

Famous ex-students:

  • Lee Freedman (horse trainer)
  • Charlie Teo (Neurosurgeon)
  • Peter Dowding (former Premier of Western Australia)

Sydney Grammar School

Location: Sydney NSW

Cost Per Year: $35,241.004

Located in New South Wales, Sydney Grammar School is a K-12 boys’ school that has been providing holistic education to Australia’s finest men in history including Sir Edmund Barton and Sir George Fuller. It was founded in 1830 with its ancestor, the Sydney Public Grammar School founded in 1825, making it one of Australia’s oldest schools.

Its preparatory section is composed of two schools: the Edgecliff Paddington School (K6) catering for students between Kindergarten to Year 6 and the St. Ives Preparatory School also catering for students from Preschool to Year 6. Sydney Grammar School’s secondary section is located in College Street, Sydney and admits students from Year 7 to 12. With a wide array of learning opportunities, activities and open days, each student at Sydney Grammar School get to advance in the fields they enjoy most, yet grows into an all-round individual. Scholarships are also available for exceptional students in the diverse fields offered in the school. Old Sydneians also get to interact throughout their lifetime as they help keep the school independent.

Fees at this school cost an average of $35,241 but this is surely a million-dollar investment for any parent, through their children.

Day Student Fee for a Year 12 Student: $35,241.00 per annum

Type:  Boys School

Location: Darlinghurst NSW

Famous Former Students Include:

  • Sir Edmund Barton, former Prime Minister of Australia
  • Banjo Paterson, poet and author

Melbourne Girls Grammar

Location: Melbourne VIC

Cost per Year:  $35,288.00


This Anglican Girls’ school located in the magnificent Melbourne city of the Victoria state strives to provide an exceptional education for the girl child from ELC to Year 12. The programs here are divided into four: the Early Learning, Junior Years, Middle Years and Senior Years programs. There are also eLearning, wellbeing, co-curricular and leadership programs, all in a bid to ensure each of the young girls’ strengths are fully nurtured and cultivated.

At Melbourne Girls’ Grammar, there are scholarships offered at Years 5, 7 and 8 for Australian citizens and this is on the basis of academics, music and other activities. There are also boarding facilities that offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to optimise learning, development of self-esteem and reaching of their potential in life. There is also enrolment of international students at Melbourne Girls’ Grammar and they are provided with a friendly and supportive environment for educational development, better socialisation, development of self-esteem and confidence. The Melbourne Grammar community also includes the Old Grammarians and parents, with various community events throughout the year, aimed at achieving the best out of this school.

With school fees of up to AU$35,288.00 and is reputed to be the best girl’s schools in Australia.


Day student fee for a Year 12 student: $35,288.00 per annum.

Type: All Girls School

Famous Past Students Include:

  • Yumi Styles (television presenter)
  • Stephanie McIntosh (actor of Neighbours)
  • Sally Walker – Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University

Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney

Location: Sydney, NSW

Cost Per Year:  $30,960.00

Image result for presbyterian ladies' college sydney

The Presbyterian Ladies’ College offers education to young girls from Kindergarten to Year 12, with boarding facilities for Years 7 to 12. PLC is a place where excellence in all aspects of life is extended. The girls are brought up into disciplined, caring, confident and accomplished young ladies of integrity and purpose.

PLC also accepts enrollment for overseas students and offers the best programs to help them catch up with life abroad. It is also among the oldest schools in Australia, having been founded in 1888 with the first enrollment of 39 girls. Today, it is home to at least 1200 girls. Education in PLC has been changing with time so as to suit the growing needs of the society, thus has kept its high educational stature from generation to generation.

School fees average to AU$30,960, but since PLC is a place where every girl is molded into a confident and esteemed woman with integrity as the key value, you could confidently part with the amount.

Day student fees for Year 12 Student: $30,960.00

Boarding student fee for Year 12 Student $58,662.00 per annum

Type: All girls

Location: Sydney, NSW

Famous past students include:

  • Rachel Corbett
  • Dr Kathleen Cunningham
  • Jessie Strahorn Aspinall
  • Katherine-Anne Stewart

Trinity Grammar School

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Cost per Year: $33,604.00


Trinity Grammar was founded by George Chambers way back in 1913 with only 29 students. Driven by its motto, translating to “Give Glory to God,” this school caters to all academic, musical and most of all, spiritual needs. This helps the boys realise their passions, potential and purpose in life with the best learning opportunities provided. Trinity ensures that each child is given the required personal attention and taught in ways that get the best out of him, hence growth in body, mind and spirit.

Trinity Grammar School has three campuses with the Preparatory School (Pre-K-6) in Strathfield, the Junior School (K-6) in Summer Hill and the Middle & Senior (7-12) in Summer Hill. It hosts at least 2000 students. It has the most extensive curriculum that makes it one of the best boys’ schools in New South Wales, especially for IB students. Each student is given an opportunity to discover their talents and skills through academic clubs, sports and creative arts among others. Most of these are at a competitive level, with the Cadet Unit hosting the largest number of students in the school.

Day school fees for Year 12 student: $31,630.00 per annum.

Boarding school fees for Year 12 student $59,060.00 per annum.

Location: Summer Hill, VIC

Famous past students include:

  • Andrew Gordon, Executive Chairman of the WIN Corporation Pty Ltd
  • Marc Fennell, Presenter of Triple J
  • Angus Sampson, Actor
  • Akmal Saleh, comedian

Haileybury College

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Cost per Year: $31,025.00


With its campuses in Keysborough, Berwick and Brighton, Haileybury College is one of the best independent schools in Australia. Its incredibly high academic achievements, a broad range of curricular and co-curricular activities, small class sizes and state-of-the-art activities are among the many things that make this the school of choice for the wealthy population of Australia. Learning is based on age, gender, potential, interests and each student’s different learning styles.

Haileybury College offers five main programs including the Early Learning Centre, Junior School, Middle School, Pre-Senior and Senior School programs, each suited for the child’s age and learning abilities. There is also the Parallel Learning program that separates the male and female students to learn in different classes under the single-gender class arrangement. The boys and girls can only interact after class time. This school accepts international students and also has quite a number of scholarship offers to its students.

Its school fees are approximately AU$31,025.00 for day school only with International students paying $42,225.00 per annum (fees correct as of May 2018)

Location: Brighton VIC

Type:  Mixed students

Famous Ex Students Include:

  • Kim Dalton, Head of ABC Television
  • Ross Wilson, musician

The King’s School for Boys

Location: Sydney, NSW

Cost Per Year: $35,697.00

The King’s School in Parramatta is an all-boys school providing education to the Sydney elite since 1831.  It offers education to boys from pre-kindergarten (4 years of age) right through to Year 12.  It is one of the largest boarding schools in Australia with a significant number of students hailing from rural areas.

Located:  North Parramatta, NSW

Fees:  Senior school including boarding is $60,188 per year.  Non-boarding students will pay $35,697 per year

Type:  All boys school

Famous past-students include:

  • Mike Baird (Premier of NSW)
  • Russell Cooper (ex-Premier of QLD)
  • William Forster (ex-Premier of QLD)
  • Sir Charles Gregory Wade KCMG (ex-Premier of NSW)
  • Maha Vajiralongkorn (King of Thailand)
  • Stirling Mortlock (Wallabies Player)

Christ Church Grammar School

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Cost Per Year:  $27,620.00

9Being the only of its kind located in Perth, Western Australia, Christ Church Grammar offers diversity in learning. Started in 1910, this school has grown into one of the most ideal educational institutions for Australian boys, having a population of at least 1600 students. This school strives at catering for each student’s individual differences, enhancing personal bests and providing structure and also feedback.

At Christ Church Grammar, school systems are divided into Preparatory School from Pre-primary to Year 6 and Senior School from Year 7 to 12, with a curriculum that best suits their age groups and their diverse strengths. Apart from education, these boys get the best Pastoral care and get a chance to learn their individual and collective strengths through a variety of indoor and outdoor learning activities. Sports, creative arts and other extra-curricular activities are encouraged among the students, a factor that has led to great legends such as the young cricketer Bradley Hope.

A Day student in Year 12 will cost $27,620.00 per annum

A Boarding student in Year 12 will cost $51,820.00 per annum.

Location:  Claremont, WA

Famous Past Students Include:

  • Matt Burston
  • Wayne Martin
  • Sir William Heseltine

Brisbane Grammar School

Location: Brisbane, QLD

Cost Per Year:  $27,085.00


Originally intended to be named Alfred Grammar after the Duke of Edinburgh, Brisbane Grammar was started in 1869 with only 40 students, making it the oldest school in this list. Some of Brisbane Grammar’s notable alumni include Justice Ian Callinan, Thomas Joseph Byrnes and Tom Strachan. This boys’ school enrols students from Kindergarten to Year 12 with the curriculum varying with each student’s needs, strengths and talents.

Sports, creative arts and clubs are some of the extra-curricular activities that students take part in at Brisbane Grammar, with most of them getting to the competitive levels. This school ensures that teaching covers all dimensions of learning in a bid to mould the boys into all-around individuals, ready to make society better. It also accepts enrolment of overseas students and also has quite a number of scholarships for its students.

Its school fees average to AU$27,025 and being in Queensland, the students are offered enough exposure to learning activities and opportunities.

Day student cost for a year 12 student: $25,900.00 per annum

Boarding student cost for a year 12 student: $51,360.00 per annum

Type: All Boys School

Famous ex-students include:

  • Thomas Joseph Byrnes (former Premier of Queensland)
  • Dick Johnson, V8 Supercar Legend
  • Matt McKay, professional footballer
  • Stephen Moore, Wallaby Captain
  • Ian Haug and John Collins from Powderfinger
  • Brad Shepherd, The Hoodoo Gurus

The above list of the most expensive schools in Australia is based on the average fees payable by Year 12 students. Apart from scholarships, some of these private schools usually offer the students’ parents school fees discounts with regard to a number of factors, such as having multiple children attending the school. These schools are basically the most prestigious in Australia and host children of the top financial tier in Australia and the world at large.

Will you send your kids to these prestigious schools?

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