44 Ideas For First Jobs for Teenagers

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44 Ideas For First Jobs for Teenagers

Once your Teenager reaches the age of 14, they can get a part time job.

All teenagers should go out and earn their own money by getting their first job. Not only is it great for their independence, but it also teaches them how to be employees, how to interact with customers and prepares them for a career later on.

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There are many reasons why it is an advantage for a teenager to get a job.

The first is that he or she is going to learn something new. Not everything is in a classroom or in house. They need to get experience in the real world where they can interact with others. Another reason is that they can gain experience for future jobs where, in most cases, they are asked to have some sort of background.

Also, by getting a job, they can meet new people and interact with different personalities, ideas, etc., which is very useful as they enter the real world. The most important benefits are they get really confident, develop a sense of responsibility and become a little more confident.

However, there are negative effects as well, such as possible low grades and stress, but if they do it correctly, finding a job would be a great decision. Here, we gathered 50 ideas as first jobs for teenagers:


Babysitting a younger child for friends or family is a great way of making some money. The money is pretty good and they don´t have to work for too long — a few hours a day or over the weekend would be enough.

This allows the teenager to have time to spend with friends and family or simply doing homework. This is a job that only the most responsible teens are hired for because taking care of a little child is something pretty serious.


Parents want their children to learn at school and have good grades, so, many of them are willing to pay good money to those who want to help in the subjects that their kids are struggling in. So, if a teenager has some abilities in Maths, English or History (or any other subject), it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use this talent to earn money.

Car Wash

A group of teenage friends can work together and get organised in a car wash enterprise. They can do this for the neighbours and earn a good amount of money.

eBay/Gumtree Seller

If the teenager has a console that he or she does not use any more or maybe a mobile phone or iPod he or she doesn’t need, they can sell them on somewhere like eBay or Gumtree. It is an easy way to get rid of things that are not needed any more and at the same time, earn some money. They would need a Paypal account for this, so you may need to help them set this up.

I know a young teenage boy who buys and sells vehicles for a profit. He has made $40,000 over the last five years!

Dog Walking

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If the teenager knows an animal lover in the neighbourhood, then they can go and offer a good price to walk their dogs and even feed them too.


With this job, a good eye for detailed work is needed. If the teenager manages to be patient enough, they can sell their creations at market stalls and online.

Gardening Service

Is your teen a bit of a green thumb – they can try their hand at weeding or creating a garden for someone and earn some cash!

Computer Help

There are many adults who still struggle when using the computer. There’s probably no teenager who doesn’t know how to use a computer, and some of them have a vast knowledge about technology.

T-shirt Designer

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It is really easy to get your designs directly into one T-shirt, so it would be a great way of making money. The teenager only needs to make his or her own designs and that’s all. Creative T-shirts can be easily sold.

Pool Cleaner

If you are a teenager who likes pools and want to earn some money and maybe the opportunity to have fun with it, then you could try asking your neighbours who have pools in their yard!


The job is very simple and you can make good money by simply washing dishes for a few hours in a restaurant.

Youtube Vlogger

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There are many guys earning incredible amounts of money just by posting videos of them doing stupid, yet funny things in front of a camera.

More Reading: How to Become a Professional Youtuber

Birthday Party Entertainer / Magician

Do you like children? What about magic? If so, then you can prepare a magic show and start earning out of it by performing at kids’ parties.

If you like animals, then this is a great opportunity. Perfect for work experience if this is a field you’d like to pursue in the future.

Retail Assistant

Lots of teens work in the retail sector as checkout operators and sales assistants.

This is a great one for a teen who is a “people person” – answering phones and offering assistance in a motel or office building can be a fun job!

App Developer

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If you are good at software development then you can create your own apps and sell them.

If you love reading different things and you’ve got tons of old books, then you can sell all your books to buy new ones.

Website Designer

There are many templates on the internet and programs you can use to accomplish this kind of job. The payment can be awesome if you are good enough.

Produce Picker

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You can ask local farms if they need any kind of help. The job could be exhausting, but you would be in touch with nature. There is always seasonal work for producing picking which pays great!


Some fashion and department stores often have events where they showcase their clothing lines and are often looking for models to walk the runway.

Research is needed; you have to look for someone near your location who may have a product that needs to be taken to a specific place. If you are well organised, you could start a business.

Food Service

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This is a good option as you get to work in a team environment and learn to follow instructions and getting paid as well.

The point is to use your own skills to produce money, so in case you are good in any sport, you could help someone to train or referee games.

Photographer Assistant

There are times when a photographer may have a lot of jobs on, and of course, would be willing to pay someone for help.

Yard Maintenance Service

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You can play with children and take care of them while you are in a camp and earn money as well.

Taking Online Surveys

There are many websites where they pay you for simply answering simple questions and giving your opinion.

If you speak more than two languages and have good knowledge of grammar rules then you can work as a freelance translator.

Plant Sitter

Maybe your mother or your grandma are willing to pay you for this kind of job which is pretty simple. If you are good, you could offer your services to your neighbours.

You can make chairs, tables, etc. The job is not easy and you need skills, but if you are capable of doing it, then you can earn some good money.

There are plenty of work out there that are available and as long as you are hardworking and willing to learn some skills, then you can earn the money that you want.

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