10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Vagina

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Vagina

I love vaginas.

Yep, I said it. Vaginas are beautiful, wonderful and sometimes neglected or abused parts of the female body – see my post Dear Vagina for what I did to mine!

As intriguing and pleasurable as they are and as much as we get down on the floorboards with our legs spread and mirrors at full tilt – yep, I’ve done this too! – there still remains a lot that we don’t actually know about our lady friends. I would even say that they’re a bit of a mystery.

We all know where they are located, that they can be full bush, air-stripped, bald or vajazzled, and we know that they consist of three separate holes. The boys in my health class at school however”¦ boy do I wish I had a dollar for every time one of them said ‘but don’t they just put the tampon in the same hole they wee out of?’ – I kid you not.

Check out some of these interesting vagina facts that are sure to raise your eyebrows and have you dimming the lights and spread-eagling on the carpet at funny angles”¦

1. It has something in common with sharks.

Both sharks and your lady bit contain the same organic substance called squalene this is your vagina’s natural lubricant. This substance is also found in shark liver oil as well as some moisturisers and beauty products.

2. Pubic hair only lives for 3 weeks.

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The life expectancy of pubic hair is only a mere three weeks whereas the hair on your head hangs around for seven weeks. All that waxing when it will fall out anyway!

3. Average vaginas are 3-4 inches in length.

When aroused however, your vagina can expand up to 200% which debunks the common phrase ‘it’s way too big to fit in here/there’. Nature is very accommodating in that way.

4. Vaginas are more sensitive than penises.

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The vagina has more nerve endings than its male counterpart with the clitoris sporting 8000 nerve endings and the penis only at half of that. Go on, give it a try, see who ‘feels’ it first.

5. It’s self-cleaning like a pussy…cat.

Step away from the soap and fancy body washes ladies, your vagina cleans itself! Your vagina is lined by many types of glands that produce the fluids that lubricate as well as cleanse it. Harsh soaps and products can actually mess up the ph levels inside your lady tunnel so it’s best not to douche.

6. You can’t lose a tampon inside.

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Thanks to the vagina being bound at the inner end of the cervix and despite what you may have heard, you cannot lose a tampon, or anything for that matter, inside of your vagina. Your vagina is actually not connected to any other part of the body.

7. It wrinkles with age.

Yep, just like your face, your vagina does get older in appearance with age. Your clitoris may shrink (NOOOO!), the labia may lose some of it’s ‘fluffiness’ and the vulva may discolour. These changes are related to a droop in oestrogen but don’t worry, these changes will not, I repeat, WILL NOT lessen your pleasure.

8. Regular use ensures you don’t get loose.

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Women worldwide rejoice! We’re encouraged to use our vaginas so that it doesn’t lose its vagina memory! That’s right, regular intercourse creates vagina memory, meaning that the muscles remember that our vaginas aren’t just there for reproduction. Pelvic floor muscle exercises as well some amazing devices such as the PeriCoach can also help keep you tighter for longer.

9. Orgasm for pain relief.

Got a headache? Have an orgasm! It has been found that when you orgasm, you release those happy little guys called endorphins which punch headaches in the stomach. Period pain? Have an orgasm! The vigorous muscle action during sex moves fluids and blood away from congested organs.

10. Healthy vaginas don’t smell offensive.

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If you can smell a foul odour in your nether regions, it might be a sign that something isn’t quite right. Yeast infections, dehydration and over-use of vitamin supplements are just a few reasons that you could be a little woffy down there. Diet can also play a part so a visit to the doctor may be a good idea if you’re not sure.

Have you got any fun fanny facts to add to the list?

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