10 Things I Learnt From Dolly Magazine

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10 Things I Learnt From Dolly Magazine

Ahhhh Dolly Magazine – it was my bible when I was growing up as a teen. I learnt a hell of a lot (much more than I think my parents realised I would when they let me buy the mag!) And Dolly Doctor was the best!

Were you a Dolly reader, a few more years ago than you care to remember? Sometimes it’s nice to revisit that time, for a very brief second, before you remember why you don’t want to be an awkward teenager again, EVER!!! Hopefully this reminds you why it’s good to be an adult!


NO, it’s not a good idea for you to do porn at 14!


Umm, aside from the fact that I can’t believe there was someone creepy enough to offer her the job in the first place, I seriously think that might be an incredibly stupid idea!


If you’re concerned about lung cancer, giving up your cigarettes to smoke marijuana instead is probably not the answer!


Yes I can hear you laughing, I did too, she isn’t serious is she?


Canine lice shampoo is not the best treatment for pubic lice.


Pretty sure those bottles read “for animal treatment only, NOT FIT FOR HUMANS!!! I’d listen to the bottle sweety, go see a pharmacist next time.


You can’t catch AIDS from a swimming pool.


Two things here, this is either a sad lack of education by the parent (even in the 80’s this is sad) or a crazy scare tactic to keep their precious daughter out of her bikini and away from horny teenage boys!


Giving your best friends boyfriend a blowjob will not give you throat thrush.


Ok so you did the dirty on your best mate, with her boyfriend and now you have a sore throat? I’d say that itch is guilt bitch! Maybe telling the truth will alleviate your symptoms!


Not everything down there comes out of the same hole, so yes you can pee with a tampon in.

tampon confused

This is really basic sex ed stuff, but definitely a must know for all girls! If the sex education is lacking at her school that much perhaps the instruction leaflet with the tampons is the best bet.


It is actually ok to be yourself, even if that means people stare or tease you.


High School can be really shitty sometimes, it’s tough to fit in, tougher if you don’t want to and just want to be yourself. We could all do to learn this one, what others think doesn’t matter!


Taking caffeine pills all day to stay awake because you party all night is actually a really stupid idea!


Sleep really isn’t that overrated, personally I quite enjoy it, always have. Maybe this young lady should try it more often, before she hurts herself or someone else!


There are no hard and fast rules about whether you spit or swallow!

spit or swallow

If he isn’t grateful to be getting a blowjob in the first place, then he doesn’t deserve either! But seriously if you don’t want to swallow, as long as you don’t spit it on him I think your fine.

You wouldn’t actually die if you farted in front of your crush!


I know teenagers are judgmental and shallow, so either fart in another room or get over it and let it go! If he ditches you, you’re probably better off if you’re a gassy girl.


What do you remember from your Dolly days?




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