Fix Boring Sex! 10 Ways to Turn ‘Meh’ Sex Into ‘Oh Yeah Baby’!Turn 'Meh' sex Into 'Oh Yeah'! that your partner will get involved with without much effort at all.

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Sex – it’s such a primal act. Nothing should be more natural in life. So how do you turn boring sex into amazing sex. 


As part of the animal kingdom, it’s just something that we really were made for doing. Go forth and procreate and all that jazz.

Humans are just a few of the lucky ones though who actually have the added extras which allow us to not only enjoy sex, but females ALSO get to experience orgasm. Not only that – we get to have multiple orgasms with the right techniques and willingness to open our minds and our….oh you get the idea.

Sometimes though – this simple fact really just isn’t even a consideration. Sex, although amazing and enjoyable, sometimes turns into boring sex, the same moves, the same time, et etc,,,then to top it off just doesn’t seem to even end with one big ‘Ohhhhh’ reward at the end. Buy You can change that. Really. A few simple steps and you will be walking around like a Cheshire Cat for the rest of the day!

Ok – so men, lets be honest. You have it pretty easy most of the time. Your climax isn’t that elusive and honestly (or so I’m told) more often than not, time is spent trying NOT to orgasm. Women, on the other hand need a little more time and encouragement. Imagine doing work for no pay, well no orgasm has a large role to play in how boring sex develops.

If you’re wanting to amp up your sex life and include the chance of yourself climaxing in the forecast for your bedroom activity – read on, take notes… you don’t want to miss a thing. Amazing earth shaking sex and never boring sex is totally within your power.

Here are 10 simple and very achievable things to do to spice up your sex life. No more boring sex!

Boring Sex Fix 1. Dedicate a little daily ME time.

Really with a hectic daily life, the kids have been going absolutely ape shit all day, the dog has dug yet another hole in the front lawn which now resembles the surface of the moon, and this morning when you went to get dressed, your ole faithful jeans which had been screaming in protest for the least god knows who long, protested one last time and the zip that once did up and held that post baby belly in check, burst. Shit!! There is no way you can be expected to feel like a sex bomb dealing with that day in day out.

Just taking a little time even if it’s just 15 minutes to sit with no interruptions and focus on your amazing self. Give yourself a compliment – go on – do it! You are incredible, your body is bloody amazing even if you’re not a size 2 airbrushed model. It gets you where you want to go, it keeps you alive and your partner LOVES it – every bump, lump and wrinkle, so it’s about time you followed suit yeah?!

Feeling calm and more confident will reflect in the sex you have with your partner.

Boring Sex Fix 2. Live in the moment

Don’t over analyse every move, breath, grunt. Forget about your body issues – they are only in your head. Your partner finds you super sexy you little minx, so let go, enjoy it and just have fun!!


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