15 Fun Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

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15 Fun Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

Looking for fun ways to keep cool this summer? Well then— you’re in the right place! Keep reading!!

With most of Australia sweltering through heatwaves lately, it’s fair to say summer is well and truly here.

Are you baking in the sun this summer? More time inside in the air conditioning is an option for you — If you just want to be just like the rest of the population!  Perhaps, on the other hand, you’d prefer to lower your power cost. Or maybe you’re simply so dang creative that you feel forced to remain cool in refreshingly unique ways!

Of course, drinking water and going for a swim will be high on the list of things to do to keep cool and lower than core body temperature.

But, where’s the fun in that?

Here are some fun and different ways to keep cool this summer (when you are not drinking water and going for a swim!

1) Go outside and fill up a big bucket of water and throw in some jugs and paint brushes and let the kids ‘paint’ whatever they want, including themselves!!

Cool This Summer | Stay At Home Mum

2) Chuck the hose on the trampoline!

3) If you don’t have a purpose-made water slide, go old school and make one with an old tarp, detergent and water.

4) Dust off the water pistols and chase each other around. This is hot work, so make sure you actually get wet!

5) Get out the sprinkler and have a run-through. Not only will you cool down, you’ll also give the grass and nearby plants a good drink.

6)Wash the car in the shade the kids can help with something constructive while cooling down.

15 Fun Ways to Keep Cool This Summer | Stay At Home Mum

7) Prepare some cool treats like frozen jelly popsicles, fruit or wine smoothies or even plain old ice cubes are fun when you just want to chomp on something cool.

8) If you don’t have air con and it’s getting stifling, you can head to somewhere that is! The shopping centre is always a good one, and you can knock over the groceries at the same time. Or take some biccies around to grandmas or a friend’s place and enjoy their sweet, sweet cool air.

15 Fun Ways to Keep Cool This Summer | Stay At Home Mum

9) Wet a face cloth and drape it around your neck. My daughter loves to pretend it’s a winter scarf. Let the Frozen role play begin”¦

10) Suck on a mint and then drink some water instant relief!

11) Make an ice excavation game. This one will take some advanced planning, but will be so much fun. Take some hardy (and freezable) toys and place them into an ice cream container (or similar) and chuck it into the freezer overnight. Dump the block outside with some safe excavation “tools” and let the kids go to town to free their toys.

IMG 8457 | Stay at Home
15 Fun Ways to Keep Cool This Summer | Stay At Home Mum

12) Make a water balloon piñata. Tie some water balloons up to a string and hang it up. Give your kids a baton and let them smash away and get soaked at the same time.

13) If you don’t want the mess of regular water bombs, you can make reusable ones by cutting up cheap sponges and tying bits together to make a bomb-like shape. Chuck them in a bucket of water to ‘refill’ them.

fruit popsicles | Stay at Home

14) Freeze fruit such as barriers, grapes and mango to eat as a refreshing (and healthy) treat.

15) If all else fails, drink water and go somewhere for a swim! Try a lake, the beach, swimming pool or even fill up a cheap shell pool (yes an adult can fit in there, but you will have to wait your turn”¦)

Stay cool everybody!!

15 Fun Ways to Keep Cool This Summer | Stay At Home Mum

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