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Wedding moments should be one that should be lovingly remembered over and over again…not one that will make others LOL!

If you look back at your wedding photos, does it make you cry tears of joy? Does it make you remember how you and your partner showed your love for each other on that special day? OR…Does going back to your wedding day make you cringe?

So, for all those who are yet to get married and who want to make their big day memorable, here are some totally bizarre wedding photographs you DO NOT want to do for that perfect day.

1. Because spread legs are always great camera fodder

via funnyjunk.com

2. What is he doing really?

via funnyjunk.com

3. Runaway Bride…err…Groom?

via amazepaperie.com

4. There must be a damn good reason for this couple to choose this as their wedding vehicle.

via behindthescenesinc.com

5. Too bad you have to pay for that expensive gown only for it to be photo-shopped.

via rayanworld.com

6. I’m quite sure that ring’s supposed to be put on your finger.

via buzznicked.com

7. You’re in good hands? Is that the message here?

via teamjimmyjoe.com


8. Seriously, who does this? Well this couple did.

via buzznicked.com

9. Run for your lives!

via knowyourmeme.com

10. One wrong move, man, and there are three shirtless guys who will come running for her.

via lolwot.com

11. I. Can’t. Even.

via onedio.com

12. To Have and To Hold. Literally. And very creepily.

via milimelightwedding.com

13. Don’t get carried away!

via wedresearch.net

14. Now that’s a shotgun wedding! With a creepy kid in the tree. And no shirts?

via mydailyviral.com

15. Less is more? NOT.

via quizai.com

16. Bum touching through the window?

via lolwot.com

17. Sweating out the wedding jitters? Yeah, right.

via ebaumsworld.com

Please don’t do this. Just don’t!

17 Totally Bizarre Wedding Photographs | Stay at Home Mum

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