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20 Random Facts About Your PeriodWe all know the ins and outs - but some of these surprised me!

Periods. They are a fact of life. As a women, we know a fair bit about them already – but here are 20 very interesting facts you may not know about Aunty Flo!

Random Facts About Your Period

The word menstruation is derived from the word menses — a Latin word for “month. Menstruation or our monthly freakin’ period is when a woman’s uterus sheds tissues, fluids and blood it no longer needs. *Yup, our uterus has a mind of its own*

Now here we found random facts about our monthly visitor

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..We hope to cheer you up with despite those crazy period cramps!

1. Women will spend approximately 3,500 days menstruating during her lifetime.


2. It is estimated that 70% of menstruating women use tampons as opposed to other methods (including pads, menstrual cups, liners etc). If a woman used tampons for every period, she would use 12,400 during her lifetime.

3. In history, Christian churches would withhold communion to menstruating women. *Now how did they KNOW?? Hmmm..*

4. Periods are often longer, heavier and more painful during the Winter months.

5.  Scholars in the United States have debated the existence of ‘synching’ or ‘menstrual synchrony’, a theory that suggests that women who live or work in close proximity to each other develop synchronised periods.

*As a woman in an office full of women — this DEFINITELY exists!*

6. The word ‘tampon’ is French for ‘plug’ or ‘bung’. Tampons were invented in the 1920s. Before then, most women used re-usable rags. It is theorised that premodern women only had 50 periods during a lifetime (as opposed to 350 in modern women) — so they just ‘bled into their clothing’.


7. Modern Day women (or girls) have been starting their periods earlier and earlier. Some as young as 8 or 9. This is thought to be because modern women are heavier than pre-modern women — fat produces more estrogen in the bloodstream.


8. The human female egg is the largest single cell in the female body and the only cell that can be visible to the naked eye! *Whoa!*


9. During the middle ages, if a child was born with red hair, it was thought that the child was conceived during a woman week of ‘uncleanliness’ i.e. during the mother’s period.  Poor redheads have had an unfair reputation right from the beginning.


10.  There is a rare condition called ‘Vicarious Menstruation’ whereby a woman doesn’t just bleed from her vagina, but she can bleed from nose, eyes, ears or lungs!


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