22 Simple One-Tier Wedding Cakes for a Frugal Wedding

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22 Simple One-Tier Wedding Cakes for a Frugal Wedding

In almost everything, less is more…even in wedding cakes!

If you have a tight budget for your wedding, you can still make it look fabulous by keeping it simple. Let’s start with your wedding cake.

There’s no requirement in what type of cake you should have for your wedding. You can have your wedding cake from as simple as you want it to to as grand as you desire it to be.

But see, you’re wedding is not just about the cake, there are lots of things to put together that needs your budget too.

Don’t worry if you just have a small budget for your wedding cake, there are lots of simple one-tier wedding cakes that are totally grand! We’ve got some of them here for you.

1. The unfinished touch of this one adds drama to the presentation.

22 Simple One-Tier Wedding Cakes for a Frugal Wedding | Stay At Home Mum
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2. The golden drizzle is pure sophistication.

3. …Or the caramel drizzles that you can’t resist.

22 Simple One-Tier Wedding Cakes for a Frugal Wedding | Stay At Home Mum
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4. Nothing quite like pink roses on top of a fluffy cake.

5. …Or some decorative flowers on top. Adorable!

6. …Or real ones and placed on top of a wood round. Perfect for rustic weddings!

7. Lovely white ruffles add glamour to this simple yet sophisticated cake.

8. Bedazzle your guests with this amazing emerald wedding cake.

4a02b9d61497cfd9225b20c7f24c4787 wedding cake photos white wedding cakes | Stay at Home

9. The wicker pattern of this white wedding cake makes it look like a basket of elegance.

10. Drool alert for this choco overload wedding cake!

11. Yay for this triple layered one-tier choco wedding cake with macarons on top! Sweet heavens!

12. C for classy…

13. What better way to own your wedding cake than putting your initials on it!

14. Having a traditional rectangular wedding cake doesn’t mean boring.

15. Feel like a royalty with this wedding cake designed with cute beads and a beautiful flower on top.

16. Resembling the sea, this cake is perfect for beach weddings! Aloha!

17. So simple but so loveable!

18. For horselovers, this horseshoe-topped wedding cake is perfect! Yeehaw!

19. This swirled wedding cake with a Mr & Mrs topper is simply incredible.

20. This lovely white wedding cake with petal decorations and a Love topper does really make a statement.

21. You will definitely fall in love with this charming wedding cake.

22. What’s not to love in this wedding cake full of hearts!

Which of these one-tier wedding cakes do you like the most?

22 Simple One-Tier Wedding Cakes for a Frugal Wedding | Stay At Home Mum

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