25 Funny Auto Correct Fails

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25 Funny Auto Correct Fails

Having an auto correct in smartphones should make people’s lives easier…but sometimes, it just can’t.

Auto correct features in smartphones can make texting easy and convenient. You just have to type in the first letter or two and it gives you a selection of what words fit your thought. But when it fails, it fails you big time! So big, it’s epic! Here is a collection of 25 outrageously funny auto correct fails!

1. Happy Hum…err…Helping the animals!

2. Does it? Really? Ohhh…the buckle alright!

3. Didn’t know dreaming about Hitler was amazing…oops!

4. Spaces in between the letters should do the trick

5. Like this one too! LOL!

6. I don’t think you want to get into this kind of MESS.

7. Maybe you should CLEAR your thoughts for a while.

8. Ouch!

9. Well, all of those can be relaxing, right?

10. Exactly that’s THE colour

11. Ummm…should we call the police now?

12. IT should never go on sale! Oh? the Prius? Yes! Right.

13. That’s one helluva thunderstorm!

14. It’s Gluten-Free too! I mean, the Polenta…

15. Horny for Dog or Hungry for Dong? Whatt???

16. Better not to stop smoking then?

Hilarious AutoCorrect Fails | Stay At Home Mum

17. Just hope for the best

18. You can only pray everything turns out well soon

And Now, Mum’s Epic Auto Correct Fails!

19. That should be scary.

20. Got ya!

21. Now that’s one BIG BO…WL!

22. Tell me, Mum!

23. Yeah right, Mum.

24. What does the cow say? Ooops!

25. After all those years? Only now?

What are your auto correct fails? Shares the LOLs with us!

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25 Funny Auto Correct Fails

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