7 Common Ways You Can Get Injured During Sex

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7 Common Ways You Can Get Injured During Sex

Getting injured isn’t the best way to end something… especially doing the deed.

When you think of the term “sex injuries”, maybe you just imagine someone going to the emergency department with something stuck up their clacker that doesn’t belong there – you know, like a wine bottle, a flower pot or an extravagant candelabra.

Or maybe that’s just my overactive imagination.

However, that isn’t the only way to injure yourself while doing the deed. I know this because I once had to Google to find out if it is possible to sprain your vag. (The answer is yes, yes it is).

Most sex injuries aren’t going to require a trip to the doctor and will heal themselves, but there are other times when everything can go pear-shaped and you should probably see a doctor, even though you might feel really embarrassed. Hey, there’s every chance it isn’t the weirdest thing they’ve ever seen.

And you’re not on your own if it happens either.

According to a study published last year by Meetville, supposedly one third of adults injure themselves having sex every year.

These are some of the common ways you or your partner can injure yourselves in the sack:


1. Vaginal tearing


Vaginal tears are one of the most common sex injuries. It will be obvious if it has happened because it is accompanied by bleeding and a great deal of pain.

The reason it happens is because the vagina was too dry before penetration. To prevent it, you should ensure you use plenty of lubrication. If you do get a tear, the good news is that they are usually small and heal by themselves, but big cuts or ones that keep bleeding will require medical attention.

2. Sheet burns or rug burns

rug burns

If you end up with red burn marks on your elbows or knees from the rug, that’s one thing, but supposedly, this can happen with the sheets too. Invest in a higher thread count sheet set for the love of God!

3. Things that get stuck inside you


Okay, it’s not all about the flower pots, wine bottles and candelabras I mentioned above. The most common things that get lost inside women are tampons and condoms. But if you have anything that goes missing inside you, you really should go see a doctor.

4. Spank marks and bruises

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If you’re getting more than a gentle spanking, you can end up with more than just a bit of redness that fades pretty quickly. You can end up with marks and bruises that can actually be painful for a few days.

5. Back injuries

back pain

Some sex moves just about require you to be an acrobat, especially as you get older. There’s nothing more unsexy than throwing your back out in the throes of passion, however.

6. Pulled muscles

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Like throwing your back out, you can pull muscles from trying out sex positions you’re not flexible enough to actually pull off. This includes on the inside of your vagina, ladies.

7. Broken penises

shot penis1 | Stay at Home

It’s possible for a guy to break his penis so long as it was hard at the time of the injury. While the, ahem, boner isn’t made out of actual bone, it contains tubes that fill with blood during an erection that can rupture in response to heavy trauma or bending. A broken penis is usually accompanied by a snapping sound and dark bruising and will require immediate medical attention.

This would usually be the place where we ask for your experience on this topic but I think we’ll let that one go…

Have you ever got injured during sex?

If you become concerned about any symptoms, please seek immediate medical attention. We have some hotlines and suggested websites for further information and advice.

SAHM takes no responsibility for any illness, injury or death caused by misuse of this information.  All information provided is correct at time of publication.

7 Common Ways You Can Get Injured During | Stay at Home

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