7 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make With Your SO This Year

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7 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make With Your SO This Year

While you can still make New Year’s resolutions for yourself when you have a significant other, it can be more fruitful (perhaps you can stick more to it) when you do it together.

Doing things together especially with your significant other or your partner is not only twice the fun, it’s helping you both improve your relationship and your lives together. So this new year, while you have your own New Year’s resolutions to mIt’s nake for yourself, having a ‘resolution-for-two’ will make it so much better.

1. Start eating healthy.

It’s easy to indulge and eat whatever you want when you and your partner cosy up on the couch. So, it’s also too easy to pack on the pounds. So as a fresh start this year, try choosing healthy foods when you and your partner decide on having a movie night at home. Plus, it is more fun preparing and cooking your food together.

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2. Exercise together.

It’s always fun having someone to exercise with. Lucky you, you have one! Make your partner your workout buddy and get in shape together. Each of you try to set a goal of how much pounds you both want to shed and help each other achieve that goal.


3. Have time to play or have funtime together.

With all the stresses that work brings, it’s always easy to get bored and tired. But, work shouldn’t be an excuse to not have funtime together. Try to squeeze in a sense of play with your partner. From a simple pillow fight, laughing together making funny voices to doing something creative like learning pottery or attending an art class, the list is endless. Just remember to always have fun along the way.

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4. Volunteer together.

If you and your partner are not yet into it, doing charity or volunteering to help in organisations you both choose to help can not only help the community, it helps you and your partner bond together. It will also have a lasting effect on your relationship as it will give purpose to your life together.

5. Always have time for sexy time.

When you and your partner are too busy at work, sex always take the backseat, but it shouldn’t be as sex has more benefits to your relationship, health and mood than you can imagine. Find time to have an intimate time with your partner. You can schedule a “staycation” where you can make sexytime a priority. Make things exciting again by spicing things up in the bedroom…or in the kitchen if you want?

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6. Put down your phone and spend quality time together.

In this technology-driven world, we are hooked to our phones, computers, laptops or any electronic devices that could sometimes ruin our time with our partners. When you and your partner are having quality time together, like planning your dinner, talking about your future, etc., put down your phone and free yourselves from any gadget distractions and focus on each other.

7. Stop doing a bad habit together. 

If you and your partner have your own bad habits, try breaking it together. If you both smoke and decided on quitting it, help each other break it by limiting your number of cigarettes a day. If you and your partner drink a lot, try minimising your alcohol intake.

These are just some of the New Year’s resolutions couples can make together. We’re sure you have your own resolutions that you want to make with your partners. What’s important is you both are determined to stick to it and change your lives for the better.

What’s your New Year’s resolution together with your partner?

7 New Year's Resolutions You Can Make With Your SO This Year | Stay at Home Mum

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