Best long-distance sex toys for couples

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Best long-distance sex toys for couples

Best long-distance sex toys for couples or sneaky play

It’s hard being apart from your partner, even harder maintaining intimacy, so we have look over the top adult toy retailers to come up with a list of sex toys that go beyond using video conferencing, and try to bridge the gap with physical contact for long-distance couples. The best in long-distance sex toys. Now…as a thought, for the more adventurous you might want to incorporate these app-based sex toys into “sneaky play”…you know having your partner control the toy while you’re at work, at a restaurant, etc…”try and keep a straight face” type of deal.

Lovense Lush 2

  • Super quiet (stealth)
  • Clitorial and G-Spot Vibrations
  • Discrete and not bulky
  • Easy to use App
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long-distance sex toys

We-Vibe Chorus

  • Vibrations get stronger as you squeeze the handle – More Information
  • More Expensive than Jive (below) but extra feature mentioned above is awesome and worth it!
  • Clitorial and G-Spot Vibrations
  • View Online Retailer 


We Vibe Chorus Sex Toy Long Distance | Stay at Home

We-Vibe Jive

  • The basic model of the We-Vibe Chorus
  • Slim and hands-free – designed to stay in while walking around
  • G-Spot Stimulation mainly
  • Quiet
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long-distance sex toys

We-Vibe Moxie

  • Designed for clitoral stimulation within underwear to hold it place. The magnet helps to keep it in the perfect place.
  • Slim and quiet
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long-distance sex toys

Mystery Vibe Crescendo

  • Bends and locks in place so you can create a shape best suited to your pleasure.
  • 6 motors along the vibrator allow some very cool customisations for the controller. Create your own. More Information
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Crescendo Bendable Vibrator | Stay at Home

We-Vibe Melt Clitoral Sucker

  • Popular clitoral sucking style
  • Slim and quiet could be used for sneaky play like the Moxie and Jive (above)
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long-distance sex toys

We hope you enjoyed the best Sex Toys for long-distance couples and sneaky play. Now go get your long-distance sex toy love on 🙂

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