150 Book Week Costume Ideas for 2021

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150 Book Week Costume Ideas for 2021

We have put together more than 50 ideas for Book Week costumes. Dressing up in their favourite characters, heroes and villains is so much fun!

The 2021 Theme for Bookweek is: 

“Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds”

Book Week 2021 is held the week of August 21st – 27th.

Book Week 2021 is a great opportunity for parents and kids to brainstorm up all sorts of types of costumes, here are some really fantastic character ideas for many different books.  We have girl’s costumes, boy’s costumes, and unisex costumes!  We will add more as we see them!

We have unisex costumes, boys and girls costumes – and everything in between!

We Now Have Book Week Costumes for ASD Kids!

This year we have added something a bit special – we have a whole section on costumes that may be suitable for kids with ASD to wear.  For those who ask how we came up with these,  I asked my ASD son if he would wear them (the boy’s costumes anyway) and he said yes to these.

These costumes are simple, are minimalistic, have no sleeves or simple sleeves or masks – but are still super cool!  We hope you enjoy it!

Make sure you order your Book Week Costume early to ensure you get it on time!

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Main Stockists of Book Week Costumes

These are the stockists that we used for Book Week Costumes (if you want to go straight there instead of looking at our ideas) plus how to get a discount!

Costume Box


  • Halloween Costumes is based in the United States and they have the largest range of costumes I’ve ever seen! They ship to Australia!

Table of Contents:

  1. Book Week Costumes for Old Worlds
  2. Book Week Costumes for New Worlds
  3. Book Week Costumes for Other Worlds
  4. Book Week Costumes That Are ASD Friendly

Old World Book Week Costumes for 2021

1. The Deluxe Dragon Costume

Adorable Deluxe Dragon Costume is totally ‘Out of this World’.  It is available in sizes Medium and Large, this Deluxe Kids Dragon Costume comes with detachable wings, a mask and a tail. Terrorise a village or steal away a princess – perfect for Bookweek!

The Deluxe Dragon Costume | Stay at Home Mum

2. Toga Costume

A basic and easy costume that is suitable for boys and girls and everyone else in between!  The costume comes as a tunic with two shawls, a trim belt and the leaf headpiece. Sandles are not included.

Book Week Costume Ideas

3. Mozart Classical Composer

Become the amazing composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for the day during Book Week at your school. The costume consists of a fancy red jacket with gold braiding, a gold button up mock vest and a pair of blue ‘knickers’ and a lace tie.

If you want to go even further – you can grab a Colonial Grey Wig!

Book Week Costume Ideas

4. Beethoven Classical Composer Costume

If your child has always wanted to wear a cravat to school – they are in luck with the Beethoven Classical Composer Costume for Book Week 2021. The perfect Unisex Costume for Winter in Australia!

Book Week Costume Ideas

5. Be a Scary Fire Breathing Dragon!

If you have a little man or little lady that is keen on being a DRAGON at kindy or daycare for Book Week – then this costume is super cute. It is a bodysuit with an attached tail, a hood for the head and shoe covers.

00105 | Stay at Home

6. Knights of Old Armour Costume

A great costume for toddlers and preppy’s, be a knight of the round table at King Arthur’s Court, or defend a princess in the tower or even fight a Dragon!

The costume is just two pieces – a cape and a hood – so nice and easy to dress the little ones over their own clothing.

knight armour kids cape and hood lh141 | Stay at Home

7. Triceratops Dinosaur Costume

Arrrggghhhhhhhh! What kids don’t love Dinosaurs? This Triceratops is perfect for the kindy or preppy who is dinosaur-obsessed! It is a two-piece Book Week costume consisting of a jumpsuit and a headpiece. Plus Book Week 2021 ‘Old World’ – well what is older than dinosaurs huh!

triceratops dinosaur kids costume 885802 main b7ab6a25 2760 40cc a523 | Stay at Home

8. Roman Gladiator Costume

This Book Week Costume is available in three sizes (small, medium and large) – this inexpensive costume comes in three pieces, a shirt, tunic and pants with the attached boot tops. If you have a sword laying around at home – perfect!

roman gladiator boys costume 882800 7b10ee3b 1c38 42d8 8ac6 | Stay at Home

9. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Costume

Not just a good story, but Robin Hood fits the ‘Old World’ perfectly for Book Week 2021. The costume is perfect for medium to larger kids and comes in medium, large and extra-large. The costume has four pieces, the top, gauntlets, belt with pouch and boot tops.

dark robin hood boys costume 00274 6be376af c526 4be1 a063 | Stay at Home

10. Valiant Knight Costume

Another variation on the other Knight Costume – this one is more Game of Thrones than Knights of the Round Table. Knight Book Week costumes are popular this year – this costumes consists of four pieces, the tunic, hood, belt and boot tops.

valiant knight boys costume 00344 1 0918f31c afa4 4eb8 b096 | Stay at Home

11. First Fleet Officer Costume

Be an Officer on the First Fleet with this adorable First Fleet Officer Costume – comes in medium and large sizing and consists of a jacket with best, a cravat, sash and boot toppers.

If you want to be more authentic you can grab a Colonial Man White Wig and a Pistol (but they are sold separately).

00434b redcoatb 0ea2a304 4b98 40fc 95e7 | Stay at Home

12. Captain Cook Costume

Another variation of the Captain Cook Costume – this boys costume will suit any historical or ‘Old World’ Book Week theme. This costumes comes in five parts, topcoat with best, three-quarter pants, a hat, cravat and shoe buckles.

00486 revere 21aafa12 0f8f 4e5b 8ed3 | Stay at Home

13. Early Pioneer Costume

A Unisex Costume that is suitable for any early-Australian Book Week Characters that will suit the ‘Old World’ Book Week theme of 2021. The costume consists of a shirt, bandana, pants and suspenders. The hat isn’t included.

00591 pioneerchild f517eeb5 252c 41d2 bc97 | Stay at Home

14. Renaissance Kid

Another great Unisex Costume for Book Week 2021. Become a commoner from the renaissance period. The costume consists of a white lace up shirt with long sleeves and ruffled cuffs, an attached burgundy and grey vest, brown trousers and a brown belt.

00589 renaissance 11474f4f d7ba 4856 b940 | Stay at Home

15. Convict Costume (Unisex)

Be a convict in early Australia with this traditional convict costume that consists of a striped shirt and elasticised-waisted pants with a matching cap and a stick-on prison number. Comes in Small, Medium and Large sizing. You can even grab a ball and chain (sold separately) for a more authentic style!

convict kids costume 8748 6c3d38e2 3b2b 4c82 ad2a | Stay at Home

16. Early Australian Girls Costume

This Early Australian Costume comes in three parts, the dress, apron and bonnet cap – perfect for re-enacting any early Australian Books. Early Australian theme is a great Book Week Costumes idea as you can go as so many characters!

00590 american 77fa2f2f cd21 4cee 94b9 | Stay at Home

17. Picnic at Hanging Rock Costume

Picnic at Hanging Rock is an iconic movie – and originally an iconic book. This costume is for an early Australian type character and comes in two pieces, the dress with pinafore and the bonnet.

pioneer girl kids costume 00610 main 280ba0e8 81c3 4e8d 9445 | Stay at Home

18. Victorian Girls Costume

Scrub the floors and make the beds with this early Victorian Peasant Girl costume. Perfect for a ‘Before’ Cinderella! The costume is three pieces, the dress, apron and the cap. Just wear your own stockings and shoes underneath!

victorian girls costume 33714 main 1 ebb38758 2b3c 4daa 8989 | Stay at Home

19. Frontier Settler Girls Costume

Go back in time with this Early Settler Girls Costume – perfect for early Australiana stories or even a Little House on the Prarie type character. The costume is a gingham print bonnet, a brown patterned dress with long sleeves and an attached white apron. Just wear your own boots and socks to complete the look!

frontier settler girl 3020010 | Stay at Home

20. Renegade Cowboy Costume

If you want to be an Old World Character for Book Week 2021, why not be a Renegade Cowboy, riding the plains of the Old West. The costume is five-piece, a jacket, vest, bandana, hat and belt. Let your little man (or lady) ride off into the sunset!

17021 rawhide child 6f12569c c9ec 4fb2 9e19 | Stay at Home

Rawhide Renegade Boys Costume

21. Victorian Settler Costume

‘Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?’. You can be an Oliver Twist, hard-working in this old Victorian Boys Costume which includes tattered pants, an olive shirt with an attached grey waistcoat and a matching hat.

38660 poorvic1 2c2417e0 14da 4efe acbd | Stay at Home

22. Colonial Settler Boys Costume

Be a fancy rich Colonial Settler with this adorable little boys costume. The costume consists of a shirt with an attached vest and jabot, pants, hat and shoe buckles. Perfect for any historical stories of the Old World for Book Week 2021.

114062 colonialboy 44a85989 c80f 4939 8662 | Stay at Home

23. Renaissance Queen

Turn your little Princess into a Queen, with this gorgeous Renaissance Century Queens Costume… Right out of the pages of Medieval times. The costume is a blue and white long-sleeved robe with an up-turned collar and long drapey sleeves, a fancy ‘pearl’ necklace and most importantly, the crown!

00393 queen c0f006c4 5101 454a 9169 | Stay at Home

24. Woodland Maiden Costume

Be a Woodland Maiden in the times of Robin Hood and his Merry Men or meet Prince Charming! Perfect for historical or medieval times ‘Old Worlds’ for Book Week 2021. The costume is just two-piece, the dress and headband. The dress is a full-length velour skirt in olive green.

woodland maiden girls costume 641140 5a0e0859 d7c0 43aa abbc | Stay at Home

25. Girls Viking Costume

Did you know that Viking Women also fought in Viking Wars? They were called ‘She-Maidens’ – and they were just as tough as the men. Now you can be a She-Maiden for Book Week in this Girls Viking Costume. The costume comes with a white dress with chain-mail style hemming, a brown cape with grey faux fur trim, a red belt studded and brown fingerless gloves. It also comes with the half Viking helmet (even though Vikings never wore horns).

00532 vikinggirl a67e0c93 80d6 4d85 9a6b | Stay at Home

26. Mary Poppins

Did you know that the writer of Mary Poppins comes from Maryborough in Queensland? They have a Mary Poppins lookalike that will show you where the author grew up. But dressed as Mary Poppins, you can be practically perfect in every way. The costumes come in sizes small enough for a three-year old (kindy) and large enough for early primary school.

large kids mary poppins costume 2 | Stay at Home

27. Captain Cutie Girls Pirate Costume

Take command of your Kindergarten with this adorable little girls pirate costume. Pretty in pink and black – the costume is the dress with a belt and the hat. The sword is sold separately.

Just wear your own black pants and boots underneath and you are ready to sail the high seas!

captain cutie toddler girls costume | Stay at Home

28. Rebel Pirate Girls Costume

This Pirate Costume for girls is more suited to the older girls – in years 5 and 6. The costume is a shirt with attached vest, pants, bandana, eye patch, waist sash, belt and a pair of boot tops!

Arrggghhhh Me Hearties!!!

00569 rebelpirate 94be7686 e061 4cec 92f3 | Stay at Home

29. Pirate Mate Boys Costume

If your little man wants to be a Pirate at Daycare or Kindy – this pint-sized pirate costume will be captain-worthy! Comes with a pair of red pants with black stripes and a patch (with a small hole on the other leg), a thick brown belt with a large ornate buckle, a mini foam sword and a gold skull and crossbones pendant on the shoulder. Finally, the tricorn hat just finishes off the look!

pirate matey boys costume 641136 | Stay at Home

30. Doug the Dinosaur

Suitable for ages 3 – 4, Doug the Dinosaur is a simple jumpsuit that can be worn over your child’s clothing with a zip up the front so it’s easy to get in and out of.

doug the dinosaur kids toddler costume 700183 9ae1ff64 8472 489e 87ff | Stay at Home

31. Inflatable Velociraptor Costume (Unisex)

Get around the school on Book Week Day dressed in your inflatable Velociraptor Costume! Super fun and unique, guaranteed to make everyone smile! All you need are 4 x AA batteries to keep the small battery operated fan inside the costume inflated.

jurassic world 2 velociraptor blue inflatable kids costume 641045 03894078 a2df 4b18 ab0a | Stay at Home

32. Cave Girl Costume

Be feeling the Flintstones in this Cave Girl Costume complete with high neck sleeveless animal print dress with black faux fur neckline, ragged hem with brown and black tulle underneath.

cave girl cutie girls costume 119382 main 60d99396 cd62 42e0 84ae | Stay at Home

33. Victorian School Girl Costume

Step back in time with this Victorian-style School Girl costume – perfect for ‘Old World’ Book Week 2021.

child school girl costume | Stay at Home

34. Tudor Princess Costume

Most little girls LOVE dressing up as a Princess, now she can go to school on Book Week dressed as one for the ‘Old World’ Book Week Theme. Tudor style royal blue dress with a matching headband – nice and simple – and perfect for an Anne Boleyn.

516g8ds2kML. AC SL1001 | Stay at Home

Other World Costume Ideas for 2021

1. Out of This World Alien Costume

Book Week 2021 can be ‘Out of This World’ – and you can show earthlings that you come in peace – and cuteness with this Alien Costume for girls. Iridescent purple and blue off the shoulder dress with ruffles, a purple translucent PVC over-skirt and a metallic pink choker with a heart-shaped pendant. A pair of kooky antennae’s and finally a pair of purple gloves with alien fingertips! Adorbs! Retails for $69.99

out of this world alien | Stay at Home

2. Be an Astronaut (This Costume INFLATES!)

Requiring 4 x AA batteries, this amazing costume INFLATES! It may not be practical for school – but it pretty damn cool! This costume fits most kids aged 5 – 11. A fan inside the costume inflates it in seconds and lasts up to 7 hours.

astronaut inflatable kids costume 1256 | Stay at Home

3. Nasa Jumpsuit (Unisex)

A simple but excellent Book Week 2021 Costume that comes in loads of sizes and is Unisex. Be a NASA Astronaut on a mission to Mars! Add a pair of aviator sunnies and a clipboard for maximum effect! Book Week Costumes that are overalls are nice and simple for school!

nasa jumpsuit kids costume 00562 | Stay at Home

4. Cosmic Alien Costume (Unisex)

With a hooded robe, a fabric mask and gloves, no one will ever suspect that it is you behind this awesome alien costume. Retails for just $33.99!

alien boys costume 700922 36203a2a 3a8d 44d7 a6fe | Stay at Home

5. Astronaut with Inflatable Backpack (Unisex)

As far as Book Week Costume Ideas go, you can’t beat a space theme that matches them for this year’s Book Week theme ‘Other Worlds’. This costume has an inflatable backpack (you just need a couple of batteries) – and the costume includes the jumpsuit with boot tops, the helmet, gloves and backpack.

astronaut with inflatable backpack boys costume 888149 fa0721c6 5af8 4f97 8679 | Stay at Home

6. Silver Alien Costume for Girls

With leggings, dress, wrist cuffs and a headband, this adorable girl Silver Alien Costume is out of this world! The blue and purple metallic dress have pointed alien-like shoulders and a structured silver skirt that looks almost inflatable.

silver alien girls costume 51042 | Stay at Home

7. Men in Black Costumes (Unisex)

A Unisex and easy costume idea for Book Week 2021, Be a part of the Men in Black team, galaxy defenders! The costume includes the long sleeve black top with a ‘faux’ white shirt printed with a black tie. Sunglasses are included but you have to wear your own pair of black pants.

men in black unisex kids costume top 701037 main 42817723 e5d5 4ff6 85a9 839d6f1319ff 750x750 1 | Stay at Home

8. Princess Leia Costume

Be a Princess of the Outta Space kind! Princess Leia is the iconic character from Star Wars, a great Book Week Costume Idea for Book Week 2021. The costume kit includes the white dress, belt and headband with faux hair.

star wars princess leia classic girls costume 630878 | Stay at Home

9.  Star Wars Episode 9 Rey

Be a fierce Jedi with this Star Wars Episode 9 Rey costume. Retails for just $36.99 and includes the jumpsuit, the arm wraps, arm cuff and belt. Grab it for Book Week 2021.

star wars episode 9 rey classic girls costume 701252 750x750 1 | Stay at Home

10. Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Costume

Be Out of this world with one of these fantastic Book Week Costume Ideas – the Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Duluxe Girls Costume. It retails for $59.99 and includes the jumpsuit. You can purchase the wig and green face makeup separately.

640146 gamora f86a28f1 05e9 41a7 af25 | Stay at Home

11. Buzz Lightyear Toy Story Costume

The perfect Out of Space costume for the toddler or very small Preppy – this costume comes in sizes 3 – 5 and is a long-sleeved tutu dress with vinyl panels on the chest and a printed waist belt. There is also a purple snood with padded ears for comfort and a velcro fastener. To infinity and beyond!

disney toy story buzz lightyear value girls costume 3060 16a55471 2608 461d 8c69 | Stay at Home

12. Retro Robot (Unisex)

Your toddler or kindy kid can be a retro robot for Book Week 2021. Featuring a silver jumpsuit with an attached silver tabard styled with robotic notches and gears. Comes with a matching silver headpiece.

retro robot toddler boys costume | Stay at Home

13. Star Wars Jedi Knight Costume

If your child is a fan of Star Wars, this Jedi Knight Costume is perfect for Book Weel 2021. Featuring a hooded robe, a belt, light sabre and Jedi braid, the force will be strong with this costume!

star wars jedi knight boys accessory kit 1 750x750 1 | Stay at Home

14. Baby Yoda Costume (Unisex)

Look cute, you will. In this adorbs Star Wars Baby Yoda Unisex Costume from Costume Box. Comes in toddler and small sizing (perfect for your Kindy kid) and retails for $41.99. Costume Box has some fantastic Book Week Costumes to consider!

star wars baby yoda the child boys costume 3170 | Stay at Home

15. Disney Toy Story Alien Costume (Unisex)

Go to Book Week Day at your school or kindy as the Disney Toy Story Alien! Costume includes a shirt, mask and gloves – perfect if you have twins or triplets too or a space-themed birthday party. Another of the great Book Week Costume Ideas for 2021.

disney toy story alien kids costume 300357 a9316776 e8e7 4327 bedd | Stay at Home

16. Stormtrooper Costume (Unisex)

Another great ‘Outta this world’ for Book Week Costume Ideas. Go as the Star Wars Stormtrooper. Comes in sizes small and medium and includes a printed jumpsuit and injection mould mask. Get 15% off using the code EARLYBIRD15.

620267 stormtrooper 5de8bf60 df30 4bd7 aa91 | Stay at Home

17. Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Pilot

Pilot your spaceship just like Luke Skywalker in this Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Pilot Costume from A premium costume that includes the jumpsuit, helmet, tunic and chest box – an official Star Wars licensed product. Retails for $96.95.

2829a7bc3f895e6d68b253f2e05b093d | Stay at Home
Star Wars Book Week Costumes are popular this year!

18. Jet Pack Inflatable Costume

Take off to the stars with this Jet Pack Inflatable Costume! One size fits most kids and with a few batteries, the backpack will inflate. Retails for $94.95.

MHMCKROIJP 99kb 79707.1576689606 | Stay at Home

19. Star Wars Queen Amidala Costume

Be a Queen, a Star Wars Queen with this Star Wars Queen Amidala Costume. Includes the dress and the headpiece – just do the makeup at home! This is an officially licensed Star Wars Costume and retails for $54.95 (Usually $107.95).

Star Wars Deluxe Queen Amidala Child Costume Rubies Costumes DS RU883317 31 | Stay at Home

New World Costume Ideas for 2021

1. The Gruffalo Jumpsuit with Hood

Be ‘Other-Worldly’ in the most adorable monster in this Gruffalo Jumpsuit, inspired by the book ‘The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.  Perfect for boys or girls – the roomy sizes mean you might even get two Bookweek years in!  Retails for $54.99

The Gruffalo Jumpsuit with Hood | Stay at Home Mum

2. The Elusive Unicorn!

  • Available in sizes small, medium and large
  • Perfect for Little Girls
  • Other Worldly for Book Week
  • Retails for $33.99

What little girl won’t kill to have this gorgeous little unicorn costume – complete with wig and horn! It is out of this world!

unicorn tutu girls costume | Stay at Home

3. Ride to School on a Unicorn

  • Available in sizes to suit up to a 6-year-old
  • Outer Worldly – Suitable for Book Week
  • To suit girls
  • Retails for $74.99

Another variation of the Unicorn theme, and totally ‘out of this world’ – let your little one ride their way to Bookweek stardom!

Ride to School on a Unicorn | Stay at Home Mum

4. Where the Wild Things Are Costume

  • Unisex Costume
  • Available in sizes XS, Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large
  • Suits the Book Week Theme ‘Out of this World’
  • Retails for $54.99

Straight out of the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ this white full-length suit is perfect for boys or girls and has a plush brown tail attached to the back.  Perfect for Book Week – and you may get more than a year out of it!

Where the Wild Things Are Costume | Stay At Home Mum

5. Tinkerbell is From Another World

  • Perfect for little girls for Book Week 2021
  • Available in sizes 4 – 6
  • Retails for $59.99

Everyone loves the story of Peter Pan, but it is Tinkerbell who really steals the show.  

Tinkerbell is a Fairy | Stay At Home Mum

6. The Cheshire Cat

  • Suits the Theme ‘Other Worlds’ for Bookweek
  • Perfect for Little Girls
  • Comes in Sizes XXS through to L

Get your ‘Alice in Wonderland’ on with this adorable Chesire Cat Cozy Child Costume from have some wonderful Book Week Costumes for this year!

Cheshire Cat | Stay At Home Mum

7. Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit

  • Perfect for either boys or girls
  • Suitable for Book Week ‘Another World”
  • Retails for $58.95

I’m Late, I’m Late, for a very important date!  If your child loves Alice in Wonderland then this is the perfect costume for either boys or girls this Book Week 2021.

Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit | Stay At Home Mum

8. Harry Potter Hedwig the Owl 

  • Suitable for ages 7 and under
  • Unisex costume
  • ‘Another World’ Book Week Theme

I still read the Harry Potter books – it’s so good to get lost in the world of magic! This costume would be perfect for under age 7.

Harry Potter Hedwig the Owl Deluxe Kids Costume

9. Duluxe Tigger Costume

  • Unisex Costume
  • Best for ages up to 7 years
  • Retails for $137.95
  • ‘Other World’ Book Week

Winnie the Pooh is timeless, and good ole Tigger is so ADHD, but you know what I say about ADHD? It gets shit done as an adult – it’s a good thing! But this adorable Book Week costume for the little ones is easy because it fits like a jumpsuit and is nice and warm.

Tigger | Stay At Home Mum

10. Winnie the Pooh

A plush velvet style vest with a hood attached – no pants or long sleeves. Perfect for the ASD child!

Winnie the Pooh | Stay At Home Mum

11. Eeyore

Poor depressed Eeyore – still a cutie and one of the nifty Book Week Costume Ideas for Book Week 2021. A great idea for the ASD child if they can stand to have a hood. Just fits straight over their own clothing.

Eeyore | Stay At Home Mum

12. Roald Dahl Veruca Salt Costume

If your child is a fan of Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory, why not consider going to Book Week 2021 at Veruca Salt – which is also a fantastic rock band.

| Stay at Home

13. Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz

Scarecrow does have a brain – and this is a pretty damn authentic-looking child’s costume for Book Week 2021. The costume includes a shirt, pants with attached boot tops, a headpiece, belt and diploma! It is also only priced at $36.99 so is an economical option.

wizard of oz scarecrow boys costume 886490 new 8797b1e7 bd67 4727 bfc3 | Stay at Home

14. Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe

A nice and easy costume that just goes over your child’s ordinary clothing and is Unisex (so you could possibly get a few years out of Book Week there!). Comes in two sizes, 6-8 and 9-12. This is a good one for the budget too at only $29.99.

harry potter value gryffindor kids robe 7617 | Stay at Home

15. Peter Rabbit Costume

Peter Rabbit has been a family favourite for decades, and now you can go to Book Week 2021 as the world’s famous Rabbit. The costume is a jumpsuit with a hood and separate jacket. Comes in small, medium and large.

peter rabbit kids costume 41547 main 1 0cf075bf bbcd 4091 8e5e | Stay at Home

16. Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit

Go to Book Week 2021 as your favourite character from The Hobbit. Use the code EARLYBIRD15 to get 15% off.

the hobbit bilbo baggins boys costume 881460 ea1ceea4 eccf 48c2 acf3 | Stay at Home

17. Gandalf from Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings has to be one of the best selling books ever – so going as a character for the 2021 Book Book will be epic. This costume includes a robe, hat and a belt – but you can grab the wig and beard separately.

lord of the rings gandalf boys costume 881459 new | Stay at Home

18. Wizard

Go to Book Week 2021 dressed as a Wizard! This adorable costume includes a robe, hat and wand and is budget-priced at $24.95.

21567 9905045 1 3 1500 | Stay at Home

You can go to Book Week as Leonardo – by far the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle of them all. The officially licensed product comes with a jumpsuit, a belt, sash, mask and shell. Turtle Power!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Child Costume Rubies Costumes DS RU886760 31 | Stay at Home

Best Book Week Costume Ideas for Girls

1. The Little Mermaid Costume

An Ultra Prestige Dress that is officially licensed by Disney, it is just a darling costume! Retails for $94.95.

911DFl9qCrL. SL1500 | Stay at Home

2. Cinderella

This is an adult’s costume – buy hey – Teachers need Book Week Costumes too! A deluxe adult Disney Officially Licensed Costume, the blue dress comes with a slim bodice, a shirred neckline and a full beneath-the-knee skirt. Doesn’t include the glass slippers! Retails for $63.95.

cinderella movie deluxe adult costume 3 30308.1512270360 | Stay at Home

3. Belle from Beauty and the Beast Costume

An officially licensed Disney Costume, be the bell of the ball with this delicious Belle costume from Beauty and the Beast. The lovely yellow dress is full with a knee-length skirt, tulip-shaped peplum fitted bodice with patterned inset, gold trim, an elastic waist, a sheer shoulder drape and a ribbon hem. Comes in sizes 4- 6, or 7-8. Retails for $71.95.

beauty and the beast belle kids classic costume | Stay at Home

4. Tangled Rapunzel Costume

An officially licensed Disney Costume, now your little girl can go to Book Week 2021 as her very favourite princess. Retails for $96.95.

916E7t3TML. AC UL1500 | Stay at Home

5. Snow White Costume

An Official Licensed Disney Costume – a cute little Snow White Costume for Toddler Girls – comes in sizes 3 – 4. Retails for $66.95.

8449d7defc3b920195dfd7afeacd25a9 | Stay at Home

6. Frozen Anna Costume

An officially licensed Disney Costume, all little girls love Frozen and now they can go to Book Week dressed as Frozen’s Anna – the Coronation Deluxe Costume. Retails for $84.95 and comes in sizes 7 – 8.

Frozen Anna Coronation Deluxe Child Costume Disguise DS DG76909 31 | Stay at Home

7. Moana Costume

Moana is one of my absolute all-time favourite Disney Movies and now your little girl can attend Bookweek 2021 as little Moana with this Officially Licensed Disney Costume. The costume doesn’t include the wig – but it can be purchased separately.

prod 21179323712 | Stay at Home

8. Veruca Salt

Go as one of the favourite characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Veruca Salt is sassy and spoiled – and now your little girl can be (for the day) too!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 41543_750x750.png

9. Tinkerbell from Peter Pan

  • Perfect for little girls for Book Week 2021
  • Available in sizes 4 – 6
  • Retails for $59.99

Everyone loves the story of Peter Pan, now you can go as the amazing Green Fairy – Tinkerbell! Available in sizes 4-6 – this costume retails for $59.99.

Tinkerbell is a Fairy | Stay At Home Mum

10. Unicorn Tutu Girls Costume

Your little girl will look absolutely adorable in this cute Unicorn Tutu Girls Costume from Costume Box. Comes in three sizes (small, medium and large) and is budget-minded at just $33.99.

Unicorn Tutu Girls Costume

11. My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Deluxe Costume

A deluxe costume, this adorable dress comes with detachable wings and a headband. Retails for $102.99

My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Deluxe Tutu Girls Costume

ASD Friendly Costume Ideas for Book Week

1. Toga Costume

  • Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large
  • Fits the ‘Old World’ Book Week Theme
  • Unisex Costume
  • Retails for $33.99

A basic and easy costume that is suitable for boys and girls and everyone else in between!  The simplicity of this costume makes it a good option for ASD kids – perhaps leave off the leaf headpiece. The costume comes as a tunic with two shawls, a trim belt and the leaf headpiece. Sandles are not included.

Book Week Costume Ideas

2. Nasa Jumpsuit (Unisex)

This Nasa Jumpsuit is a great option for the ASD child – it is a simple jumpsuit that can be fitted over a t-shirt and shorts – and if they want to take it off – it’s easy to get out of. Plus it is Unisex which is always great to be able to hand down to other children later on!

nasa jumpsuit kids costume 00562 | Stay at Home

4. Royal Child Costume

Go forth and rule over the School Kingdom as a King! This costume is nice and ASD friendly as it is a cape with a crown – not clingy and no fussy sleeves to worry about. Book Week Costumes for ASD Kids need to be simple and easy to remove.

apizrfkhw 35487.1592630128 | Stay at Home

5. Harry Potter Deluxe Gryffindor Costume

My ASD child adores Harry Potter – so he chooses this as one of his favourite costumes that he would wear to Book Week. Fits straight over normal clothing and is non-cling and a bit nerdy – perfect!

Harry Potter Deluxe Gryffindor Robe Child Costume Black Rubies Costumes DS RU884259 32 | Stay at Home

8. Jasmine from Aladdin

Aladdin Movie Jasmine Teal Deluxe Child Costume Disguise DS DG22433 31 | Stay at Home

9. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Make your little girl a real Disney Princess for a day with this gorgeous Belle Costume from Beauty and the Beast.

k rub 510583 toddler girls beauty and the beast belle ballerina tutu costume 1200 | Stay at Home

26679 | Stay at Home
81045 | Stay at Home

What did your child dress up as for book week last year?

150 Book Week Costume Ideas for 2021 | Stay at Home Mum

Book Week Costumes 2021

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