27 Totally Inappropriate Book TitlesGrab a coffee and prepare yourself for a giggle fest!

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Catchy titles for a book is a way for bookworms to grab a copy.

But these kind of catchy might get readers to think twice about reading it, or be intrigued if it really means what it says in the title.

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Perhaps, the authors of these books have no pun intended while writing the titles of their books nor were they thinking about the double meanings behind their titles, but still, they were book titles gone wrong.

Here are 27 totally inappropriate book titles that we found for you. We just didn’t know if these made it to the best-sellers’ list. Enjoy!

1. Really? Can you?

20 Totally Inappropriate Book Titles | Stay At Home Mum
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2. Ohhh…in the military…I see…

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3. It was a ‘mistake’…a ‘big mistake.’

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4. So, dogs get worried about saying goodbye to that too?

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5. And should it come in flavours too?

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6. Kittens, I mean…

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7. Reviews for this book say it ‘opens’ our minds to medical adventures. Let’s see then.

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8. Do you really call it a ‘game’?

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9. Real huge…cat!

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10. With that woman on the cover, what exactly will you do? Just curious though.

20 Totally Inappropriate Book Titles | Stay At Home Mum
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11. She’s just amazed, honey.

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12. Don’t you ever get tired after 25 years?

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13. And the farmer hates it…

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14. When everyday cooking gets to your nerves…

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15. Daddy’s got an idea…a scary idea.

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16. Never, ever drink…and play.

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17. What’s more horrible than this?

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18. Just seeing the word ‘Kill’ is enough to scare you.

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Okay, so the following ones aren’t real – but a parody of the old style Little Golden Books:

19. N is for No.

20 Totally Inappropriate Book Titles | Stay At Home Mum
via thechive.com

20. That’s one law-bending mum.

via girlsaskguys.com

21. When dogs talk about population control

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22. Just pray.

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23. Don’t get too ‘hooked’ on this one.

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24. Will it be your pleasure?

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25. Hope the baby doesn’t get ‘green-eyed’ when she’s older.

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26. Just Don’t!

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27. Not a good place and age to start it.

20 Totally Inappropriate Book Titles | Stay At Home Mum
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What book do you think had the most inappropriate title?

27 Totally Inappropriate Book Titles

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