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Conspiracy Theories that Covid is Planned and 5G Is To Blame

Conspiracy Theories that Covid is Planned and 5G Is To Blame

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Conspiracy Theories that Covid is Planned and 5G Is To Blame

Conspiracy Theories that Covid is Planned and 5G is to Blame

Disclaimer: I am a pro-vaccination; all my kids have had their immunisations and we all recently got the flu shot to help us out due to COVID-19 this year.

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Did you Know?

Anti-Vaxxers have been delivering leaflets in Sydney spouting fake, untrue and crazy information about the latest health pandemic.

Some residents of Ryde received a 12-page printed document in their letterboxes calling the pandemic the “plannedemic” and advising people not to follow advice to get a seasonal flu shot and challenge the government over physical distancing rules.” smh.com.au

Convincing people of bullshit and claiming it is the truth puts innocent people at risk!

What would happen if someone died due to being influenced by the bizarre stories from these anti-vaxxers? This misinformation is dangerous and shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

So, what are the latest Conspiracy Theories about COVID-19?

“That the virus is manufactured or otherwise called the ‘plannedemic’
“It has been caused by 5G mobile networks Also some have said due to everyone being at home it has meant service providers have secretly upgraded areas to 5G without telling anyone.
“Bill Gates is trying to depopulate the world and put microchips in us all using vaccines.
“Coronavirus is a hoax

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People who should know better:

A US man has died as he thought the restrictions were bullshit and decided he knew better.

Novak Djokovic is an anti-vaxxer and doesn’t want to be forced into having a vaccine to allow him to travel and play competitive tennis. The vaccine has been tipped from some sources to be available in 2021, and Djokovic is unsure if he will be able to play if vaccination is compulsory.

Jelena Djokovic Novak’s wife, has posted a video on Instagram about 5G and how it is causing Coronavirus. Jelena has 500k followers and pushing this weird info to all your followers is dangerous in my opinion. The person on the video talks about dolphins, frogs and the environment. Of course, we need to look after our environment but doing that will not immediately get rid of this now deadly disease!

Isobel Lucas who is an actor and has a large social media following,  lost a large charity gig with Plan International after she said she was against “mandatory vaccination”. (Good!)

Pete Evans (the man we love to hate) has been in the headlines again due to a product called, The “BioCharger”. Evans is claiming it can help you fight and treat the deadly coronavirus. This machine sets you back $15,000 and of course, cannot help you with COVID-19 and probably everything else he is saying too. Oh, and why would you pay $15k to have a light frequency machine? I think I can get this for free with some LED strip lighting from Kmart. The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration is investigating this product and Pete Evans’ claims.

Pete Evans has admitted

The worst photo I could find of Pete Evans

Dr Judy Wilyman (Or otherwise known just as Judy) is an anti-vaxxer activist and really should know better than to say any of this but she did…She has publicly dismissed The World Health Organisation (WHO) saying that the coronavirus isn’t a pandemic, and has said that doctors aren’t able to properly identify the virus. Really? How many doctors worldwide have identified it as similar to SARS and other varieties of the flu, it is just one that we have never seen before. Judy (I will call her this from now on as she has no medical training) is saying that governments and pharmaceutical companies are in cahoots in a larger ploy to control society.

Tom Barnett an anti-vaxxer and one-time candidate for the Involuntary Medication Objectors Party has been posting on YouTube and telling people on Facebook that “You can’t catch a virus; it’s impossible” and another shocking and untrue quote is “The only way that you can catch a virus is by having it injected into your bloodstream.”

Victorian family having a birthday party for their child –  This family had a huge gathering for an eight-year-olds birthday party, the host was fined $1,652.  Geez, why don’t people listen? Social distancing people need to be followed!

Hoax Cures for COVID-19.  Don’t listen to this at all… stay away and be warned.

Just for everyone’s info, this is how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spread thanks to health.gov.au

The virus can spread from person to person through:

  • close contact with an infectious person (including in the 24 hours before they had symptoms)
  • contact with droplets from an infected person’s cough or sneeze
  • touching objects or surfaces (like doorknobs or tables) that have droplets from an infected person, and then touching your mouth or face

COVID-19 is a new disease, so there is no existing immunity in our community. This means that COVID-19 could spread widely and quickly.

  • Tom is also saying he’s worried about who is counting the dead from COVID-19…Have no fear Tom, the people that are counting the deaths from coronavirus are the medical professionals. The people who unfortunately have died have been tested to see if they had the virus. The doctors and nurses have this in hand and are doing their best jobs to ensure everyone’s safety… don’t worry it is not the work experience person putting a list together.

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Debunking the COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

The virus is not manufactured and originated in Wuhan in China.

It is believed to have started at a wet market where wild animals are sold (bats, rabbits, snakes and marmots are traded) and spread due to the stallholders of the wet market due to coming into contact with the animals. Virologists at the Wuhan Institute for Virology looked at the genetic makeup of the virus and have found that it is 96% identical to the coronavirus found in bats, however, a March 26th paper finds that it aligns to the virus in pangolins. Some cases were not found at the wet market in Wuhan and might predate the outbreak at the Wuhan markets.

COVID-19 is caused by the 5G Network.

This is false and damaging to say.  A doctor in a Belgian newspaper was quoted as saying, “5G is life-threatening, and no one knows it” Many people have been against upgrading our mobile networks (and have had petitions to the government to stop it happening) to 5G. People have found it weird that at the same time we’ve have had this outbreak of COVID-19 many networks have upgraded their suburb to the 5G network. This is not a conspiracy, the network was set for an upgrade anyway, and personally having a faster connection is beneficial now that we are all working from home. 

Bill Gates is trying to depopulate the world and put microchips in us all

Now this is the craziest conspiracy theory and one that makes me laugh. Bill has been trying to warn us of an impending disaster from as early as 2015. Mr Gates has had conversations with Prime Ministers, Presidents and other influential people to help us all stay well and healthy. Bill and his amazing wife, Melinda have spent millions if not billions helping people with helping create vaccines, access to clean water and education for children in less wealthy countries. Mr Gates and family have only wanted the best and yes he is has invested in helping to find a cure for COVID-19 but this does not mean he is some evil villain plotting to put microchips in us all.

Coronavirus is a hoax

If this was the case then millions of people must be in on this crazy story, and all those that are sick and unwell and have died are just pretending?  I don’t think so!

This is a real pandemic, this a real threat and one that doctors, nurses and other essential workers worldwide are living right now. Not to mention the economic fall out of this sickness…businesses are closed, people have lost their jobs and are struggling to put food on the table. I don’t know about you but this is definitely not a hoax.

5G radiation can’t penetrate skin, or allow a virus to penetrate skin. There is no evidence 5G radio frequencies cause or exacerbate the spread of the coronavirus. The Conversation

Bill Gates has been warning about an impending pandemic as early as 2015.

Gates has called the coronavirus a “once-in-a-century pathogen,” and his charitable organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has committed $100 million to fight the outbreak.” Business Insider

“If your immune system drops because you catch the flu, then you are much more likely to be exposed to other viruses including COVID-19,” he said.” NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard, smh.com.au.

We live in a world where medical science ensures that we don’t have to have the following diseases anymore:

Cholera, Dengue fever, Diphtheria, Malaria, Measles, Meningococcal disease, Mumps, Pneumococcal disease, Pertussis,  Rabies, Rotavirus gastroenteritis, Rubella, Tetanus, Tuberculosis, Typhoid fever, Varicella, Yellow fever and many more.

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Some questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Would you want to get any of these diseases if you could prevent it with a vaccine?
  • Would you want to limit your travel due to not getting a vaccine?
  • Would you put your children’s life at risk due to not being vaccinated?
  • Would you want to put others at risk if you catch any of these diseases or illnesses due to not being vaccinated?

I would hope you would say NO to the above and all get vaccinated

COVID-19 is not able to be vaccinated against at present, but one day we will hopefully have a way to ensure we don’t get this deadly virus. Many anti-vaxxers are wavering with the current pandemic of coronavirus and some might decide to be vaccinated when it becomes available, others I have seen say they would rather die than get a vaccination…I think this is a rather extreme outcome to a threat we can potentially treat.

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Anti-Vaxxers Put us all at Risk!!!!!!

Firstly spreading crazy stories about COVID-19 and ways to cure you if you are infected is dangerous and should not be tolerated. Honestly, if you wish to endanger yourself and your family I would ask you to stay away from others and don’t spruik your bizarre and fictitious ideas.

If a person who is not vaccinated gets sick, they can get others sick who are not able to get immunised.  Some people cannot get vaccinated due to being allergic or immunocompromised, and babies who are just born cannot get their shots yet. Plus, if you are older you might not be able to be immunised and therefore older and younger people rely on herd immunity.

We need to do more to protect everyone and, in my opinion, everyone should be immunised”¦ I know that this is a heated debate and one that many will disagree with.

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There were warnings and they were missed:

25 Missed Pandemic Warning Signs Everyone Missed, many journalists, politicians, entrepreneurs, and scientist tried to warn people, but no one listened.

Scientists in many countries are all working on a vaccine for COVID-19 and hopefully, soon we will have a cure.

Once the COVID-19 vaccination has been tested and has been declared safe, manufactured, and then sent to all countries”¦will you take it? HELL YES WE WILL!

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