Customisable Grocery Shopping List – A Free Printable

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Customisable Grocery Shopping List – A Free Printable

How many times have you gone to the grocery because you ran out of milk… and went home bringing 5 bags of groceries and NO milk?

A lot of things can take credit for this shopping-induced amnesia: stress, lack of sleep, freaking anaesthesia, or just plain old mummy brain. Say no more – I can totally relate! That is why I always see to it that I never grocery shop without bringing a list with me. A grocery shopping list does not only make me remember the stuff I’m supposed to buy, a fixed budget from the list also prevents me from buying unnecessary stuff!

Grocery List 1 | Stay at Home

I can go on and on about the benefits of having a grocery list with you, but let’s do that some other time. For now, take a look at this customisable grocery list that will make listing pantry essentials fun! It’s totally free to download — I suggest you laminate it and use a dry erase pen to make it reusable!

Click here to download!

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