Common Garden Problems and How to Fix Them

Common Garden Problems and How to Fix Them | Stay at Home MumCommon Garden Problems and How to Fix Them

Common garden problems and how to fix them can be tricky business. However, having a garden that shines with elegance can not only make your outdoor area a lot more inviting but also give you a sense of peace and pride in your hard work and your property. You are bound to come across a couple of problems when you are caring for your garden. Below are some of the most common hurdles gardeners across the country will face and how to solve them without ditching the gardening gloves and calling in a professional landscaper.

  • Weeds have taken over my garden. Does it seem like the only thing that really grows well in your garden are the weeds? Fighting weeds can seem like a constant battle that you will never win, especially if you are dealing with weeds during the wet season or after a rainy couple of weeks. Pulling weeds is one way to get rid of them but often you will not get the weed at the root and thus it will continue to grow and grow and grow back. Instead, you need to attack at the core which means using an herbicide and a weeding wand. Spray both new and old growth and make a habit of weeding your lawn at least once a month.
  • Weeds have taken over my paved areas. Weeds don’t seem to follow any rules and not only will some species pop up in your garden bed and on your lawn but they can also grow in between paved areas making your walkways look overgrown and ugly. You can purchase special pesticides that will attack the weeds and grass that grows on your driveway and other paved areas but this can be dangerous, especially for little ones and pets. Instead, consider using a more natural solution – water and vinegar. Mix together and add to a spray bottle. However, be sure to only hit the weeds, not any plants, as it will kill plants as well.
  • Animals keep digging up my garden. Do you have a dog or cat or do you know there are pets in the neighbourhood that are using your garden as their personalised sandbox or litter box? You don’t want to put a chemical in your garden that will kill the poor pets but you also don’t want to deal with animal waste and constant holes in your garden. There are several different natural solutions to ward off pets from your garden without resorting to harming them such as fresh orange or lemon peel, or sprinkling white pepper around.
  • My lawn is looking a little yellow. This is the classic problem in Australia where rain is sometimes few and far between. While this is great for beach goers, it can certainly cause problems for your yard. The main reason your yard will be yellow is because it is not getting enough water which can easily be solved by adding sprinklers to your yard. However, make sure you follow the guidelines when it comes to watering. Make a habit of watering your lawn in the morning rather than at night which will prevent fungus or disease from making a home in your grass.
  • My plants leaves are dying! Too much water, not enough water or disease are the three main reasons why your plants could be turning yellow and falling off. Check the leaves for black or red mites or other insects. Diseases in plants are often black or white spots. If you do notice any problems, you can wash the plants with soap and water or go for a harsher chemical purchased from a garden centre.

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