Top 4 Reasons To Try Vaginal Weightlifting

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Top 4 Reasons To Try Vaginal Weightlifting

If you found pelvic floor exercises a bit dull last year, you can up the level and give Vaginal Weightlifting a go! It is the new yoga sensation for your vagina. It has been labelled as “Kegels on Steroids”.

Men need not apply for this course – but you might get some bonuses for and from your partner.

So, What Is Vaginal Weightlifting?

Vaginal Weightlifting is when you insert a jade egg, which has a string attached to it, up to your hoo hoo, squeeze your pelvic floor muscle like crazy, and attach something to the string like small weights or doughnuts or a bit of fruit and lift. Vaginal Weightlifting was developed over a quarter of a century ago as a pelvic floor education program. The jade eggs are available in three different sizes. This enables the user to increase the level of muscle control and strength.

Is it Health-Wise?

The world record holder for vaginal Weightlifting, Tatyana Kozhevnikova, could deadlift a 14kg kettlebell. That is some weighty lifting. Why would you do that, though? I was wondering the same thing! Health-wise, having a strong pelvic floor is essential for keeping incontinence at bay. Not just the wee leakage kind. A weak pelvic floor muscle can also lead to anal incontinence later on in life for both men and women. Not a pretty topic – but something I am keen to avoid.

Having a well-toned pelvic floor is also vital in the prevention of prolapses of internal organs. If you are worried about how strong your pelvic floor is, you can do a couple of home tests. One is to see if you can stop your wee mid-stream, and the other is to jump on a trampoline without weeing yourself. From there, you should head off to your doctor, gyno or a physio that specializes in women’s health if you have concerns.

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What Are The Benefits Of Vaginal Weightlifting?

Enhanced Pleasurable Orgasms

For obvious reasons, this has been the most popular reason for lifting weights in the vaginal area. It’s critical to realize that the advantages of sex extend far beyond orgasms. Enhanced muscle tone and strength translates to better healthy lubrication and laxity, leading to increased blood flow.

Luscious Toned Muscles

More and more women are interested in vaginal rejuvenation, and some are willing to undergo surgery or other invasive procedures to get it. Thanks to vaginal Weightlifting, you don’t have to deal with the risks and expenses of more invasive treatments.

Say Buh-Bye To Leakage

Approximately 66% of women experience some degree of bladder leakage due to poor pelvic floor muscles. Luckily, adequate strengthening can address a significant part of these issues.

Certain women who are chronically cramped or contracted may encounter leakage. As a result, muscular strengthening alone may not be effective. However, for most women, introducing a regular vaginal weight training program can help significantly reduce or even eliminate bladder leakage.


Powerful pelvic floor muscles have numerous mental and emotional advantages. People will no longer be concerned about slackness, leakage, or lack of confidence in their sexual function due to strengthening their bodies. We gain unabashed swagger and self-confidence when we take charge of these areas of our lives.

More Benefits!

Having a super-strong Pelvic Floor and Vagina allows you to:

  • Shoot ping pong balls out of your nether regions. What every women aspires to!
  • Increase level of orgasm.
  • Have more orgasms.
  • If you are super strong before you fall pregnant then you are possibly able to have an easier birth and quicker recovery afterwards.
  • Increased circulation in the groin area. This extra blood will ensure that sex is far more enjoyable due to increased lubrication.
  • Have a natural face lift. Apparently when you strengthen and pull up your pelvic floor your whole body is given an energetic lift which brightens and can help smooth out the face.
  • Female Ejaculation.
  • It will help in harnessing your sexual powers. (warning: these powers won’t let you leap over tall buildings)
  • An increased desire to have sex with your partner.

Now go and grab a jade egg and have a crack!! What are your tips on keeping a strong pelvic floor?

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