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Cold sores seem to always pop up when you have something extremely important coming up.

This is because they are often triggered by stress. If you suffer from one cold sore, then you are most likely going to continue to get them. This is because cold sores are caused by a virus that cannot actually be cured. It is known as Herpes Type 1 Virus and is usually caught during childhood through contact with someone that has been infected. The virus can lay dormant in your body for several days, weeks or months and will often come out in full force in times of stress, anxiety or illness.

Cold sores resemble tiny white blisters that often turn red. They are usually found around the mouth, on the upper lip or on the chin. They can last around two weeks. While you cannot cure cold sores completely, there are plenty of home remedies for easing the symptoms of cold sores and reducing the time it takes for them to disappear.


1. Petroleum Jelly 

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Rub the jelly onto the affected area several times a day.

2. New Toothbrush 

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Every time you get a cold sore, make a beeline to the bathroom and throw your toothbrush into the bin. This is because the virus can live on your toothbrush and will continue to pop up. Take it as a sign that it’s time to change your toothbrush, which should be done every three months anyway.

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