The Wrath of Incels – Men Who Can’t Take Rejection

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The Wrath of Incels – Men Who Can’t Take Rejection

Men Who Can’t Take Rejection Are Dangerous Men Indeed

The term Incel was coined by a queer woman who goes only by “Alana”. Back in the late 1990’s Alana was approached by a friend at work who opened up to her about his life as a lonely 27-year-old virgin.

Alana was lonely herself, having not dated anyone in a long time and decided to help her friend find some like-minded people. After much deliberation and research she came up with the term Incel – Involuntarily Celibate and started a group with a mailing list to support its members. After a little while, Alana found herself in a relationship, she was happy and ready to move on from the group that had started to become something other than she had intended. Disappointed that she hadn’t actually “helped anyone” she left the group thinking that was it.

Today the Incel has become a subculture all of its own with various websites and subreddits dedicated to it. Incels even have their own terms and acronyms, for example, there are different types of people according to Incels – Beckys, Stacys, Chads, Normies, Incels, Tyrones and so on and so forth. All women can be put into two categories, Beckys and Stacys.

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Incel Meme explaining Chad’s and The Virgin Walk
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According to Incel, all women are either a Becky or a Stacy.

Incels congregate online, in forums throughout the dark corners of the web including Reddit, Incel.Me, Kiwifarms and 4Chan. On these message boards, Incels are free to post their often hate-filled rants about women, race and sexuality. They use these platforms to not only express but build support for their theories. These theories then gather momentum within the comment section, and the whole thing becomes one big echo chamber for their ideas.

Ideas like” and it physically hurts me to type this… “Women Farms” as user WomenAreDogs suggests, “Imagine you live in a society where women are raised on ‘women farms’.

The women are bred so that they have big t*** and a**. The women are not taught English or the ways of society. They simply just graze on the farms. Once the woman is of age, she may be bought by a man, and she will be his… We keep pet dogs – why not pet women.” There are also theories on why it should be acceptable to take a child bride and why all rape is actually consensual, and if you can believe all that, it gets worse.

The Really Whingey Incels Murder Women

Though not all of the posts are this vile, some are even really sad, with users expressing desperate loneliness and suicidal thoughts, the vast majority of posts relate to hating women and theories on white supremacy. 8Chan, popular amongst Incels, was an imageboard site that was composed entirely of user-created boards. 8Chan was finally shut down last year after it was linked to the El Paso Massacre, in which Patrick Crusius walked into a crowded shopping centre and killed 23 people.

One hour before committing his violent act of domestic terrorism, Crusius posted a four-page manifesto on 8Chan, outlining his intentions and directly referencing the Christchurch Mosque Attack stating,

“In general, I support the Christchurch shooter and his manifesto. This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.”

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Police inspect a van suspected of being involved in the Toronto Incel murders(Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images)

The Christchurch Mosque Attack was carried out by Brenton Tarrant who earlier this week was sentenced to life without parole for committing 51 counts of murder and 40 counts of attempted murder. Prior to the attack, Tarrant sent out a 74-page manifesto entitled “The Great Replacement”. The manifesto was then posted and shared amongst users on 8Chan, a website on which he frequently shared his ideas on White Supremacy. Another site that Tarrant used was Kiwi Farms, a site set up for the “gossip and exploitation of the mentally handicapped for amusement purposes” in the words of founder Joshua Conner Moon.

Unfortunately, these attacks are not isolated incidents committed by members of the Incel community. Elliot Rodger put Incel’s on the map in 2014 when he killed six people in a stabbing and shooting spree in California after sending out a 141-page manifesto and posting a YouTube video on what he called the “Retribution”, in which he declared to “overthrow all of the Chad’s and Stacy’s” as part of an Incel rebellion. 22-year-old Rodger targeted the women that he ranked the hottest at his college from the Alpha Phi sorority, stating that they were “the kind of girls I’ve always desired but was never able to have”. After the murderous spree, he turned the gun on himself.

Four years later, in April 2018, Alek Minassian drove a rented van into pedestrians for several blocks throughout Toronto, killing 10 and injuring 16 more. Minassian told police that he was inspired by his online Incel community citing the page 4CHAN. Minassian confessed to police that “he had hoped to inspire other men to commit similar acts of violence in a ‘beta uprising'”. By Beta-Uprising Minassian was referring to a revolution where beta males seek revenge for being overlooked by women.

The Real Problem with Incels

While shutting down these toxic sites seems like a simple solution, it is not. Shutting down one site just leads to new sites popping up or Incels migrating to other already established sites. As Benjamin Decker, the CEO of the digital investigations consultancy Memetic explained when 8Chan shut down, most of the users moved to “alternative social media platforms where there is a pre-existing community to join”. While a pasty-virgin-mum’s-basement-dwelling-serial-gamer may seem like nothing more than a funny trope, Incel needs to be taken very seriously and if you still think that they are just lonely men complaining about no one wanting to have sex with them then you are sorely mistaken.

The real issue here is that Incel is a subculture that thrives on misogyny. As Jennifer Carlson, a sociology professor at the University of Arizona who studies gun politics and gender explains in an interview with USA Today, the vast majority of manifestos posted by Incel extremists “explicitly detail hatred toward women in their manifestos; for others, a sense of gendered aggrievement centred on masculine entitlement what some call the ‘real men get revenge’ attitude.”

While it may be easy to label this an American problem, bear in mind that Brenton Tarrant was, in fact, an Australian National from Grafton on the North Coast of New South Wales. Also, in an advertisement for 4Chan, one of the original Incel sites, they claim that “almost half of its users are in the US, followed by the UK, Canada and Australia.”

brenton terrant | Stay at Home
Brenton Tarrant live-streamed his terrorist attack.

Is There a Solution to Incels?

So if we can’t shut down the sites and the anonymity of the users makes it almost impossible to trace these people then what can be done?

Dr Katie Atwell from the University of Western Australia suggests that  it is important that people recognise Incel as a security threat, suggesting that

“Public figures and anyone who comments on violence against women understands that gendered violence presents a threat to public security.” As “comments that make gendered violence seem justifiable or the fault of the victim have been shown to further encourage violent attitudes and behaviour.”

Dr Attwell suggests a community-integrated approach and

“The further education of community workers, police, politicians and teachers to engage with misogyny’s threat to public security would simultaneously solve some of the pitfalls of contemporary responses to gender-based violence more broadly.”

She argues that

“The best response is to try to understand and engage the antagonised other prior to radicalisation.”

This would mean identifying people who are at risk of radicalisation and intervening as early as possible. Dr Atwell also explains that correcting the balance of women in politics and the social sphere, giving women a voice on issues relating to gendered violence, and allowing women to be involved in policy change will help lessen the threat of violent extremism (Harper and Atwell, 2020).

Rage-fueled rants laden in radical theories of deeply entrenched misogynistic ideals running rife in an uncontrolled forum is a pressure cooker for violent radicalism and vitriol. Let me leave you with this post that I found on an Incel site as an example”¦

Women Are Taking Over The World from an Anonymous User on

“And they’re running it into the fucking ground.

They are beginning to dominate society and call the shots it seems. More and more females are in positions of power which is fucking insane. Imagine having women running anything in your country.

“The future is female” yeah and the future is pretty bleak, they don’t have any foresight and seemingly don’t give a shit that we’re charging forward into a fucked up cyberpunk dystopia. They don’t care how far the rabbit hole goes, they only care about themselves. AWALT.

The thing is 80% of women are above 80% of the men in terms of SMV especially with today’s hypergamy. Social media, online McDonald’s swipe dating apps just opened their eyes to that. A woman who’s a fucking 3 has MORE SMV than a man who’s a 7. Supply and demand, the 3 will have 100’s of men begging to be with her whereas the 7 will have a tenth of that if he’s lucky.

SMV is the only thing that matters anymore, it’s the only thing that separates the have’s from the Have nots and they dominate SMV so they dominate this porno addicted society. Yes Chad’s will still be Chad’s but just by sheer numbers alone, they overwhelm them. 80% of women compared to 20% of men.

I don’t think this problem will ever be fixed unfortunately but if we were to fix it this is what would have to happen

1. Ban Makeup and revealing clothing. Why? Because it should be illegal for women to artificially raise their SMV. Makeup is known to add 2-5 points and when a Foid wears it every day that is a drastic improvement to her sexual marketplace stock.

2. Ban all online dating platforms. Obviously, (((they))) knew what they were doing when they made these. It has completely ruined society and the dating culture. A woman can bed 20 new men each and every day in a metropolitan area. It’s like leaving Heroin, a needle and a spoon in front of an addict in rehab and asking them not to use it. Of course they are gonna search for Chad’s endlessly.

That’s basically it, if those two things happened it would regulate hypergamy to normal levels again.

They never will though, we are still going to charge forward into uncharted territory here. Just further and further into the murky waters until humanity is lost for good.” – Anon on Incel.Me.

Now please go and flood your brain with some inspiring content of badass women who are making a difference… starting with the glorious AOC and remember who runs the world… GIRLS!

Sian Tomkinson, Tauel Harper & Katie Attwell (2020) Confronting Incel: exploring possible policy responses to misogynistic violent extremism, Australian Journal of Political Science, 55:2, 152-169, DOI: 10.1080/10361146.2020.1747393

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