The Best Gender-Neutral Gifts for Kids!

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The Best Gender-Neutral Gifts for Kids!

Gender-Neutral Christmas Gifts will never be out of style!

Pink should not be a ‘girl colour’ and the same goes with blue. Thankfully more and more children’s toy manufacturers are realising that kids might like pink or blue, but at the end of the day – they like the actual toy a lot more.  Plus gender-neutral toys are fully inclusive and let them find their own path with what they like in toys, rather than being conditioned.

Unless you know the child you’re giving the gift really well, the safest (and probably the best) choice would be to get them gender-neutral Christmas gifts. There are so many reasons as to why you should choose this route. First off, gender-neutral toys are less likely to be the gift option of others simply because we are conditioned to give girl toys to girls and toys for boys, for boys. That means, they won’t be receiving two of the same gift.

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Gender-neutral Christmas gifts also tend to be more useful and educational. Not all, but most.

Anddd… it’s great for sharing! They can share it with their sibling, they can share it with their classmates or share it with their friends. It will invite another curious kid to strike a conversation and they all get to make friends!

Awesome, right?

Here’s a list of gender-neutral Christmas gifts. There are a lot of options that are great for any age, too! There are hundreds of gender-neutral toys but these are our favourite ideas:

1. Kids Hamptons Kitchen

mocka kids kitchen | Stay at Home
  • Price: $179.95 $143.96
  • Stockist: Mocka

Get the little ones to pretend to do chores with this adorable little Kids Hamptons Kitchen. This toy kitchen playset is designed to inspire your child’s imagination with role-playing make-believe. Kids can play at washing, cooking, and baking food in the kitchen using the sink, oven, and hotplates.

2. Ashby Activity Trolley

mocka trolley | Stay at Home
  • Price: $89.95 $71.96
  • Stockist: Mocka

Get the little ones some exercise with this Ashby Activity Trolley. It is both a kid’s walker and an activity toy, it’s a great way for your child to develop balance, co-ordination, and gross motor skills – while having fun. Cleverly interactive, your child will love exploring the moving parts including a 3D shape sorter, number blocks, wooden mobile phone and much more.

3. Mini Urban Balance Bike

mocka bike | Stay at Home
  • Price: $99.95 $79.96
  • Stockist: Mocka

This wooden balance bike has all the features made for a smaller rider. A safe and easy way for your toddler to develop balance and co-ordination. Suitable for 18 months up.

4. A Cubby House

cubby | Stay at Home
  • Price: $242
  • Stockist: MyDeal

An easy and durable Kids Cubby House that won’t break the bank. Made from FSC Certified Scandinavian Wood that is made to last, the cubby house is 105cm x 105cm x 140cm.

5. Little People Sit N Stand Skyway Playset

play edited | Stay at Home

Create a town out of the Little People Sit ‘n Stand Skyway playset so those little ones may run errands like their parents, drive the Wheelie’s cars through the car wash, and fill up at the gas station. They love to copy mum and dad!

drum toy | Stay at Home

Ok I know what you’re thinking – the house will get so noisy!!! But this drum is a bit, quieter than most toys. It’s a gorgeous wooden drum made from natural wood and covered with spring green strips. After all, musical instruments have an effect of children’s mood and confidence, so we can’t ditch it completely. As I mentioned, this promotes self-confidence, communication skills and reduces stress on kids.

pirate sandpit | Stay at Home

AHOY MATES! This cool sandpit provides enough space for kids to dig, build and explore to develop their creativity and collaboration. It comes with a large storage space, a black non-woven fabric to prevent sand from leaking, a pirate flag, rudder and lifebuoy decorations.


The Intex Playhouse Jump-O-Lene will provide hours of fun for everyone, with its high walls to provide a safe bouncing platform, easy access with a crawl through door. Also including reinforced net surrounding sides making it easy to watch your children whilst knowing they are safe. This can only accommodate 2 kids jumping at once!

fishing game | Stay at Home

An oldie but a goodie! All kids should have the fishing game don’t you think? It’s super affordable too!

These gender-neutral gifts for kids are awesome for Christmas, birthdays or for when they deserve a reward!

What’s your go-to gender-neutral Christmas gifts?

The Best Gender-Neutral Gifts for Kids! Pinnable

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