$50 Week Grocery Shop

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$50 Week Grocery Shop

This is the picture of what my $50 Week Grocery Shop bought:

grocery shopping | Stay At Home Mum


You might be saving up for something special, you may just not have more than $50 to spend on groceries this week.  Every family has different reasons.  This is not a long term eating plan, but a plan to get you by.  Ideally I would love to see a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables, and some grain bread, but hey, at least on this plan, you won’t starve!

Meal Planning

“The secret to being savvy with your grocery budget is to use everything because any food you throw away is costing you money,”

“If you don’t eat ­everything you buy, freeze it so it can be eaten later.”

Before heading out to shop I, take stock of what is already in the fridge/freezer/pantry, then check what is about to go out of date, what needs used up and what vegies in the crisper can be salvaged. Make a shopping list of only the things you need then drive straight past the supermarkets and head to your local greengrocer and butcher.

“Your meats and fresh produce will be cheaper and better quality if you buy from local suppliers,” she said.

I plan my meals around what I have. My fortnightly list usually goes something like this for my family of four – myself, hubby and my two young boys: (ps – all kid friendly food – nothing fancy)



I pack left overs for hubby to take to work. Myself and the kids usually have sandwiches. I’ll get to kids lunches further down. I do baking once a week and we enjoy that the morning teas etc.



Preparing the shopping list (an example)

grocery shopping | Stay At Home Mum


The aim is to have enough ingredients above to make all those recipes – and do baking with whatever else you have in the cupboard!

grocery shopping | Stay At Home Mum

For lots more information, step by step guides and recipes please check out my two books which are available right now!

The $50 Weekly Shop and The $50 Weekly Shop Weekday Dinners are available online in our store or from all good book outlets and department stores!

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