10 Best Blokey Gift Hampers for Men

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10 Best Blokey Gift Hampers for Men

Gift hampers for men! Real men!

Manly Men don’t want a gift hamper full of fancy chocolates and satin eye masks. Nope! They want manly-man items. Like beer, and a stubby cooler with a picture of a naked chick on it, and maybe a pair of double pluggers.

These here are Gift Hampers for Men. Blokey gift hampers for men — real men! Snort.

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We’ve featured several gift baskets for gentlemen in some of our previous gift recommendations, such as Father’s Day gift ideas! But we were intrigued to see how many options there are out there. So we went on a search!

Why Gift Hampers For Men?

Finding a decent gift for a gentleman is notoriously tough; but finding a good gift for a manly man? It’s a much difficult task! 

The question is, what is the greatest present to purchase him for Holidays or any celebrations that he will enjoy and appreciate? Your best bet is to get him a gift basket or gift hampers for men packed with his favourite items! 

For guys who are difficult to buy presents for, gift sets and baskets are ideal since they feature a range of items based on stuff they TRULY love!

Is your partner a beer fan? He’ll like a fantastic beer gift set that includes a personalized pint glass and bottle opener! Is he a coffee drinker? The finest surprise ever will be a gift basket filled with several types of coffee and snacks. Is your macho man a whiskey connoisseur? For Christmas, get him a present set that consists of a set of glassware and whiskey stones!

For the wonderful man in your life, these 10 Best Blokey Gift Hampers for Men offers a little bit of everything!

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Hmmm delicious!

1. Nothing Says Manly Like a Case of Beer!

Spoil him this Fathers Day with a wide range of 24 specialty beers. What Dad doesn’t love a good cold beer on a hot day? Hell, I love a cold beer on a hot day. A manly gift hamper for manly men!

So manly, your career is suddenly heading towards lumberjack.

Nothing Says Manly Like a Case of Beer! | Stay At Home Mum
24 Specialty Beers.
bigstock Man Cleaning Dust From Window 419084749 | Stay at Home
Oh yeah baby… you vacuum those blinds…. Yummy

2. The Beer and Cheese Gift Hamper

What’s more manly than Beer and Cheese. Well, this Beer and Cheese Gift Hampers for men box of course! It features Prancing Pony Pale Ale, the ooziest Barossa Valley Cheese that is perfect with a side of crispbreads, Beerenberg Quince paste and a spicy Pepperoni and Ring of Firestick from the famous Steiny’s.

This hamper is so manly, flannel will appear where your shirt used to be.

The Beer and Cheese Gift Hamper | Stay At Home Mum
The Beer and Cheese Gift Hamper from Edible Blooms

3. Six Packs & Snacks Gift Hamper

This one is perfect for the parched pub-goers, footy lovers and snack fiends, get the best of both worlds with this yummy 6 Pack & Snacks Gift Hamper. Packed with a delicious selection of salty snacks from Basil & Barrow, Valley Foods and Cacao paired with James Squire One- Fifty Lashes! Celebrate in style while you indulge in this tasty gift hamper.

So manly, you can take it to your man cave, smoke a cigar and think about whiskey.

Six Packs & Snacks Gift Hamper | Stay At Home Mum
The Six Packs & Snacks Gift Hamper
bigstock Handsome African American Youn 411044938 | Stay at Home
Yes, Yes YES!!!!!! You keep vacuuming you gorgeous thing!

4. The Penfolds Port Celebration Hamper

Father’s Day is just around the corner! What better way to give Dad a little taste of luxury than with Penfolds Father Grand Tawny Port. This smooth red treat will delight his senses and keep him feeling sharp even on those long days. But that’s not all! He’ll also receive some goodies from two favourite Australian brands—Maggie Beer and Morgan’s—to satisfy his sweet tooth.

So manly, that after consuming these gift hampers for men, you will feel the need to build something – with a toolbelt!

The Penfolds Port Celebration Hamper | Stay At Home Mum

5. The Cricketers Gift Box

Here’s a ballsy gift for the cricketing tragedy! These gift hampers for men contains 3 all-rounder products; the Bat Line Up Mini Wash Bag, Enamel Mug and Cricketers Soap.

Such a manly gift that you will start resembling Bruce Willis in Die Hard.

The Cricketers Gift Box | Stay At Home Mum

6. The James Squire Ale Hamper

For a taste of adventure, get the James Squire Ale Hamper and explore the James Squire craft beer range!

From bold and daring to subtle yet complex. Explore the flavours and aromas with each sip whilst uncovering tales from our adventurous past behind names such as “Hop Thief” or “One Fifty Lashes”.

These gift hampers for men also contains an assortment of tasty beer snacks.

The James Squire Ale Hamper | Stay At Home Mum
The James Squire Ale Hamper

7. The Luxury Hennessy Hamper

Want to experience the Hennessy VSOP and accompanying delicacies in every way possible? We’ve made it easy- for you. Treat yourself to the Luxury Hennessy Hamper filled with the superior quality of Hennessy VSOP Cognac and a wide variety of Australian snacks and spreads.

Cognac. As manly as Magnum PI.

The Luxury Hennessy Hamper | Stay At Home Mum
The Luxury Hennessy Hamper

8. The Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban Hamper

The Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban Scotch Whisky is the perfect gift for any man who enjoys quality. Whether he’s savouring a smooth drink or indulging in snacks, this hamper has what it takes to please him!

So manly, you will feel like fighting whilst wearing a leather jacket and eating a good steak.

The Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban Hamper | Stay At Home Mum
The Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban Hamper

9. Men’s Robe and Scotch Pamper Hamper

The Men’s Robe & Scotch Pamper Hamper offers a self-indulgent luxury pampering experience. He’ll never want to leave the comfort of the plush robe sipping Chivas Regal and enjoying Ferro Rocher chocolate! Surprise someone special with his very own gift hampers for men — overflowing with great products!

Almost as manly as football. Much manlier than baseball.

Men's Robe and Scotch Pamper Hamper | Stay At Home Mum
Men’s Robe and Scotch Hamper

10. The Australian Beer Festival Craft Beer Hamper

This one is for beer lovers and it’s filled with the best Australian beers and wide selections of snacks that perfect compliment them. Spoil him on his special day!

Manlier than using the sun for directions.

The Australian Beer Festival Craft Beer Hamper | Stay At Home Mum

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