Good Online Dating Profiles to Copy for Females

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Good Online Dating Profiles to Copy for Females

Want a few examples of what makes for a good online dating profile to copy?

So you’ve made the leap into online dating congratulations! Before you can get stuck into swiping and connecting, you need a profile that will grab attention and give a succinct, thoughtful insight into your personality. Ideally, your profile will be quick, witty and offer a talking point to kick off a conversation. 

We know that writing about or for yourself can be a daunting task, so we’ve put together some of the best online dating profiles to copy for females – and you can copy and tweak them to make them your own. 

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“Most people who know me would say I have an unhealthy fascination with true crime documentaries and an unholy addiction to guacamole. I think that Sunday mornings are reserved for lazy sleep ins and cat hair should be considered a fashion accessory.

If you’re down for planning the perfect crime and can appreciate the flawless combination of avocado, lemon, salt and pepper, then I’m your lady. “

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“I want late-night conversations that don’t end until the early hours of the morning and banter so great it makes my stomach hurt from laughing. I appreciate good humour, honesty and a kind heart. I love to cook, read and sing along loudly when I’m driving.  I have a blessed life that I am grateful for and I’m looking for the right person to share it. ” 

dfad87a09d6bf22fc7971619d5c56972 | Stay at Home

“If you’re looking for a spiritualistic, yogi, positive affirmation type of woman.. this is not the droid you’re looking for. I am definitely the type to binge-watch a Star Wars marathon with you, I have faith that one day I’ll have my very own sonic screwdriver and I think dropping pop culture references into everyday conversation is the highest form of wit. I want laughter, intellect and someone who believes that pineapple belongs on pizza.”

85a81927aca6458ef5bd8d87487757a0 | Stay at Home

“I am that crazy plant lady and I need someone who isn’t ashamed to steal cuttings with me or for me. I like to think I’m caring, kind and patient and while I love a good night out with friends, I’m just as happy to have a quiet evening on the couch with great take out and a movie. If I can nurture and tend to a fiddly Ficus, then I’m confident I can nurture and tend a relationship too.”

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036cfbc61e6cb32acaeee7f8972d8274 | Stay at Home

“About Me
Enjoys telling terrible jokes. Likes the little, crispy chips. Will pull my car across several lanes of traffic to pat dogs and believes that Bunnings sausage sizzles count as exceptional cuisine.

About You
Tolerates my terrible jokes. Enjoys the soggy chips. Points out dogs mid-conversation/has a dog for me to pat. Non-vegetarian.”

c05e11d7fb00e5b18ae7da961aa628f6 | Stay at Home

“My ideal first date would be drinks at a bar or pub with live music, some awkward but enthusiastic dancing and finish the evening on a high note with some insanely decadent dessert. I like to look for the little things in life that make me smile and my ideal partner would be a glass half full kind of person. Tell me about your ideal first date?”

998697793b8c5e6c4fc42da267a2c4bb | Stay at Home

“I am an outgoing woman who can’t stand to sit still. I’m always down for an adventure and I think a weekend spent on the couch is a total waste. I want to experience all the things, hear all the sounds, see all the sights and share them with someone just as energetic as I am. If you’re down for planning an epic escapade, I want to hear from you!”

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de5718d71a50ce22e7035de33dbfc09d | Stay at Home

“I’m a fitness enthusiast and I own far more pairs of work out leggings than heels. I’m passionate about my health and I’m looking for someone who shares those interests so we can support and motivate each other to be our best. I want someone driven, focussed and positive and in return, I’ll support your goals and help you achieve your success. Share your gym playlist and I’ll share mine?”

2cd59e861e756d0293d34de0469ad492 | Stay at Home

Now you’ve got your profile sorted, remember to take some photos in great lighting, leave the Snapchat filters off and have fun. Happy hunting!

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Good Online Dating Profiles to Copy for Females | Stay at Home

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